Ghana is a country along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean, in the sub region of West Africa. The name Ghana means “Warrior King” in the Soninke language. A lot of empires had emerged in the country, and the most powerful were the Kingdom of Dagbon and the Kingdom of Ashanti. In the 15th century, various European countries vied for trading rights until the British established control of the coast in the late 19th century. The Republic of Ghana has a diverse population spanning a variety of ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups. Another interesting fact about Ghana is that it is a multilingual country. There are over 80 languages spoken here, one of which is English. Check out our list of the top 10 things Ghana is famous for.

1. Gold

Mining has always been a huge part of Ghana’s economy. Gold is a very valuable resource, and the Republic of Ghana has an abundance of it in the country. As a matter of fact, this country has 23 big companies producing gold and 300 registered small mining groups. While there is a huge market for gold in the country, there are also a lot of scams offering lower-priced gold. If you are interested in buying gold in Ghana, you must do your research in order to avoid these scams.

2. Cocoa

As the major agricultural export product, cocoa is considered Ghana’s holy grail. Farmers produce and cultivate cocoas in forested areas such as in the central, eastern, and western regions, Ashanti, and Volta. Every year, the country produces approximately 850,000 metric tons of cocoa beans. Since Ghana is a country known for its production of cocoa, you should definitely try their locally made chocolates if you’re visiting the country.

3. Being a peaceful country

As recently as June 2020, Ghana ranked as the most peaceful country in West Africa and the third most peaceful country in all of Africa behind Mauritius and Botswana. This is possible in Ghana because they value their democracy, and they care about the election. Every time an election happens, the country is able to transfer power without causing much trouble. Freedom of information is a factor for keeping peace in the country as Ghana has free FM radio stations unlike other African countries, which only have government-controlled radio stations. If the truth is not censored by the government, and the people are informed of the truth, peace can be kept in the country.

Ghanaian Coffins

Ghanaian coffins, otherwise known as custom, fantastic, or proverbial coffins, are not just functional coffins but a real work of art. The coffins are made by skilled carpenters. It’s easy to spot the difference between Ghanaian coffins and regular coffins; usually, they come in unusual shapes and colors. If you happen to attend burials in Ghana, you can expect to see these artistic coffins. A status symbol, heads of the family are the only ones allowed to be buried in these types of coffins. Ghanaian coffins are made to order and can take two to six weeks to finish. While originally used by the Ga chiefs and priests, it has become part of the local funeral culture around the 1960s.

Lake Volta

One of the largest artificial reservoirs in the world, Lake Volta is definitely a must-see among the iconic wonders of Ghana. Located behind the Akosombo Dam, the waters in Lake Volta is warm all year round. Also, a vast population of fish lives in the lake. Lake Volta is also important for transportation, providing a waterway for both ferries and cargo watercraft. There are also cruises available for tourists that pass through the lake, such as the cruise to the island of Dodi.

6. Jollof Rice

Your holiday here will not be complete without indulging in jollof rice. It is a one-pot rice dish that is popular in many West African countries. The Ghanaian version of the dish is made up of vegetable oil, onion, bell pepper, cloves of pressed garlic, chilies, tomato paste, beef or goat meat or chicken, local or refined rice, and black pepper. The meat is cooked first, then the vegetables are fried together. Spices are added to make the rice more flavorful. Once everything is mixed together, the rice is added until cooked. The dish is akin to jambalaya or paella.

7. Friendly people

Akwaaba is a word you will mostly hear from the locals in Ghana, as it is the Akan word for welcome. Ghanaians are very friendly and hospitable. Ghanaians are proud of their culture and love welcoming people from outside to experience their local customs and way of living. The people emphasize communal values such as family, respect for the elderly, and proper social conduct. As a guest, you must always be respectful of the people around you.

8. Accra (from GHS 1,581)

Accra is the capital of Ghana with an estimated population of around 4.2 million as of 2020. Football is the most popular sport here, and Accra Sports Stadium is home to the Hearts of Oak, and a host venue of the Black Stars, the national football team of Ghana. The city of Accra will also host the 2023 African Games. There are three five-star hotels in Accra: Labadi Beach Hotel, La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, and Movenpick Ambassador Hotel. Book Accra city tour now to explore its splendid beauty and experience exciting things to do in the area.

9. Cape Coast castle

Cape Coast Castle is one of 40 “slave castles” within Ghana. It was built in 1555 initially as a trading post but was later used as a “slave castle” during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. This castle had served as a trading post before the slaves were sold in the US. The castle was first restored in the 1920s. In the 1990s, it underwent extensive restoration and still retains its look up to this day. Cape Coast Castle and other forts and castles in Ghana are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

10. Bolgatanga baskets

Bolgatanga baskets or Bolga baskets are hand-woven Veta Vera grass baskets. The art of making these baskets has been passed down from generation to generation. It is as old as the community in Bolgatanga. The straws used for the baskets are Veta vera grass, which is grown in the southern part of Ghana. These baskets are very durable and unique, and they make a nice souvenir of your trip here.

Welcoming and peaceful African country
If you are looking for a peaceful country that you can visit without any worries, look no further than the Republic of Ghana. You will be overwhelmed by the welcoming and friendly smiles of the Ghanaians. Not only will you enjoy a good holiday in the country, but you will also be able to learn more about its rich history.


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