Are Blacks Doomed To A Legacy Of Mediocrity And Failure?

Sometimes it kind of baffles me when I hear someone say: “One day when I get my act together, I really want to focus on building a great legacy and do something that will last beyond my life.” The funny thing that has hit me hard in one of my personal realizations is that whatever you do in this life IS part of your legacy. It is not something that you think up to do, it is the track record of the life that you are currently living right now!

Are you careful to realize that what YOU are doing right now you will be remembered for? This is very important to understand especially since the misjudgments in our life cannot be erased as easily as the mistakes written on a piece of paper. This is why forgiveness and salvation are so very important to all of us. “All have fallen short” as we like to say, but imagine if our legacies were truly written in stone! For the majority of us, this would NOT be such a great thing at all!

At the same time while we cannot change our pasts, we can make improved choices to reroute our actions for the better in the future. We are writing the chapters of our lives as we speak, so do know that whatever reality that you seem to be stuck in now at the moment, it’s all a matter of perception. If you can believe that it will change, it will!

But many of us feel that “this is the way it’s always been, so why should next year be any better?” WAKE UP! TAKE CHARGE! Stop being brainwashed and trained like a monkey into believing such nonsense while others are living a full, enthusiastic, happy and very much vibrant life!

Why do we languish in the mediocre when we were created to baffle all onlookers with our greatness? Why does it seem easier to “join the herd” and settle for a mere retirement check when the riches of the world can be attained literally overnight? Now don’t let me confuse you, this blog is not about money nor am I implying that the accrual of money is a fair measure of success, it’s not and I think you all know me better than that if you know my work online.

Let’s stir it up now……

I am picking on these particular issues not to make anyone feel bad but it’s something that we all can identify with, and you know I have love for all of my sisters but you also know that I will get all up in your a-s-s out of love when we speak amongst family BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF THESE BLOG PAGES….!

Why do we settle for the excuse that “I’m heavy because everybody in my family is big boned so we ain’t supposed to be skinny people!” Have you ever thought that the reason why you all are so heavy is because growing up you all ate the same kind of food everyday out of the same ill stocked refrigerator without challenging yourself physically?

Being big and fat is NOT your legacy if you stop living a sedentary lifestyle and get up off your butt everyday and get some exercise while staying away from the fried oily food and sugary beverages! Unless one has a health issue that prevents them from making improvements, what is stopping you from changing the ritual of sitting around with your friends and bonding through food?

It’s what we do that makes the difference in our lives.

We are not born into any one particular compartmentalize existence! The world is huge and it is up to you to put the right thoughts into your head to therefore begin to turn the wheels that will eventually bring you into that happy new life. We MUST learn how to reinvent ourselves in order to be enabled to righteously CLAIM that brand new life!

Being mediocre is NOT in your legacy, and it DAMN sure ain’t in mine!

One last word for the weight issue. Many of you know that as a teenager, I was into competitive bodybuilding winning the 1982 NBBA Teenage Mr. America(Check deep in my photo section)and personal training, proper eating etc., so when I speak on these things, I kinda know what I am speaking about.

But many years ago while waiting to pick up a friend from the airport arriving on an international flight, I had lots of time on my hands because the flight was delayed. Well, I seem to have this uncanny ability to slow down or speed up my perception of time. I can get lost in my own mental world (That didn’t sound too kosher but I HOPE you know what I mean! LOL!)and make a long time period move fast because I can detach myself from what is going on around me….just the same way I can focus really hard and get so much completed in a thirty minute period.

Well, while meditating at the airport, watching the many colorful individuals arrive in from a vast array of many different countries, it hit me how DIFFERENT each people looked from the others from the different continents. What also hit me was how even the people who came from what many would call impoverished countries, looked so much healthier than us who are considered living the American lifestyle.

You see, when you have to get up early to work the fields, work the land, work on a job that makes little money then come home to take care of making food from scratch, you won’t have too much time to get fat! There “ain’t no” (Ebonics! LOL!) McDonald’s around to consume two days worth of calories in one 20 minute meal!

Go to the affluent white neighborhoods in the morning and witness the amount of old white men and old white women jogging or walking before the sun comes up! You see, life to them is so sweet that they want to PROLONG it with regular exercise and clean food! Eighty years old and they are jogging but in the ‘hood we are stroke victims! They have enjoyed a very spiritually charged morning witnessing the beauty of a sunrise for another beautiful day and we are still in the bed snoring and regretting another wake up to a usually sad reality while we are picking the pork fat goo out of the corner of our eyes!

Go figure!

Go take a trip to the supermarkets in the rich white neighborhoods and notice how well stocked it is with BETTER foods! You are what you eat! So if you LOVE fried pig, you will LOOK LIKE a big oily pig! So it is all a matter of WHAT you do in your life! It’s YOUR choice. You are NOT glued to any one reality that will stick you permanently into the same old LEGACY!

To those of you who complain about “these foreigners” coming over here to take all of the jobs, well, why were those jobs available when you butt was here first and could have filled those positions?


I’ll tell you why, it’s because those minimum wage jobs were BELOW you and you weren’t cleaning someones toilet to make a dollar! Now look at the economy in this country, you’ll be glad to do anything now that you might lose your house and lose your car to repossession.

