And Who Are YOU Spending Time With?

You have to be very careful who you spend your time with and reveal your dreams and plans to.

Although many may smile with you, appear to be in your corner and act as though they are in support of your endeavors……there is a great chance that those very people may not be truly in your corner.

Time will reveal all.

It hurts to find out that someone you thought was a close friend turned out to be the very one who has been sabotaging your efforts for a better life and positive existence. Once this bad news is discovered you begin to think of all of the time that could have been used in a constructive manner without this person.

Along side with the feelings of betrayal, hurt and anger that will definitely follow. It happens to all of us and in this life there is NO way of knowing other than being connected to the Holy Spirit. If you are TRULY connected to God you will hear his gentle voice guiding you through a world that is infested with deception and falsehood.

But I personally feel that one should look at one’s company very carefully and make sure that the person you spend time with is about growth and has goals that they are feverishly working on daily.

Ask them what they are.A red flag should go up in your mind if you have to ask them what their dreams are because if they are a friend and occupy a close proximity to your life you should already know what they are!

And remember, if this person can not tell you what their goals are then they are DEAD WEIGHT!

It’s a challenge enough with the adversities that we must face each day to have an individual around us who can’t tell you what their dreams are. Chances are they will eventually feed off of your energy and DRAIN you. We sometimes go for YEARS on END feeling that we “just don’t have it” but it’s really an entity in your life that is covertly sucking the life out of you!


Get rid of anyone or anything in your life that can not generate enough energy to move itself about to a higher plane of life! And I do not mean your young dependent children or dependent elders. Teach the children and gain wisdom from the elders.

Once you rearrange your life and put it in order, you will find that you will get many things accomplished faster and with much less effort. And in turn by doing this, your goals will be met and those “do nothing” folks that don’t have a clue about REAL LIVING will be far behind draining some other unsuspecting soul!

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