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While I’ve always stated that Social Media has numbed us as a society to the realities around us on a daily basis. It has blurred the line between what is real and what doesn’t exist. I see how YouTube specifically has warped our perception of time and more specifically the personal timeline of our lives.

The more we progress in our chronological years on this earthly plane the more increase the effect of YouTube has on our mind. It happens this way because we have more history and memories stored away in our brain after more life behind us as opposed to when we were younger. Having those decades under our belt is a very tempting precursor to becoming intoxicated with living out our past now brought alive on YouTube.

We are able to watch the sporting memories of our youth as it reminds us of where we were in life at the time of the video.

We can hear music that takes us back to our adolescence and stirs the emotions of the time of our first romantic encounter to the point of feeling as though we’re there once again.

We can feel the rush of our youth as we visit places that we may not have been able to in so long and bask in the feelings that those locations bring.

Indeed it is a wonderful thing to have such nostalgic power in the palm of your hands but at what price does it come attached with?

While it may not appear to most that there is a downside to having such a cerebral intoxicant that can manifest the deepest memories or that often forgotten song that we haven’t heard in what feels like centuries?

We are forfeiting the present because of the past and it’s ruining our future.

Reminiscing is one thing, but spending entire afternoons and days on the job distracted from one’s contracted employment duties is not in anyway enjoying the present and a great way to get fired!

By indulging in YouTube hour after hour we become detached from the present never to create the memories today that we just won’t have in the future.

We lose a bit of our drive to manifest the fading vision of the day by fixating on the past in a disproportionate manner. It locks our minds into the past and renders focus impotent to do what must be done in the present.

I’ve noticed that many are in a daze and “zombied out” as though they are high on drugs, but in actuality YouTube and other Social Media platforms have them hypnotized into a form of cerebral paralysis. When will it end and what is the end result? At the end it will bring us to a reduced consciousness that will plummet an entire generation into a perpetual level of uselessness.

Is this what we really want?

We need to get back to having family dinners where we laugh and bond around the table loving each other unconditionally.

We need to get back to the bliss of holding hands on the love crush enjoying those romantic feelings long before the thought of sex enters our minds.

We need to get back to showing respect for the community as a whole by bringing our collective resources to build it back up to what it used to be. The antisocial behavior that social media is known for bringing into fruition must end. It’s funny, while many are locked into reminiscing about the past, we’ve lost the very principles that made those days so sweet. So instead of thinking about how sweet that time of our life was, why not return to the very reasons why they were?

…….if we simply did this we wouldn’t have any time to look back when our very present feels like the best days of our lives.

Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,




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