The Answers That We Seek Always Reside Within Us!

The answer always resides within ourselves whether we have to maturity or insight to understand this or not.

We will literally waste decades of our lives searching outwardly for the peace of mind that we need that’s already there inside.
The sad thing is that some of us will never live long enough to find the answers to our happiness that are right there inside of us.
Seeking Answers
…….don’t be one of those people. Read on…….
It’s almost like searching your entire home for the reading glasses that you thought you misplaced while they are flipped up on top of your head or tucked away in your shirt pocket.
We, in a life long quest to fill these voids in our hearts, will get involved in the toxic relationships with those who see our need to be filled and will use it for their own twisted purposes.
We can be very easily manipulated when we are searching for that sense of inner fulfillment because the frauds who will aggressively force themselves into our lives will always set themselves up to be the answer to our issues and we will readily give them access to the inner recesses of our hearts.
Demon Eyes Answers
Little did we know that we’ve let the worst kind of demon to take control of the steering wheel of our lives.
An analogy hit me so hard the other day when I thought one of my computers crashed on me. In actuality my foot pushed the “power off” switch on the surge protector under my desk and everything went out.
After I realized what I had inadvertently done, I put the power back on but had to deal with the computer that now brought me to a screen to give me a few options to proceed in firing it up.


Many of you have experienced this as it will ask you to start the computer out in “Safe Mode” or it will also ask you as one of the choices if you would like to start the computer up with the same settings that you had the last time that it fired up for you trouble free.

Windows Advanced Options Menu Answers

Those weren’t the exact words that they used but you get the point…….
So my point is that when you are feeling so far out of it in your life at the present time, you need to go back as far as you can to a time when everything felt right and connected to your core without the burdensome outside entities that have now taken up residence in your life.
For me I had to go as far back as the early 1980’s when life for me was extremely carefree and I listened to my heart and instincts and felt that I was absorbing 110% of the goodness of life around me every single day.
When you can identify those times that were good to you, you have to compare them to the present day and begin to weed out the bad situations and people in order to manifest a divine sense of restoration in a very much needed way.
I wanted to get back into the things that brought me a maximum sense of joy that depended not on anyone else except myself to receive the goodness of it.
I love cycling, bodybuilding, reading, drawing, long anonymous walks through the busiest parts of the city and meeting new people who are passionate about learning like myself and are too busy to envy me for what I do and have.
…….and I’m proud to say that I’ve found that sense of being centered and grounded and will never allow anyone or any situation to corrode my life to the point where I lose myself in someone else’s toxicities.
So use the power of your mind and go back to that important junction point in your life and recreate the components that had you thinking about that time as the best time of your life and recreate it for the present. The answer lies deep within yourself and no one can extract it for you because YOU know your own life better than anyone else other than you Creator.
But I’m saying all of this to say that in this life we can find ourselves caught up in so many destructive scenarios that we forget who and what we are deep down and what we were seeking for ourselves as far as that inner balance that may have been elusive for a time.
Our lives can end up so far away from our original desired path that we will finally think to ourselves “What in the heck am I doing here and what is this situation really doing for me?”
domestic violence answers
Getting to this point of personal realization I feel is one of the most healthy plateaus of mental awareness that one can experience, because you will begin to put everything in place to finally see what a circus your life has become and now must get it all in order.
You will then shortly thereafter begin to understand that you’ve spent many years allowing others into your life in the hopes of doing for you what you were always equipped to do for yourself but never realized it.
Immediately upon this great epiphany you will be inundated with a rush of energy like you’ve never known before to get yourself back on track so that you can finally reconnect with that best friend other than God Himself that you haven’t had the time to spend with for a very long time…….YOU!
We all know of friends or relationship partners who have been jealous of your other friends and acquaintances that you have spent time with in your life. But have you ever thought that there are people in this world who will masquerade themselves as a friend in your life because they really want to keep you away from enjoying you?
Masking The Answers
Yes! There are some people out here who are miserable onto themselves and see that you have the potential to enjoy an overwhelming happiness all on your own and are envious that you have that capability and they don’t.
So they will permeate your life to see it brought down to nothing so that they can get a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are not having a good time within your life more than they are.
They know your potential to rise yet they do not want you to know it so they will do absolutely anything to keep your life clouded with trivial issues that do nothing for you to keep you from finding your own answer to happiness from within.
They will pay for you to get drunk with them to keep you from finding yourself while they can stand themselves and are running away from the internalized pain that they seek to never acknowledge.
As a man these so called “friends” will bring to you strange women who will dilute the strength of your convictions by the freakish easy sex they offer you and if you don’t have the sense or the strength to banish these types out of your life you will be compromised and defeated.
I remember at 17 years old when it was time to go to the gym to prepare myself for a competition there was always this one girl who would make sure to find herself in my room and down on her knees servicing me orally always around about five or ten minutes before it was time for me to leave.
Oral Sex Answers
She would somehow manage to say between the execution of some very advanced sucking techniques – designed to drain me of my amazingly focused determination and abundance of very potent sperm – that I was already looking good and that I should stay home locked away in my room with her without going so that we could have some more freakish fun.
Even at that young age while I admit that I did indulge in those steamy sessions of pre-marital sex that I knew I shouldn’t have been experimenting with, I at least had the strength and the foresight to know that the sexual pleasures of the world will be there as long as I was alive.
To her surprise, I would then “plop” my penis out of her very warm and willing hungry weapon of an educated mouth in order to make the hour long trek on my bicycle to righteously torture myself into the shape that I committed to getting into several years before.
How many men young and old would stop an intense blowjob in mid-stroke and a few seconds away from that sweet explosion in order to going after an activity that was a lot more unpleasant in comparison to laying back and cumming down a young woman’s throat?
Not many.
Or maybe even more realistically, absolutely none at all.
…….and I’m proud of myself in those younger years because I know my work ethic and ability to sacrifice will always keep me in contention for whichever endeavor that I choose to indulge in.
So this shows you that you must stick to the things that bring you joy no matter what age you are because those are the things that will bring a lasting fulfillment long after the mind blowing orgasms, drinking binges or substance indulges are distant memories.
Never allow any present agony to advance into the subsequent years of your life when your new realities have finally arrived. To do so would put a cloud over those fresh new times and keep you from enjoying them the way God meant for you to.
Wisdom Answers
Use the bad experiences only to make you wiser so that when it attempts to come into your life once again to rain on your parade you will be able to spot it immediately to banish it from
So when you venture into that glorious restaurant of your personal life, make sure that you pick what you truly desire to consume and not what someone else who means you no good pressures you into ordering.
Understand that you were born alone and will once again meet your Creator alone so anything else in between that does not resonate with you to bring you joy should definitely be LEFT ALONE!
And remember, the answers that we seek always resides within ourselves…….
Peace & Righteous Love Always,
Your Brother Who Is Finally At Peace,

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