Are Most Black People Secret Members Of The Crabs In The Barrel Dream Killer Enforcement Bureau?

You can’t tell me that you haven’t wondered to yourself something similar along the lines of the title of this blog!

But answer this question quickly for me please…….why is it that when anyone mentions the term “crabs-in-a-barrel” it is almost ALWAYS in reference to Black people?

And yes I admit that I am on a “Black people” verbal whipping spree this week, but I can’t help it because I have to report on what I see and express how I feel, one emotion and viewpoint at a time. So this is the topic that I have chosen to write about and just like the very detailed artwork that I am known for, I take that same “leave no stone unturned” approach when I write something for this blog. That way, I make it completely clear on not only how I feel, but on how many other people feel also but may not have the time to express it. And while I am not attempting to be the spokesman for an entire race or the whole world, I know that someone out there reading this in cyberspace will understand exactly where I’m coming from.

So please don’t think that I am coming out negative all of the time about Black folks, I am not anti-Black by a long stretch. I am actually pro-black, pro-human, pro-love, pro-racial harmony, pro-peace, pro-respect, pro-education, pro-submission to Gods will, pro-knowledge…….well, after all of that, I hope you get the total picture of me.

You see, I am the type of man who will call a spade a spade regardless as to who is in my presence! That’s the problem with many of us, we will whisper behind closed doors about what is wrong and what is right with the world but very seldom do these same porch Negros have the backbone to stand up and call it out like it is.

I am the same no matter how you slice me, the flavor of my essence is always consistent to the taste. This is something that I am very proud of that I received directly from my Father who taught me that a man is supposed to ACT like a man across the board with NO exceptions!

I know that many people lay back and check out some of the things that I have to say and while you may not agree with everything that I say, you must applaud my honesty because you will NEVER have to ever wonder how I feel about any issue that I dare to write about, make a video about or even illustrate in an artistic manner!

It’s just that simple…….

This is also why my Caucasion sisters and brothers who follow this blog here understand me completely to and find my expressions refreshing because if you are a racist white man, I will call you what you are publicly and my white following will stand with me! And if you are a hateful black man who doesn’t judge a person on the content of their character and only on their skin color, then I will call YOU out on it also.

Give credit where credit is due and stay consistent in your convictions and everything else will flow just nicely.

If you are insulted by some of the things that I say, then maybe you are misunderstanding the spirit from which I speak. Or maybe just maybe you have some major issues going on deep down on the inside that need a major overhaul! I know I do and I am not that perfect of a person to be afraid to admit that. But I know that’s why many of you here show me the love that you do and if truth be told this is exactly why I receive the amount of hate mail that I do and I’m loving it because it is a honest barometer of my effectiveness in the cyber-diaspora…….

Now back to the original topic…….

But why does it seem to always be Black folks who come to mind when the “Crabs” analogy is mentioned?

Every other race, every other culture, every other EVERYTHING seems to stick together better than Black people. Of course there are disagreements and differences with the other factions of people from all over the world.

There are wars going on that have nothing to do with us for crying out loud!

But at the end of the day, the people who come over to set up shop on American soil almost ALWAYS possess a “ride or die” mentality pledging never to let anything come between them as they relentlessly pursue their goals until they become reality. And you know what? I feel that it’s a very beautiful thing indeed!

But how come the love-fest is always everywhere else except in the Black community? Haters are alive and well in 2011.

Yes! 2011!

Doesn’t it sound funny and feel weird to even SAY the year 2011?

Sure it does! You know why? Because we as a people do not have our collective acts together after so many hundreds of years of some of the most gruesome struggling known to man in recorded history and I for one am NOT going into my grave beating down the same road and getting nowhere! I am seriously getting tired of YOUR stupidity Black people! Tired of the separations, the schisms, the games and the imaginary boundaries that we conjure up to have something to feel superior over one another about.


Crabs in a barrel? Damn right most of you are! You talk a good game at the pulpit but don’t mean a damn word of what you are saying out of your lying ass mouth preacher! This is why the church has become a joke and a sideshow entertainment production at best!

Crabs in a barrel! Always! You Black politicians have absolutely no REAL power from your oppressor even after you sell your people out to keep the token position that you now have as the membrane between the downtrodden and the real power brokers to whom you jump through hoops for! Your only role is to be the one to “catch the bullet” of criticism for not doing enough for your community but are really doing the bidding of someone above you who pays you well to keep your own people down!

And you all got the nerve to talk about the White man!

Look at how much energy we spend fighting against each other, if we spend half the energy focusing on doing something positive for ourselves collectively, we would garner the respect of the world community and all of its people because they won’t see anymore infighting amongst us.

