Are Some Black People Happy With Being Deaf, Dumb & Blind – The LanceScurv Show – Brother Siah El out of Illinois kicked off this very intense discussion that touched on so many various topics in the Black Liberation Struggle that I am forced to say that it’s just too much to list! Also chiming in were Big Spence, Sister Mut Amona Ra, Nikki Taplin, Carlos and countless others who chose to absorb out verbal flow comfortably in the background.

This is something that we are going to do every night and I have to say that I am quite pleased with the participation because these are the bold raw conversations that must be indulged in if we are going to move forward as a people.

But one thing that I have to stress is that we must see ourselves as properous and much needed world citizens as opposed to mere victims in the United States Of America.

We must reach out to the world to thwart the twisted and deadly images that the American movie industry is hellbent on sending out to the world about us to keep others from joining with us because they see us as thugs, baby mamas, deviants and low lives.

Let us now focus on what we must do to uplift ourselves, our minds, our communities and most of all to restore our spiritual connection with our Creator because it will be the ultimate loss if we allow this world’s temporary foolishness to keep us from ascending in the inevitable afterlife!

…….something to definitely think about!

I hope you enjoy our passionate broadcast!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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