An Open Letter To All Handkerchief Headed Greasy Pork Rind Eating Negroes Who Want To Blame The White Man For Their Sorry Ass Choices!

I’m sick and tired of these do nothings sitting back year after year on their non productive asses telling the world that the White man is holding them back!

While the history of this country called The United States points to countless situations that bear this to be true as far as the system that was created long ago and still exists today as institutionalized racism, never before in the history of the world have things been better for one to put their foot down to make their reality better and I hate to break your bubble but NO ONE on this planet can stop you from living your DREAMS when you really put your mind to it!

Yes, we have suffered the most terrible Holocaust in modern history and continue to feel its effects in this present day so this blog is NOT an attempt to minimize what I know to be an evil travesty that happened to bring pain to a people who know nothing else but a constant suffering. I would never do that. But this will NOT stop me for saying what I have to say!

We now have an amazing technology at our fingertips called the internet yet we use it for the most foolish non productive reasons and state that there isn’t any opportunities out here in the world for anyone who is Black.

Well allow me to inform you about something, we as Black people in The United States make up approximately 13% of the population yet the unemployment rates and home foreclosures have been sky high for the last several years for everyone. Now it is a fact that African-Americans have higher rates of unemployment and home foreclosure rates as we who are statistically at the bottom of the barrel surely have it tough but it does NOT mean that you cannot uplift your life by cutting out a few foolish habits and adopting a mindset that will help you to find yourself in a better place.

In other words, you aren’t the ONLY one suffering in this economy and with all of the other stresses out here that we as Black people go through YOU should have already mastered the art of avoiding the institutionalized embedded traps instead of complaining about it.

I don’t know if what I am saying is resonating in your mind but in order to rise above that crippling mentality that you possess you must force yourself to make the positive moves that’s mandatory to secure your life and to rid it of the resentment of this shadowy specter of an evil spook that is waiting around every corner to thwart your personal advancement called the “White Man!”


Look, I do not walk around harboring thoughts of anyone holding me back because I believe in myself too much to give someone so much credit and power over my life to remotely control my every move.

My thing is that I know there is racism but I work extremely hard in a manner that will piss those off who are! Focus on them? No! Rise above to succeed regardless? Damn right!

Although I am not a prize fighter, I damn sure think like one and this is the reason why I love top notch boxing matches. I’m passionate about them because it is so much more on the top tier of that sport that’s involved that makes it more of a chess match rather than to grown men standing in front of each other and senselessly pounding away until either one gets lucky and lands the knockout blow to win!

I for one am very scientific when approaching my daily endeavors because I don’t believe in wasting energy and hard earned effort. If you know that you have a racist boss or neighbor, understand that this is THEIR sickness and it should not – with a deeper understanding – take you off course from what YOU need to execute before your day comes to an end.

In order to beat the system that can oftentimes be unfair to all races of people in this country I took some time to study it so I don’t end up like the next loser who won’t take responsibility for their own actions and blame someone for their lack of drive.

Look, we’ve ALL been through some serious trials and tribulations if you’ve lived on this planet for a hot minute but that is no excuse to not look up to the Heavens for guidance and look within to the God inside of you for a way out.

Every problem has a solution. Never forget that.

So all who want to blame the White man for every damn thing that ails you I have to say that you need to get up off of your yacking ass, look in the mirror and look inside of yourself as to why you are in the sad state of affairs that you are in.

I’ve been through some very racist situations where I’ve lost jobs, lost privilege, lost my standing as a respectable person in my circle by the bad choices that I’ve made but I took responsibility for ALL OF IT and began to fight back righteously by inflicting the discipline that ALWAYS been known for head and shoulders above many others and elevated myself through the sheer force of natural will.

Again, once you’ve accepted full responsibility for your actions then this dissolves that excuse of some White man holding you down. I can’t hold back any longer with this one because as I’ve gotten older I can see clearer on the things that are around me and break down reality better than I ever did.

Now for the knockout blows…….

Don’t you EVER come to me to attempt to convince me that some White man is holding you down when:

You complain about being broke but turn down any job that doesn’t fit your specifications and refuse any job that doesn’t pay good enough for you!

Good enough? Let me tell you, there are some Negroes out here who won’t even get to work on time or even go there at all if they were paid for eight hours even though they work one, had a paid company car that they took home every night, had their rent/mortgage paid for them and had a free catered five star lunch delivered to their office to eat while they surfed Facebook all damn day! Some would find a way to complain about THAT so what makes anyone think that they will group up together with others who are on jobs that don’t pay much to live together and eat from one pot to save enough collectively JUST to get on our feet?

You don’t want to do that but the White man is holding you down?

Did the White man tell you to crack open your thighs to a man who had no intention of marrying you like he did his other 10 “baby-mamas? You should have stayed in school and learned some discipline and now that you are seeing that life on public assistance isn’t “all that” you want to get mad at that Sister who did all of the right things to call her a SELLOUT!

