An Important Message To Our Young Women From The Beautiful Taj

Many people could never imagine what it is like to work with the public if you’ve never had the experience of doing so. And even then everyone’s perception is different of dealing with the public depending on what one’s position requires.

I have worked in retail and have dealt with the public in a controlled environment with less power (The customer is ALWAYS right, remember that?) as well as briefly working as a corrections officer in a local jail where one has a greater amount of power making decisions and executing control according to protocol.

Both of these examples I now realize are merely bookends when compared to what I do now. I say this because while the lives of my passengers are in my hands as a bus operator, I do not have much power when compared to law enforcement yet I am always at the mercy of the situations that transpire daily out in the raw streets where just sixty seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

What keeps me afloat mentally and spiritually as I deal with those unknown forces pull and tug on your peace of mind is the fact that I do look forward to connecting with those who DO carry themselves in a cultured manner and DO understand that I am a human being as we exchange our daily and nightly greetings in the respectful manner that is “oh so” refreshing to say the least.

While I maintain a very positive and productive outlook on life, to see what I see every night does tug on your faith resources, sometimes more on certain days than others as the many variables of navigating through the streets attempt to drain the equilibrium that we attempt to maintain successfully until our shift is over allowing us to go home in one piece just one more day.

One thing that never fails to disappoint me is to see how our younger generation refuses to embrace righteous principles as though their rebellion with bring them into a higher plane of consciousness. Nothing could be further from the truth but they just don’t know it!

The cursing, damning, swearing, the bragging about their sexual conquests, their freakish acts, the disregard for education, the lack of knowledge in how to care for the health, the behavior that an elder can see will land them in a state of incarceration, the teen pregnancies, the high drop out rates and the overwhelming sense of unpreparedness that we see that our youth seem to ignore brings a pain to us who know better because we know that their days of rude awakenings are not too far away!

This being said, I can tell you for a fact that it is all NOT bad! There ARE young ladies and young men out here unseen and unnoticed who ARE doing the right thing! There ARE respectable teenagers who still greet you as “Ma’am” or “Sir!” There ARE young ladies who are “keeping” themselves for marriage!
There ARE young men who are more interested in “courting” a young lady with marriage in mind down the road instead of a cheap date just to see what she is “working with” in the bedroom.

All of our children are not lost…….

Our future still has great hope……..

On my last trip of the night on the Lynx 21 Bus Route I was blessed to cross paths with one fine example and prototype of what a decent young lady should strive to be. One oversight/glitch in the the bus schedule landed her in my company and as she expressed herself so eloquently it truly made my night and gave me hope that all is not lost for humanity!

Here on my layover, the Queenly young Lady named “Taj” shares her message to others who may need to hear a positive word from their peer!

With her permission, I was allowed to capture this unplanned moment to share it with the world!

It’s moments like these that make me say to myself how much I love my job!

Enjoy and do leave your comments!

Lance Scurvin

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