Are We Any Better?

Many of us as adults are NO better than when we were a child with a diaper full of stink mess! At least at that time in our lives we knew how to submit to our immediate higher authority which was either our parents or guardians…because we knew that they were the ones who provided us with the sustenance to live, grow and thrive.

Little babies pretty much are born with a clean slate of a mind before the surrounding environment affects us and helps us to form our individuality. But for the most part, as babies, all we are good for at that time is EATING, SLEEPING and how can I say it? DODOing! (That means going to the bathroom for those of you who are above such terms!)

Well, the funny part is, as adults, many of us are just ONE step above that little baby!

Yes!….Just ONE step!

Why do I say this?

I say it because as adults we eat, we sleep, we use the restroom and we have the desire to procreate… have sex… get laid… CUM….to crave the experience of sexuality! Is this a sin to have these biological functions?


But I feel that as human beings we are BLINDED and CAUGHT UP too much in the immediate gratification that comes from satisfying these basic needs to the point that we do not see the SPIRITUAL REALITIES that lie behind the physical!

Many of us are given obvious signs from the God above that will guide us from a bad situation that can easily be avoided but we might be too caught up in what we see, what we WANT, and what we have the urge to indulge in.

We can go to our jobs on our first day back from a few days off and hear our co workers speaking on how GOOD the food was at the restaurant, how GOOD they slept the night before or how GREAT the sex was with that new partner…..but never do you really hear anyone say how they understood the significance of the word that they heard from the woman or man of God or the individual that God used to bring a guiding word to you.

And I don’t mean church alone.

If you open your spiritual eyes and ears God can speak to you anywhere!

I was in a checkout line at Wal-Mart and had a personal dilemma in my life at the time that I pondered long and hard for the answer to, wouldn’t you know that the solution came to me RIGHT THERE!


It wasn’t a burning bush that spoke to me or an Angel that appeared to me from the Heavens… was the couple standing behind me who had gone through the same thing! They were speaking on it and how they got through it and how it was no big deal after it was over! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!


Now THAT’s how God works!

He gave me the answer right there in the busy Wal Mart checkout line! Now I am not suggesting to you to go and eavesdrop on everyone in sight because you would only walk away confused most of the time but what I am saying is that don’t be surprised WHERE the answers might come from for your daily challenges.

Now if you are caught up in being hungry, horny or fatigued and your thinking is blurred by these physical trappings, you won’t see the truth behind many of the spiritual whisperings that are so freely given to us by God. This makes me wonder how many times in an individuals life they have missed out on or actually TURNED AWAY a blessing because they didn’t expect it to arrive the way it did. They may not have liked the packaging that it came in, or didn’t “like” the person who God chose to deliver it to you!

We are the ones who often block our own answers from coming through. Yet we cry to God to “save us” from this situation because we “don’t have the strength” on our own to get through! How weak! Look around you! The answer is often right under our noses!

Our visions are BLOCKED!

So if we stop being “biologically driven zombies” existing between one physical craving to the next, or from one prejudice to the next, we can see finally Gods righteous face peeking through the lust filled clouds of our own flesh loving selves!

I, like anyone else, has to go through a constant state of detoxification of this worlds trivial foolishness to seek that level of innocence and purity that I once possessed as a child. Only when we “clear” our spiritual filters can we receive the flow of constant “goodness” that God gives to us everyday.

The world around you would look like a very dirty place if the spectacles you are wearing has mud smeared on it now wouldn’t it?

So if you are constantly complaining and see your life as something that it shouldn’t be then check YOURSELF! God never fails us! It is us who fail in our connection to God! You have got to stay PLUGGED IN!

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