Andre Ward Beats The Odds By Retiring From Boxing On Top Of The World!

I too was in great shock when I checked my phone for any breaking news stories on the various media platforms that I follow when I found out that former Olympic Gold Medalist and professional boxing champion Andre Ward retired from any future fight participation in the sport of boxing at the age of 33 years old.

I also read many of the comments that came in like a tidal wave and they covered the full gamut of what people felt ranging from good to bad to the downright ridiculous!

Andre Ward, a Bay Area native, is a family man who is very much a spiritual being who definitely sees far beyond the lure of the fame and money that can potentially come with the continuation of his brilliant career.

The naysayers have already begun to question if the professional career of Andre Ward is worthy of being mentioned with the all time greats as though they have the right to do so as 99 percent of them have never taken a punch, never thrown a punch, nor have ever trained intensely more so than cutting their lawn which probably left them exhausted and down for the count.

But Andre Ward for those who don’t know never lost a fight since he was 12 years old, had a brilliant amateur career that culminated in his winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the light-heavyweight division in 2004 in Athens, while later winning the W.B.A. Super Middleweight Championship in 2009 by beating Mikkel Kessler in the super six super middleweight tournament as well as the majority of the light-heavyweight titles after he moved up in weight to beat Sergey “The Crusher” Kovalev twice.

Andre Ward Beats The Odds By Retiring From Boxing On Top Of The World! -

The casual fans as well as the hardcore fans will often not be happy with the boxing career of any fighter unless they see them totally spent, beat down, broke, penniless and another sad story with a tragic ending. Boxing fans are a bloodthirsty bunch indeed, and after they get the satisfaction of seeing another “car wreck” of a former champion give his life for their entertainment they will quickly forget what was given as they move on to the next up and coming fighter to cheer him on before the inevitable fall.

Andre Ward was wise enough to understand how these vultures work and most likely lost his desire to entertain these vampires on their terms while setting up his exit plan long before the the world suspected and left on HIS terms! I feel that it was brilliantly orchestrated as he has a beautiful marriage, children to raise and spend time with, a ton of money that has set him for life, his health, his faculties, an abundance of youth and time to enjoy it all!

…….who in their right mind would not want this for themselves? So how can we be angry that Andre Ward has elected to NOT be that punch drunk fighter stumbling down the street who shadowboxes intensely at the sound of a school bell as though he is reliving the glory of a long forgotten career whose only proof is in the few yellowing newspaper clippings that a few fans have kept? This is the story most of the time and when someone beats the odds it doesn’t seem to ring well with the fight fans who have such a short memory and ungrateful attitude.

…….and I have to mention this as an added footnote, Amerikkkan fight fans can be so ungrateful when it comes to supporting their “own” homegrown boxing champions that happen to be Black, but they will cheer on and support overwhelmingly a foreign White fighter such as Sergey Kovalev over Andre Ward simply because he is Caucasian and not because he is their favorite. Now I would never sit up here and say that we should chose our favorites fighter according to their complexion because to be honest there have been many a fight where I rooted for the white guy to get the win over a Black man. This is sports and that is how it should be when you feel a connection to an athlete when you appreciate the unseen tangibles of their character and dynamics of their personal walk and struggle.


Look at the greatest fighter of this generation, Floyd Mayweather, he never got the love from mainstream Amerikkka that he should have which is proof positive that we are NOT living in a post racial society. He represented the United States in the 1996 Olympics coming away with a Bronze Medal, turned Professional and captured his first World Championship in 1998 to go on to retire undefeated after defeating Conor McGregor in 2017. Yet when asked why they dislike (hate) Floyd Mayweather they will say that he was too flamboyant in flashing his wealth and over the top with his cocky attitude and demeanor.

BUT!!!!! When Conor McGregor took a page out of the Mayweather stage act guess what happened? The masses of “Mainstream U.S.A.” loved his styled and supported the Irishman in EVERY thing he did as though he were an original persona! Go figure! But at the end of the day Floyd Mayweather understood the wicked deceitful mind of his detractors and not only got the win, but 300 million dollars of their hard earned money! Way to go Floyd!

If Andre Ward were identified by society as a White man his image would be plastered all over damn near every billboard with high paying endorsements from endless powerful corporate brands as the world would be his to behold. BUT WAIT! His dear deceased Father was White and his Mother a Black Woman, so he would be considered by the masses as “biracial” right? But if Andre Ward were to be seen robbing a bank what would be his description? YOU TELL ME! You see, when a so called biracial individual does something terrible he/she will always be identified as Black. But all credit will be given to a “biracial” because at LEAST a “Black” won’t get any of the credit!