Atrium Businesswoman - Vertical

You might work a job everyday, but did the white man make you go to the liquor store and spend that precious money that could have been saved to make the purchase of that same beautiful home that you in turn said the “White man” kept you from?

You might find yourself in the church going through the repetitive madness of the ceremonious foolishness of a dead religion according to the way you practice it, but did the White man force you to give your last money to a Pimp Preacher who cares not for you who passes you by on the bus stop after the service in his super luxury ride without even as much as a wave of acknowledgment? Your baby is asking you what are you all going to eat later on but you don’t really know your damn self because your kitchen has NO food and you were told to make a leap out on faith that God will provide? What White man told you that?

…….and the fact of the matter is that God DID provide but you were too stupid to see that and gave away all of your precious funds away! I’m quite sure that Pastor is eating WELL tonight!

And since I am on that subject let me tell you that for those of you who cannot read or write because your lack of opportunity to learn to do so happened because of a need to leave school at an early age to take care of the family responsibilities at the sacrifice of your education, allow me to say that I would NEVER make fun of you! But recently I was accused on my Talk Show of doing just that and now I am going to set the record straight!

Don’t be mad at me if you HAD the chance to go to school and you refused to because you were running the streets and now you find yourself as an adult damn near in a sorry state of affairs in your life because you are feeling the weight of your choices now. Don’t be mad at me or even worse don’t blame the White man either! To blame the White man is to relieve yourself of all responsibility in the sorry life that you have now!

Then you call up on my show and try to blend in after cursing me out the week before in several e-mails because you are mad that I straightened you out PUBLICLY! And yes, I TOLD you that if you want to truly be a warrior for God’s will (And not that bull crap of hating on White people!) then I specifically remember that He said in scripture to SEEK KNOWLEDGE!

These types crack me up when they do not WANT to accept the discipline in their lives that it takes to apply themselves to BETTER themselves then turn around and blame the White man for your STUPID CHOICES! Yes! I’m going to say it again: “STUPID CHOICES!”

Am I calling her stupid? NO! God mad no one stupid but we damn sure can find ourselves being STUCK ON STUPID! I was verbalized chastised for using that word recently in the context that I just did here and another entity sprung into action about my use of the word!

Well listen sweetheart, there IS a reason that word has been in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for decades before most of us were born. For some, STUPID CHOICE and STUPID LIVING is a reality!

Case and point…….

Why are you going to the club with your rent money and pissed when you get tossed to the curb only to blame the White man? STUPID!

Why do you constantly have sex unprotected with all of these strange deadly exotic diseases out here that can kill you? STUPID!

…….and don’t say that you are not sexing unprotected because with the amount of young (And old!) females (Notice that I didn’t call them “Ladies!”) out here having babies I know that there is nothing in real life called SUPER SPERM that can bust through a condom! Proof POSITIVE that you are screwing raw! STUPID!

But it’s the White man’s fault! Okay. Go figure.

Pregnant Black Teens

Now let me add this…….everyone and everyone can bounce back from STUPID behavior but again you have to take responsibility for your poor choices and stop scapegoating all others for what YOU failed to do in your life!

You, in this year of 2013 can receive so much helpful information that you wish online but you have become too embroiled in the inner workings of these sinfully addictive reality television shows wasting precious time that could be used to research the world and reach out proactive to change your situation drastically!

But blaming the White man is just too easy to do.

So when you come around me with that energy do not wonder why I get in the wind or block you from my world because I am all about making something out of nothing with the tools that the Almighty Loving Creator/Father blessed me with to make my way in this world.

I am living quite well because of it and I am proud of what I have accomplished at my age. So if I can do it with the amount of drama that I caused into my on life at one time only to take the reigns and steer myself to an upwardly progressive life, then YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!


Hard work.

A realistic plan.

A willingness to learn.

A great work ethic.

A relentless spirit that is cultivated through supreme focus and meditation when the world is shucking and jiving.

Visualizing a better life then embracing it and subsequently rejecting all elements that are associated with the ghetto mentality of the ‘hood.

As well as submitting wholeheartedly to the will of God regardless of what affiliation that you’ve been raised under.

A meek humble spirit that’s not full of oneself and honors and submits to the least of us…….by following those basic principles as a start as well as God’s commandments will catapult you far beyond to a distant place that your imaginary evil White man can touch you!

Try it sometimes, to be busy reaching for a goal in life will burn out the residue of resentment that you have in your heart as you will find out that the true root of racism is ignorance and spiritual wickedness.

Prove that imaginary White man wrong by ascending to the highest levels of achievement but utilizing the skills that you ALREADY have but are too blinded to realize in your quest to continue the blame game.

You are to NEVER forget what has happened to us as a people in this country but to focus only on the wounds takes you away from moving toward the cure that will will restore us as a welcome addition to the human family.

Think about it.

It just might work.

…….and you know what?  That mythical White man just might believe in what I said in this blog post also.

So eat your heart out .

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your ranting on point Brother,



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