An Educator Puts LanceScurv In His Place!

By the time you begin to read this blog you will already be hearing the words of a woman who left a message on the LanceScurv Hotline stating her feelings on the YouTube video that I made entitled: “If I Had A Son He Would Look Like Trayvon Martin” – Oh How Quickly He Forgot What He Said!”

Listen to what she had to say and then read my response to her words. If you or anyone has an opinion on anything here or on my entire blog, feel free to call me personally or The LanceScurv Hotline…….the numbers of which are both posted below at the end of this blog response.


Dear Educator,

I applaud and appreciate your taking the time to share your feelings on my video entitled “If I Had A Son He Would Look Like Trayvon Martin” – Oh How quickly He Forgot What He Said!”

I believe that for you to answer in the manner that you did as far as saying that I’m merely pontificating shows me that you didn’t take the time to explore all that I do in person and in cyberspace under the LanceScurv moniker.

I understand that you probably ran across my video in a random search that caught your eye and weren’t under any obligation to me, a total stranger, to access me based on all of my efforts. But in actuality your response I believe would be quite different if you DID get take the time to absorb the wider scope of my online presence.

So my response to your words is not to bash you or put you down because you have the right to your opinion but when you asked me what it is that I do instead of pontificating, well let me tell firsthand from the horses mouth.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lance Scurvin. You can call me LanceScurv, Scurv, Lance or the pontificater if you feel more comfortable with that terminology. LOL!

I am what you would call a Social Media Activist. The word “activist” is a word that insinuates that there is action taken because of the activating of the thought processes which is a crucial precursor to taking¬† Everything in creation is the result of a thought. Everything that you see in the world that was in fact created is the result of careful planning and execution.

How much more failures would we have in society and in our personal lives if we didn’t take the time to think things through and merely took a blind leap into a potential disaster?

That being said, as a Social Media Activist it is my position to stimulate thought which will bring about an action where possibly there would have been any at all before the effect of my words or visuals were experienced.

Visuals? I am also a Political/Social Illustrator who seeks to “jar” people into a deeper thought to stimulate engagement in the issues whether one agrees with my stance or not. I take it that you didn’t agree with my thoughts on President Obama concerning his lack of addressing the Trayvon Martin tragedy but none the less it got you to pick up the phone to leave the message on how you felt. By doing just that my job was effectively executed because you were called into the action of responding.

Now understand that the video that you were referencing was uploaded the very day before our President came out with his statements on Trayvon and what it is like to be Black in America. The timing of this was very confusing to many viewers who sought to correct me when not knowing that the words were spoken long before his press conference.

If my video was made AFTER President Obama’s speech, my response would have been totally different than what you heard so I hold on to the truths of what I shared considering that up until that time the President was basically silent on the issues that raged out of control on the situation.

Now back to the point, what do I do to help bring people together to make a change?

Well, for the last two years, we’ve indulged intensely on our internet radio program where people from a wide range of age groups, races, cultures, lifestyle choices, pedigrees, educational backgrounds, status, political affiliations and countries get together in AN OPEN FORUM to speak their mind on the show topic without censorship as long as everyone is respected in their personal communications with each other. The show airs for three hours and is a constant flow of uninterrupted thought and shared mindsets.

Pound for pound for the cerebral dollar, you won’t get the punch that The LanceScurv Show will bring anywhere else because no one agenda is being pushed and everyone is allowed to speak.

PageLines- 024.jpg

What does this do? Well, it educates us all as to what people are thinking around us from different backgrounds. You have to remember that most people in America are the victims of the mentality of the area that they grew up in and seldom venture out of that mindset as they grow up.

Therefore, they live and die in a limited bubble, but if they ever got the chance to experience our program they would definitely have their eyes opened directly from the source and NOT from a one way program where all they do is listen with no participation.

As a political illustrator, my reach is extended through the various websites, blogs and reputable venues online that have featured my controversial work. I admit that I take no prisoners and go all out to prove a point. It would be literally impossible to cover all sides of an issue and if I did it would take up my entire life. So I settle for being the starting point for the many discussions and debates that have transpired from my show.

I also work two jobs and am on a very limited time budget from which to continue my work here online. Because of this I have become a time management master, getting more accomplished than many who I personally know sit in front of the computer all day. So when i do have my time to let my feelings flow, I simply don’t hold back.