That statement was not made to discredit those White people who support Andre Ward because of his impeccable ring record and respect for his inner qualities because they do exist in large numbers indeed! But the fact of the matter is that far too many White Amerikkkans are bigoted in their hearts even though their well crafted deceptive public persona make show and say different to fool the masses.


Andre Ward has been an impeccable role model, is handsome beyond measure and could easily be a super model after a lifetime of engaging in the most mentally, physically and spiritually brutal sport known to man. He never caught up in any wayward drama and should be corporate America’s dream ambassador because of the squeaky clean image he possesses on top of the extreme intelligence that will intoxicate all as they listen in to his very deep and engaging charismatic conversation.

But why else hasn’t Andre Ward enjoyed the mega success that he has earned but never experienced that other athletes who are the direct descendants of Esau have enjoyed that don’t even come close to Andre’s level of talent and positive attributes when compared across the board? Only an Amerikkkan that can admit to its deepest toxicities can answer that question but they are too much in denial of their sick racist mind to even begin to look inside to clean up what has been embedded in their soul since the beginning of time. But we all know the issue as we’ve had to live under the system that they’ve created to benefit them. 

So I applaud Andre Ward for seeing that there is life after boxing and that he was very honest in stating that he simply did not possess the desire to continue on due to his body breaking down from the hard training camps that one must endure when fighting the best in the world. As a matter of fact when you make the smart business moves that Andre Ward has executed while he earned his money in the ring, he will understand that life truly begins after boxing as the world is his to enjoy with his Wife and children.

Andre is set to conquer another successful chapter in his life and will do so ON HIS TERMS. He doesn’t have to beg anyone for a dime or coon for recognition in someone else’s oppressive system. He has his OWN in abundance which will force anyone who approached him to benefit from his talents, insight and experience to respect him from DAY ONE. He now is a totally free Black Man who I know will remain that way due to his deeply rooted religious/spiritual walk and the supportive Queen who stands by his side as well as his children, family and close colleagues.

With such a pristine spot free status in such a shark infested sport why isn’t he the media darling that we as Black people need so badly in a time where we appear to be facing extinction in a system that desires us to vaporize off of the face of this earth as we are no longer needed to labor to build a dynasty for him as stolen Afrikans? 

The answer is because Andre Ward isn’t a womanizer…….

Andre Ward isn’t the effeminate male…….

Andre Ward isn’t a violent out of control thug that is destined to self destruct in a hail of gunfire or in a forgotten cell of incarceration…….

Andre Ward isn’t a broken man who possesses no righteous drive and focus…….

Andre Ward isn’t a man who has abandoned his children…….

Andre Ward is damn sure not beating his Wife…….

……and last but not least, he acknowledges GOD above all else in a world hellbent on brainwashing the world into following a Luciferian order that has permeated the secret societies that many so readily give their soul to as though it will bring an everlasting life that ONLY the TRUE GOD can gift us with!

Andre & Tiffany Ward -

So now you understand why his accomplishments in and out of the ring are so amazing because he did it without any help from this engineered demonic system that requires one to sell their very soul to get what God has given Andre Ward in abundance without ever having to compromise his integrity or character.

This is why the Mainstream Media would never give Andre Ward his just due because those compromised power brokers tucked away somewhere in a high end corporate office have most likely stated in their secret conversation: “What good IS he to our agenda because what he is as a true man goes against all that we want to season the minds the world of what we want to see the Black man as!”

They cannot touch Andre Ward and that’s a beautiful thing as he has inspired countless souls who have been feeling as though they are trapped in this system to strive hard everyday to execute the principles of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, long suffering, denial of self, loyalty, integrity, unity, family and submission to God in living a principled life.

More than anything that he has accomplished in the ring his true influence goes far beyond the sports pages and up to the Heavens as the man known the world over as God’s Son rides off into the sunset in righteous victory as a sign that we too can make it if we follow his lead in our divine areas of expertise if we give our lives to our Heavenly Father who resides deep within our being.

I want to personally thank my Brother Andre Ward for infusing me with even more enthusiasm to be what our God created me to be because after watching his walk over the decades I know that God is REAL and NO DEVIL on the planet can convince me otherwise!

Bless you and yours Andre forevermore!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Inspired Brother,




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