We have literally become each others dream killers and if anyone of us has a dream that we are striving for, it seems as though we have to keep it under top secret wraps until we achieve it and even then we have to fight like hell to keep it because those who possess that dreaded crab mentality will work overtime to make your happy dream a thing of the past!

It’s just like in the movie “The Matrix”, you just have no clue who is an “Agent.” Your designated crabs can take a cherished position in your life and lay dormant for YEARS before revealing what their true agenda is for your life.

The strange things about the Black crab like haters is that they will never hate on a person of another race who is striving for personal excellence, they will revel in their success as though it is their own. This is really evident in the workplace, the Black crab bottom feeder will do everything possible to “trip up” the future successes of their Black sister or brother at any cost. Now this goes beyond simple competitiveness, this goes down to the level of a deeply rooted resentment even when the crab doesn’t really even know you!

“Have you seen our new coworker yet? Girl! They say that she ran the whole department in the company that she came from up in New York City, I saw her one time and I think she thinks that she is better than us country girls. Well I don’t care HOW much she did where she came from, she is going to find out the hard way that we do things different ’round here! And did you see those shoes that she had on? Those damn northerners are always trying to show off! She won’t last too long around these parts, mark my words!”

Now that was just an example but I know that you feel where I am coming from with that one because I know you have seen that type of dialogue transpire right in front of your very eyes and ears. But it makes me wonder why most of us don’t deal with each other on a more loving collective level.

A broad sense of community and collective thinking is what we brought here from the Motherland to these shores here in America and as time went on we’ve lost that feeling of connectedness to each other and had it replaced with a void that is oftentimes filled with evil and self hatred.

From what hear from my elders, while negative based people have always existed in the Black community, most of the time we were genuinely happy for each other with each successive life victory that we achieved. Whether it be the earning of a college degree or closing on a mortgage for the purchase of your own home you didn’t have to go too far before you hears the screams of joy coming from your friends, family and your neighbors as they celebrated your victories as thought it were theirs……because in actuality, it was!

I’ve personally observed the movements of some of my close friends of Nigerian lineage and how they treat each other. They share each others possessions and take care of it like it is their own. If one of them are in need, everyone comes together to make sure that needy brother or sister is nursed back to full strength in whichever area it was there was a deficiency.

Us? Lol! We only help each other when we feel there is something in it for us. We only help each other according to the degree of accomplishment of the needy because if they have possessions or position then we know down the line this person can help us so we don’t mind going out on a limb for them! Isn’t that a sick way of thinking?

“You better go on Shirley and help that old lady that lives next door to you with her yard. You know her son is a good looking single brother who has his own business that’s doing well and the last time I was there in your backyard with you I overheard her talking on the phone to him and she was so happy when he told her that he wanted lots of kids. You better show your face over there a whole lot more Shirl! That brother drives a brand new Benz every year God sends!”

If we are not tearing each other down we are scheming on what each other has, such is the life that we live in the barrel of crabs. Never EVER a dull moment!

If we would over ourselves as the living sacrifices for our brethren to uplift them to a higher level and if we understood that we are all one people, then we would try our darnedest to do unto others as we would have them do unto us!

We are all connected on a divine plane and when our Father sees us so hateful to one another enough to the point where we try to pull each other down, not only does it break His heart but the wrath of blocking another from their destiny comes with a steep price to pay indeed. It may not happen right away, but baby, when it does get here you will find yourself in a sorry state of affairs.

So understand that it is a total waste of effort to be a crab and spend our precious time on this earth being a hindrance to the aspirations of your fellow man when we can collectively put our energies together and bust down the barrel that oppresses us all and eventually come after the barrel-master!

But this system rewards us directly for our subservience to the barrel-masters commands because we want to be that one or two that makes it out because of the so called “good graces” of the overseer when in fact he will always choose the brightest and the mightiest of us to help out of the barrel because he does NOT want us to go back deep into the barrel to teach the other “crabs” to think differently to become the fully developed people the God wants us to be.

There is not a barrel high enough, strong enough or mighty enough to keep a people down that decides together that things have got to change for us for the better!

When do we start this revolution of the mind? Right here and right now……..

Stay tuned.

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March 6, 2011 2:49 PM

[quote]Every other race, every other culture, every other EVERYTHING seems to stick together better than Black people.[/quote]

My observations after careful watch of the Black popular political consciousness is that – WITH OUR PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS and the "Confidence Men" who reside inside of our "Community Cultural Consciousness" – It would be WISE for some of us to resist going with the flow.

You see – without our PERMANENT INTERESTS being documented and then TRANSPARENTLY enforced by our community – those who seek UNITY – are also inclined to promote UNITY over "stepping on toes" as people are called out as they USE our people.

We need a "Separation Of Black Community Consciousness" and "Black Politics and Ideology". The same threats that are in place with "church and state" is also the case with our community.

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