I do lots of these type of long winded expressions on my blog – You can find everything that I do on the blog and might be taken aback by the sheer amount of work there that I’ve shared.

Last but not least, I regularly go out into many different communities to ask total strangers what their opinions are on my upcoming shows. I record them on my camera and upload the responses to YouTube where it promotes the upcoming show and gives one persons opinion the opportunity to venture out to touch others in a big way.

So it’s safe to say that I wear many many hats. I could go on about the homeless feedings that my Wife and I do here in Orlando without fanfare and on a regular basis or even the random financial gifts that we share with total strangers as the spirit moves us from the ten percent of our income saved just for this purpose.

We give back BIG TIME with NO fanfare and absolutely NO mention of what we do online. That’s a substantial amount of money given. If I overhear someone in need, I will get the contact number and then discuss the blessing with my Wife and if her spirit is in alignment with mine, then we will pay someones rent, their doctors bill or fill their cabinets with food that usually lasts them for months!

On my bus route I mentor youngsters all day long who might take the time to ride with me with the permission of their family because these kids are hurting out here. I know that you know this as an educator as I grew up with a Mother who was one and from a family who understood the value of education. Me? I’m the underachiever in the family who makes up for the lack of degrees with good ol’ hard work in the trenches of this world.

But at the end of the day I’ve reasoned that my ability to reach the masses as well as I have through my various God given talents has done more for the world around me than any dusty book or wrinkled degree from a school of so called higher learning that never teaches one to understand how to motivate themselves from within nor teaches those who have been indoctrinated to live life with a strong sense of urgency to think outside of the oppressors narrow box.

What am I doing to help people?


Well if you need more info on that I will be glad to furnish you with it but we might be here for the next few days because I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg!

…….but I think you get my point.

That being said, I look at this thing that I call a righteous revolution as a football team that has many positions. A power forward is more equipped to do HIS job and play HIS position more so than if he was switched out to play the quarterbacks position. He might do well for a season, but his training was to excel in the position that he was placed in by those who assessed his abilities accordingly.

Now, with you being an educator, how would I look if I entered your classroom to take over your position since I don’t have your experience and credentials to even begin to do so? That would be foolish now wouldn’t it?

So anyone in their right mind would NEVER ask the coach of a very successful football team “when was the last time he threw a touchdown” because HE is the mastermind behind the strategies and important decisions BEHIND that winning team!

So for you to ask me what have I done to bring people together and that I am merely “pontificating” is not factual when you were ignorant to the facts!

Now that you understand what I am all about as well as being informed of my TIRELESS work ethic, may I ask what are YOU doing from your end and if we can appreciate each others positions in the trenches of our crumbling communities, then maybe we can cannot to make the new reality better for those of us who are coming up from behind us to leave a better world for them than the one we came into!

P.S: I would NEVER think that ANY President should have the burden of stopping racism placed on their shoulders. How could that be? Number one, the President is merely a politician who must play the game in order to stay IN that game. game? Yes, that’s what it is. No politician in recorded history has ever been chosen to lead the people into freedom. It just ain’t happenin’!

While we know that President Obama is the president of an entire diverse country, I feel that he has been gun shy in dealing with the needs of the Black community as he has in the Latino, Jewish and Gay communities. It seems as though those blocks of voters in those aforementioned communities seem to hold more weight in his administration than we as Blacks do.

He took the time to personally call Jason Collins, a man who came out of the closet in a very public manner with a Sports illustrated cover and feature but failed to give a call to the grieving parents of Trayvon martin after their loss! Politics or not, have the balls to do the right thing no matter how many people will dislike you. As a so called Christian, he should do what is right in the eyes of god instead of tip toeing and tap dancing to the whims of those who don’t like him ANYWAY!

So this is why I advocate doing for self outside of the system and not waiting for a mere man who hands are tied because of the political game that he has to play. I am all for the revolution of our thinking from where we stand and I am all for it in the here and NOW!

I hope you attend our program this Friday entitled: “After The Verdict: How To Shut Corporate Amerikkka Down!

All that is required of you is to pick up the phone like you did to respond to my video.

Hope To Hear You There!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


Hotline Response Line: 407.731.2945

Personal Cell Phone: 407.590.0755

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