And more than likely that “waste of time” urge to get your hair fried or your nails polished will bring you to the very establishments of those who took the jobs years ago that you refused but now take that same money you have to continue to build their legacy of upward mobility while yours is a poor legacy of foolish hedonistic sport and play!

And they laugh at our dumb a-s-s-e-s, the Indians and Pakistani’s have taken the 7-11 and Dunkin’ Donuts franchise to a new level and have turned an American franchise to their benefit! More power to them! They have taught you how to take nothing and turn it into something right in front of your very eyes but you STILL can’t see!

You STILL refuse to take note!

We are the JOKES of the world and in our OWN communities we don’t even control WHERE our money goes. Our own money leaves our communities as soon as we spend it. A legacy of failure. But in the other communities the money spent circulates many times over, benefiting those who are there pumping their economy to new growth and new heights literally pulling themselves up by the boot straps! While all we worry about is “looking good!”

Well isn’t that a travesty?

We are so concerned about “looking good” with our style of dress and the flamboyance of our hairstyle yet don’t even concern ourselves with looking good in our financial profiles. All you need to do to feel good is to walk around with that cashed paycheck flashing it in the club like you “got it like that” knowing good and d-a-m-n well it’s to pay your RENT!

And to add insult to injury I think it is so ghetto that no other people who live here in America other than us consider OVERDRAFT PROTECTION as a part of their assets and budget! I can hear it now: “Don’t worry baby, we’ll make it through, I’ll just let the overdraft protection take care of the groceries this week!” How low can we go? The sad legacy of mediocrity and failure continues!

With all of the “Yak” hair that our women purchase as well as a few of our cross-dressing brothers, why can’t we have a beauty supply store of our own? The Koreans have located a huge market and have built a veritable EMPIRE from something so unimportant while laughing all the way to the bank! Not only that, but Korean fish and fruit markets dot the landscapes of most Black neighborhoods here in America. And don’t forget the Chinese food joints either.


Can we at least cook for ourselves sometimes? Can we at least support our own fruit markets sometimes? Can we at least learn how to sew and do alterations on our OWN clothes sometime? Why are we so non productive? Let’s write a new chapter and create a mighty legacy of brilliance!

Am I hating?


I am loving their progress!

What I hate to see is that others are making progress on OUR failures and reluctance to take action in our own communities, it’s not THEIR fault that they see a way to make money and are capitalizing on it. It’s a natural law AND a right to do so! To see this law being executed is very inspirational to me and I applaud those who lead the way no matter WHO they are!

So when I hear a FOOL utter under their breath that foreigners are taking over, I see a person who will never get it. You see, envy and inspiration are the flip side of the same coin, if you are not inspired by the achievements of others, you are just damn jealous and the same energy spent to criticize the righteous efforts of others could be used to fuel yo’ pork rind eatin’,  Steel Reserve 211 ‘hoodjuice braincell killing cleaning solvent drinkin’ behind into a legacy of high achievement, there is no neutrality here! It’s either/or……..don’t let ANYONE tell you any different!

We are now that bottom step stone that others use to secure their footing as they climb to the destiny of manifesting the limits of human potential! All the while allowing ourselves to be the court jesters of the world as the images of our lowly deterioration is broadcast the world over for the amusement of others! It’s so funny, that when many who are used to such images see me or my friends enter a business establishment and speak with intelligence, confidence and a bit of charisma WITH proper etiquette, it’s almost like they are seeing a GHOST!

Like a new model car that you never saw before! Like a person who was written of as a forever crackhead who now holds down a job, got married and looks healthier than you WITH all of his teeth, like a fat woman who got teased and is now the HOTTEST thing walking and takes joy in REFUSING the dates of the men who once ridiculed her. They are just not used to seeing such an image and it’s a shame that the world is used to us in our lowest incarnation.

It’s not only them who are used to it, it has become the acceptable norm for many of us. You don’t turn on the television and see young Jewish shaking their backsides, HECK, I don’t even THINK of even seen a Jewish chicks butt at the BEACH! They protect and HONOR the images and sacred positioning of their women! Do we? Well, I think that you know the answer! Bitches, Hoes, Tricks and Hoochie-Mamas, when we hear these terms do you think of a women of any other race than us? Be honest now!

Our Black men are the complete antithesis of those strong Black men in slavery who endured the pain of captivity and strive for the rights and freedoms that these goons enjoy so freely now. Standing on the corner congregating with no plans for their lives with their pants hanging in a manner that is only excusable behind closed doors at home when one is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom when the phones rings and there is no one else at home to answer it!

We’ve ALL been affected by the legacy of mediocrity and failure but the good part is that we don’t have to accept it. We didn’t write this sorry script for ourselves and we should refuse to act the part in this amerikkkan classic Broadway play called “nigger” from this day forward.

We need to have a sense of urgency to now more than ever before to create a Heaven on earth like the many other communities here in this country that just will NOT accept anything else but the highest levels of human expression. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, we are made by the best, therefore we should be the best! And that is how every race should think as we ALL have something unique and valuable to add to the human family experience called the HUMAN RACE!

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