An Open Letter To Pat Robertson: If Haiti Suffered Such A Deadly Earthquake Because Of Their Alleged Pact With The Devil Then What Pact Caused The United States To Be Struck By Hurricane Sandy?

You dumb bastard.

Why don’t you say something out of your mouth now that the northeastern area of the United States has been declared a disaster zone?

I mean, according to your narrow minded way of thinking, it HAD to be something that they were indulging in that was an abomination to God Almighty Himself?

Why do I say this? Oh how quickly we forget, while I can’t quote your exact words I can tell you pretty much what you meant when you said that Haiti suffered such a terrible tragedy, loss and death all because of their indulgence in what is referred to as Voodoo and their pact with the devil?

Well I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the indulgences of those who live in the northeast corridor of the United States and itemize why they are suffering as they are. It must be that according to you because as it says in the Bible that God never changes, He is the same yesterday as He is today and will remain the same tomorrow.

So if He is consistent and dishes out the natural disasters according to their transgressions, then the northeast states should be blown out of the water when you look at their footprints of sin that have permanently been forged in the sands of time.

But of course you are not going to see it that way because many of those underwater look like you, talk like you and THINK like you!

Haitian Earthquake

I am willing to bet that you will have compassion on those victims of Hurricane Sandy because they are not the “savages” who dwell down in Haiti as they are civilized and not subhuman in their basic physical mental and spiritual makeup.

But if you take a closer look into the hidden memoirs of a falling country whose soil is soaked in the blood of those innocent people who were the victims of mass savagery, those “founding fathers”, who are probably lauded as men of great accomplishment and foresight, most likely looked like you and could never be as savage and primitive as those who will STILL be naked, ass out and out of doors living in tents while those who are here in the United States will be back on their feet in the “business as usual” mode in no time flat.

If God is a just God according to your twisted standards, then Hurricane Sandy was a definite punishment for the murder, thieving, rape, hate, redlining, institutionalized racism, prejudice, police brutality, child abuse, the prison industrial complex who target those who look like Haitians, sexism, exploitation, judicial injustice, gluttony, greed, unprovoked wars based on corporate profit and oil and many other “savage” behaviors and motivations!

So according to YOUR thinking Mr. Robertson, if we really weighed out the immense levels of sin that have been committed by those who look like you over the last few hundred years then I guess that New York, New Jersey as well as all of the other areas devastated by this natural disaster were long overdue and according to the scale of sin, this well televised punishment was merely a slap on the risk!

But maybe even Hurricane Sandy might be “a blessing in disguise” because these cities just might be rebuilt better than ever before?

Can you see how twisted your thinking is?

…….and you dare to call yourself a man of God?

Pat Robertson - Blessing In Disguise


Look, NO ONE deserves to go through what they did whether it was in the terrible earthquake in Haiti or the unexpected wrath of Hurricane Sandy. We just do not known why God allows some things to happen and He is more than capable of wiping out all sinful transgressors to His divine laws in one swift easy tragedy!

Mr. Robertson, you speak of the so called hate mongers that the media and press has demonized over the last few decades such as the Minister Louis Farrakhan who has worked tirelessly for the mental/spiritual uplifting of those who have been thrown away by mainstream society but if he is so bad for what he has dedicated his life to then what in the hell are you for your misleading and destructive words that lead people to not only to see another human being as sub human but an entire country of God’s children who may have practices and a belief system that may differ somewhat from you and I?

Should we justify the suffering of an entire people merely because they live somewhat different than us here in America? If so then don’t feel as though you are done wrong when others want to demonize US for the sinful carnal way that we live over here with the so called freedom to do anything that we want as long as it is against God’s will!

Can’t you see the sickness in your way of thinking? I doubt it because you are the representative of those who will do anything to see a people as savages so that you are justified in doing subhuman aggressions toward them simply because they are different from you.

This is what those of us who have arrived to this earth in the physical packaging that we are in are used to, your people call many of those from Haiti subhuman when the microphones are off and you think now one is listening but isn’t it funny that those same rituals that you have publicly deemed as hocus-pocus irrelevant foolishness are the precursors to the rituals that are performed in Washington D.C. in those secret satanic chambers of the most high political elite of the United States?

Tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about!

Now while I never grew up practicing what you refer to as Voodoo, I do know that your government practitioners of many of the secret orders that are hidden in plain view in this society know that there is something to it because as Africans who were transplanted here to these shores you sure as hell wanted to know what it was that we were doing in its original form before you got your hands on it and use it against us.

Look, now this can be yet another article or fifty, but we were turned away from our original knowledge and discouraged from it as it was replaced by a substitute Christianity that was homogenized, pasteurized, heated, cooked and filtered to be given to us to keep us in check!

Hurricane Sandy Subway Flooding

Now I am not an expert on what they call Voodoo but I do know that there are many natural practices that were brought from Africa with us directly that were preserved in the knowledge of plant life to stave off sickness. This was not some type of magic, this was common sense and this is why the Government of The United States is working overtime to keep us from practicing growing our own foods and in essence cutting out our dependence on the pharmaceutical dealers such as Walgreens, CVS and Duane Reade to name a few.

Now my Jamaican Father always fed me at a young age various roots and leaves telling me that the effect would show up in my life much later in the form of boundless energy and extended youth! I guess he was right ’cause look at me now!

So we as conscious progressive human beings should never allow the rantings of a damn fool like Pat Robertson affect out thinking of how we feel about each other and I do have to ask you all to please not allow my rant affect how you view my personal views on Hurricane Sandy because I wish to bring pain, ignorance or discomfort to no one but I will always never be afraid to speak the truth as I see it!

Pat Robertson

We all need to see ourselves as Gods children and carry ourselves in that manner. Life is too short to waste to demonize one group of people over another because regardless as to our financial portfolio and affluence, no matter if our origins here on this planet are cosmically different, we ALL have to exist down here on this speck of dust as it travels throughout the vast universe as our time here really is merely comparable to the quick blink of an eye!

Learn your divine lessons everyday not by running behind a self proclaimed man of God who will leave you with more hateful residue than if you grew up as a regular card carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan but open your eyes intuitively to “SEE” reality for what it is not to be clouded by the slick talking spin-masters who profit from separation and fear mongering and keeping the human race divided for their own selfish agenda of high ratings!

Always think for yourself and keep your third eye open always!

Peace & Righteous Love,

Your Bold Brother,


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