Are The Ruins Of Detroit Michigan A Prophetic Precursor To The Eventual Fate Of America’s Fall?

I’m sitting here taking in an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”, this particular segment showcases what’s left of the once great City of Detroit. While I’ve absorbed many YouTube videos of the ghost of Detroit during my long stretches of intellectual online voyeurism, never has anything that I’ve seen on that subject touched me as much as it has as this show. To see a once great city that has rose to the height of civilized glory only to see it fall so fast beyond any resemblance to its former pinnacle is definitely a thought to remember. Detroit Ghetto While this is a small part of the overall landscape of the United States of America, we need to know that this could happen to the entire country if we do not adhere to the fundamental principles of not only hard work but the practice of supporting and taking care of our own on these shores before we get involved in the affairs of any other country. That statement was not meant to chastise any of those former and current residents of Detroit, because we all know well that those greedy politicians and CEO’s knew exactly how the eventual collapse was going to happen once they finished taking all of the money that didn’t belong to them and run off to paradise. Just think, those were the politicians who were full of promises and the company presidents who smiled in your face knowing good and damn well that many of those once lucrative manufacturing plants would go belly up! I hope that others have learned a lesson from all of this, but I have a hunch that most will go on with their lives in a manner that will show that they think that something like that couldn’t happen to their city or neighborhood. Oh what a tangled web of denial we weave! Now I’m not trying to turn anyone into some kind of conspiracy theorist that thinks behind every innocent happening that there’s some huge plot to take over the world in a diabolical way, but we have got to get back to the old way of common sense thinking and if we don’t WE will in actuality become our worst enemy! Perception Graphic Anyone who studies history on the mildest of levels will understand that empires rise and then they fall, some of them faster than the others but it’s inevitable. I find that too many Americans are seriously drunk with an arrogance that tells me that they feel as though they are invincible and nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a damn joke that on American currency “In God We Trust” is always prominently displayed while at the same time it appears that most will do some very Satanic deeds in order to stack more bills in their favor and that includes the highest levels of leadership in this country because they act like the most ruthless gangsters on the planet earth because they ARE! Conspiracy Theorist You can proclaim God all you wish to cover your wicked deeds but it’s evident what the agenda of the United States is all about and this is why it cannot last forever and will perish just like the greater civilizations that came before it and are merely a memory today. So those of us who see the current state of the city of Detroit to be a warning of what could happen to the entire nation should take heed and move wisely and not put too much weight on the lies of the media that wants to put you to sleep while America’s resources are slowly carved out from under us leaving us nothing for the future except a ghost town. Patriotism is an intoxicant that the masses of American’s subscribe to because of their sentimental feelings of a past that will never return to the present. These feelings are used for the empowerment of those in the top one percent while you run quickly to defend this country in war on the front lines while is essence you are fighting for the corporate interests that you knew nothing of. Pledge Allegiance So you die or return home injured and tossed to the side like a well sucked chicken wing with no more meat or sauce on the bone. Then the realization comes to you that the leaders of this country do not care for you because if they did they would have made a way for you to return in the care of you instead of the endless paperwork and hours wasted in the Veteran’s Administration (V.A.) as though you are a burden to the system after you gave your life. Many misunderstand me when I speak against the leadership of this illusion of a country but it was never against the citizens here who gave their lives. I just saw through the lies that were told to get these sincere men and women to go out to fight and wasn’t about to bite my tongue on what I’ve always observed. But after a time everyone here who drinks the poison Kool-Aid of Patriotism will soon learn that they’ve not only been separated from their senses, but their money, future and their dignity while those crafty lying CEO’s and Politicians are kicked back on a luxury yacht in tropical waters with your money in their bank accounts receiving some of the best head from drop dead gorgeous women while watching the whole of America turn into the warning shot that Detroit was that we never listened to. Kyndra McGaw But the good news for us is that the old stronghold of an order has flat-lined and a new day is before us if only we can let go or banish the remnants of that old order! This my friends must first happen in the deepest recesses of your mind before any form of revolution can take place on a physical plane. So the first order of the new day is to question everything that attempts to invade your mind because whether you know it or not, perception is reality. Reject this filthy media that is pushed down your throats and question why is it that you are told that your Brother is your enemy and your Sister is a Bitch? Black Criminals Why are we as men displayed as ruthless aggressive animals and our Sisters put out there like easy playthings that are in a perpetual sexual heat that is so insatiable that she’ll lay down with anyone and everyone? Reject it and see it for what it is and replace your wayward thoughts that originated from sucking on the White Supremacist poison laced nipple of all things mainstream that teaches you to be everything that God never intended for the Kings and Queens who are to rule over the earth with a righteous spirituality that will bring down the current hell-bound order forevermore. White Supremacists Detroit is a reflection not only of America’s future but even more so a peek into the hearts of many of us who have become something so degraded that we have become the cold-hearted killers of each other. Chew on that for a few and come back at me in a few days so I can share more of what I see and I encourage all to share their opinions with me whether you agree or not! Let’s dialogue and be proactive about our life instead of being the ineffective couch potatoes that America has turned most of us into…….THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX before IT’S TO LATE! Peace & Righteous Love Always, LanceScurv 407.590.0755

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