Another Way Of Understanding This Thing That The World Calls Death


Is it as final as many people think?

I don’t think so.



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I mean, those who claim to believe in the word of God and God’s perfect plan should trust that He would never give you someone so precious such as a mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother or friend and then all of a sudden take them away from you forever…..never to be seen ever again. I just can’t believe that. But what I do feel is that we do not have the mind to be able to comprehend the vastness of his plan for us.

Love conquers all.

And I do know that my mother and father love me, just as I love them. Should the transition called death cause this love to cease? NO WAY! On what ever level they may find themselves, I KNOW that if I do right on this “plane” of existence then we will somehow be reunited once again as the beloved children of the Creator.

For all of you that are going through a loss of a loved one please know that I do not speak from lack of experience. I lost my mother in April of 1994 and lost my father in November of 1990.


But looking back at that time in my life it was totally necessary for my growth and I realized that they so wisely instilled within me many abilities that I never even knew that I possessed!

Isn’t that something?

This is a gauge of having good parents (Or any support structure growing up as many did not have their parents, I do understand this) and upbringing……when life’s challenges (I prefer the word challenge  instead of the word “problems”) come to you, you fall back on what you were taught and what you know to be normal.

I have a way of explaining my on personal view on life and death:

It’s like going to an auditorium to take a very important qualifications test. There are many people there to take this exam. Some of them have arrived before you and some have arrived after you….but it’s a test that we all must take and pass. While we are there testing we get attached to those who are close to us and we get to know some who are sitting not to far from us.

Nonetheless, we achieve our own results on our own merit regardless as to who we may have associated with. We are essentially standing on our own abilities and talents.

As some who have arrived before us finish the exam, (and even some who came after us!) they get up to pass their exam answering sheet into those who will score their results and then leave the auditorium from our sight. Leaving us to finish on our own.

Sometimes when we see those who we have gotten attached to leave the hall we may think that they have abandoned us or maybe we think that we may never see them again….

Well, now we have finished testing and we are ready to pass the exam paper to the instructor who is in charge of marking them… we walk toward the door to go outside we notice that there are lots of indistinguishable people outside of the door waiting! You can’t tell who they are really. For WHO are these people here for? Isn’t the test over with? Why are they standing around here of all places? These are some of the thoughts that race through your mind.

As you begin to open the door, you realize that these are the beloved individuals to whom you have bonded with during your test!

They never left you!

They just finished their test before you!

They congratulate you and embrace you while congratulating you for “making it!” And you then understand that you never really had any reason to worry at all! It was all part of the plan!


With God as the Heavenly Father and Creator of all that we have. Do you think he will set this thing up in a way where we will continually have to go through loss without one day giving it all back to us if we make the grade?

NO WAY! ……….This life is a test!

The dried withered leaves that have served their purpose of turning sunlight into nourishment to the very tree it is connected to eventually fall away from the branch to the ground fertilizing the soil that will help the tree that it came from grow stronger to withstand the storms of life! The leaf is now unseen but STILL has a hand in building life.

What is a lifespan of 80, 100 or even 150 years compared to an eternity spent in a better place? Not to sound gory, but 500 years from now you will have been dead more than you would have been alive!

So you have to really ask yourself, “What are the things that are truly important?”

Are you living your life in a way that will be an acceptable standard to the very one who so skillfully made you so that you will successfully be “passed on” to the next level? Or are you dooming yourself to an eternity of suffering because you were so caught up in things that were so trivial and had absolutely NO value in helping you to pass YOUR test!

Now it is not the aim of this writing to try to explain the actual events that transpire at the time of passing, there are many different various theological standpoints that I will choose not to argue with right now. This expression flowed from me to be of a soothing mechanism for someone going through a major loss and was written in broad strokes. I will leave the “experts” to discern the Biblical technicalities.

While we all are human beings and will feel the loss in our lives when we have someone pass on, as we cry from the seemingly unbearable hurt in time we really should be glad that THEY passed and save the tears for ourselves who are down here battling the devil everyday in order to pass our lifelong exam!

If you truly love your so called lost loved one then we should stop the crap that we indulge in so that we can make them NOT shed tears for US because we didn’t make it to THEIR level!

Think about it!

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