An Important Message To Our Young Wayward Men

All day long while driving my bus today it seemed as though all I could hear from the young men was how bad they wanted some pussy. Some would scroll through their cellphones comparing the pictures of the various young girls that they screwed as though it were a menu to be chosen from in a meat market. Their war stories were unbelievable not because I didn’t want to comprehend it but it was so hard to grasp how eager their female friends with benefits to participate without any regard to the fallout in the reputations later on in life.

Mirror Hoes

I felt the need at that time to share with them an important message that no one ever probably took the time to emphasize.

I thought to myself how in the world do these guys refer to women in such a manner so publicly? I know back when I was their ages we said things but not as graphic and not as easily heard, we whispered and giggled but never could we say such a thing where any grown ups could make it out.

So after all of the passengers left the bus, I called those guys over for a piece of my mind. I told them that they probably think that I am some corny old guy that doesn’t know anything about what they were talking about but I had to get down to their terms and speak their language so they knew exactly where I was coming from.

I had to give them the advanced “101” talk about the birds and the bees…….

They were bedazzled to say the least. They never heard anyone take the time to break down the connection between sexuality, emotions, relationships, spirituality and just plan old life and they wanted more.

Yes, I got graphic at times because this was all they understood, but I gradually stretched the limits of their imagination to encompass how beautiful a relationship with a real woman can be. Not that they were ready for one on that level but i thought it was great to plant the seeds in their mind so that they knew that there was so much more to a woman than mere “pussy.”

I taught them that pleasure had to be earned and you couldn’t really enjoy it anyway IF you didn’t earn it.

Earn it?


You earn you “Heaven On Earth” by being prepared for that woman to enter your life. You have to have your career down to a science before that divine one will even appear before your very eyes. You can’t force love and you can’t force God by choosing someone out of your own wisdom because your wisdom is not God’s wisdom.

So when you go after a woman merely because her pussy feels good, you then ruin it for that one woman that God has for you whose pussy will always be fresh and all your own. Again it’s not merely about a vagina but I was speaking in this manner to kids who were raised in the street so you have to understand why I broke it down to them like this.

Sagging Pants Phenomenon

But I also told them to be very careful of their late teens and twenties as this is the time that most will catch a lifelong scar in their life that they will regret. Whether it’s getting involved with a woman who brings them issues or ruins their psyche, you have to be careful about those twenties. Many young men feel that since they’ve reach that age that they are truly ready for the full scope of what life has to offer and that is simply not the truth.

They are better prepared for some things more so when they were a teenager but they are not where they will be when they are in their thirties. But to add another factor into the mix one has to understand that maturity is an individual thing as we have some young men at twenty two who are more responsible and perceptive than a middle aged man of fifty!

So age is really just a number!

I informed them that many young men who may feel a little intimidated by the world just might get into the power rush that comes with all things sexual and can become somewhat of an escape when the challenges in life appear to be insurmountable. Meaning? Well a four year degree or working a really tough job might test the mettle of most but some will settle for the feeling of having great power as they hear the moans and squeals that come from a young lady being pleasured beyond her imagination.

Some men settle for that so called accomplishment in life because it is the easiest to attain. It’s easy to turn out a woman orally and through the complete range of sexual freakishness and some men spend their entire lives staying in that lane.

I said to them that sex will always be there and they should take some of their sex drive and rewire it into achieving something of note and of standing as this is they way of preparing for their ideal God given woman that will please and pleasure them in such a way that would cause them to forget all of their minor “escapades!”

So instead of wasting time they should always think in the long term on how their present decisions will affect their overall life long down the line.

But in actuality who am I to tell them that? I’ve had parents and other Elders say these same things to me and I turned around and did what I wanted to do and suffered the consequences. So we hope that some of our information and wisdom shared sticks because in the present time there is NO bouncing back from certain bad decisions and choices. Once one becomes infection with the AIDS virus there is no turning back because there is no cure! Once you produce a child then YOU are responsible for their well being and if you refuse then you could get locked up!

There is no room for excuses to not have embarked on going to school or learning a trade because whether you believe it or not, most so called rappers are far and few between on the success ladder and even then they have their time and season. This goes for athletes, entertainers, singers and dancers. Always pursue your dreams and passions but also under gird yourself with knowledge and a separate career that will never let you down even if it’s not of the popular flashy variety. We as a culture get so caught up in looks, popularity, sexiness and what others think of us that we lose ourselves.

I always teach the youth that are in my path that it is better to emphasize the development of your unique qualities instead of being just another cookie cutter follower who sags his pants in the hopes that he will be accepted into the bigger fold. we have to teach the importance of building a strong righteous God centered community and that begins at home in the building of long term relationships that are committed between the sexes!

Yes, I may be just a regular guy living below the radar but everyday that I am out and about I try hard to leave an impression on someone -especially our youth – to make a difference and NOT be a statistic laying out in the middle of the street with a chalk line around their body!

If we all pitched in and told it like it was this world would be such a better place and our future would look brighter because we’ve sewn into that precious resource that will help one day to bring us to the promised land…….OUR YOUTH!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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