Are Humans Truly The Superior Species Over All Other Living Creatures On Earth?

It’s amazing how we observe the insects and other creatures living so peacefully out in nature and feel so superior to them. Are we really? I never saw an insect stressing over paying a rent/mortgage payment or having a nervous breakdown while living in their natural order. This shows me that we as humans in this society are living out of the divine order set in place for us that we have rejected for a substitute life offered by this evil toxic system.

We may feel superior to an insect but the reality is that we are living so far below any creature because we are living out of our purpose while they are. As long as we continue to do this we will always be plagued with a substandard life that will never receive the God given peace that we could never find in a bottle, a needle, a pill or reckless sex.

A post shared by Lance Scurvin (@lancescurv) on So even as we feel superior to the insects around us, we most definitely get so caught up in our artificial way of life and the illusion of status that comes with it that we even feel superior/inferior to our own Sisters and Brothers because of it.

How many times have you witnessed someone who you’ve known for a very long time become intoxicated with their new job promotion, new house or car purchase or superficial romantic relationship that they act “new” with you to the point of becoming unbearable to be around causing you to wonder “where did the person that I know disappear to?”

I find it to be all to common that those types can sense the new found tranquility that you possess and will work hard to pull you back in to their very limited superficial way of thinking and living. They will oftentimes be very relentless in doing so because the inner peace that you bask in will make them very uneasy. Their uneasiness comes from the contrast that they can feel when comparing your free life to their world that are infested with materialistic trappings that bring them no joy.

Either they will wake up from your positive influences on their life or they will find themselves moving away from you if they are unable to detoxify from their shallow ways. Either way it will be good for your life journey because while it’s always good to help elevate one another, it is not good to babysit anyone who can’t make up their mind and they which direction that they wish to ascend to.

As the old saying goes we are “barking up the wrong tree” and will never possess the peace of mind of an insect until we live in the order that was meant for us and not this oppressive system that has sucked the humanity completely out of the deepest recesses of our beings.

But we have been deceived to believe that the simple way of living life without the trappings of this man made hierarchy is the more advance better way to go. We who are intoxicated with this soul draining order tend to look down on those who live outside of it as though they are a lower species of life like they feel the insects are.

But I’m here to tell you that there is nothing good at all about anything that is manufactured out of God’s divine order.

In my many years of moving about this earth I have learned that valuable lesson of moving away from this madness of a world to pursue a simple life that will ensure a joy and peace of mind that one could never attain from this modern day spiritually inept place that has surpassed anything that Sodom and Gomorrah has ever been.

Are Humans Truly The Superior Species Over All Other Living Creatures On Earth? - LanceScurv

Trust me when I tell you that my eyes have seen it all and aside from drugs and crime, I have done it all very much in a heterosexual manner. So I truly know that I’m blessed to have come away from such a multitude of extreme experiences with a clean bloodstream, my sanity and peace of mind.

So no one can tell me anything good about this technologically deficient society that leaves one drained, lifeless, feeling hopeless and defeated.

With that being said I’m truly looking forward to that simple life where stress, anxiety, competitiveness, envy, preventable diseases and nervous breakdowns just do not exist!

The only requirement for entering this perpetually blissful existence is to always be prepared to let go of all that you’ve grown accustomed to that pulls you away from our deeper sense of humanity.

The ability to let go of this man made illusion will definitely give you the peace of mind of an insect…….

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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