That new reality that you’ve always craved is there waiting for you but in order to behold what is new we must learn to release what is old.

This is one of the toughest things that we as human beings must go through in our lives. I have a personal saying that goes like this: “It’s better to initiate change before change initiate’s you” – Meaning that if you do not take the initiative to cause change to happen the way YOU want it to then change will still transpire in your life and not always landing you in a place that you wanted to be in.

We have to learn at first that nothing actually lasts forever, and I am not trying to be a killjoy by saying this I am actually trying to make you see that we should truly embrace what we have now and really absorb the sweetness of these moments so that when the tide of change washes across our personal shores we will have enough of the now store up in our hearts for its effects on our lives to truly last forever!

But when the time comes when we hear the knock of the new level on our doors, we will understand that it is time for us to forge forward boldly with the sweet memories of the past in our hearts ready to create those new signature moments of our lives.

But too many of us will cling on to something that has long been gone as we refuse to see that it is over.

Like that garbage that we forgot to take out of the house when you left for that two week vacation and dump outside in the garbage can for the scheduled neighborhood waste pickup, you were greeted with an unbearable stench that attacked your nostrils immediately and reminded you quick that you weren’t thinking too much about what you had to do before you enthusiastically left for your trip.


How many of us have things in our lives that we refuse to let go of?

How many of us have hampered our lives and caused irreparable damage to a once promising existence due to our determination to “stay” in that place that has long been rendered ineffective?

We can oftentimes unknowingly appear foolish to others and not even realize it when we cannot let go of a bad situation.

It’s just as obvious to others that we are in our own world and living out our lives in a very “dated” manner much like the guy who just got out of prison after serving a thirty year sentence and thinks that the designer outfit that he is wearing that he got locked up for murdering a friend at the nightclub for hitting on his woman is still the style that everyone is wearing today. He is so glad to be free and is bopping down the street with the coolest (In his mind alone!LOL!) George Jefferson “Movin’ On Up” walk that makes him stand out and look like a fool!

How many of us can’t let go of the prospect that our mates won’t stop cheating on us and make the move to dump the old trash for the new gift of a relationship from God?

While your heavenly Father may have something wonderful for you in this life, he will never FORCE it down your throat! You have to be wise and mature enough to understand what it is and that the time is now to act!

…….and you can never receive that new reality, that NEW gift, that NEW relationship, that NEW job or financial breakthrough unless you get rid of the old as soon as possible!

And although our God is a loving God and wants us to have the best that His creation has to offer, do know that even divine blessings can sometimes have short shelf lives, it won’t sit there waiting on you forever! You have got to make your move to clean house so that when the delivery truck of goodness arrives, there will be plenty of space there where the goods can be placed. otherwise, if there is no place in your life for the new, then that divine delivery truck may have to leave your blessings out on the curb where someone else might take it for themselves because you were just too caught up in the old situation and unprepared to receive what someone else now enjoys.

While our blessings are designated for us, do NOT think that we are entitled to them!

What an insult to our Creator it is when He has something glorious and new for us and we sit there brooding over the old thing that is just not good for us anymore!

It has always bedazzled me when I see how the birds of the air, the animals of the fields and all creatures in the sea NEVER worry about holding on to the past. They keep it moving and they have fared quite alright. Now granted, the creatures on this earth other than humans do not have the ability to think on the higher levels that we do but that being said we have NO EXCUSE for allowing our minds to get in the way of progress when it knocks!

We think to damn much and oftentimes think our way OUT of something that was meant to be good for us because we just can’t let go!

Sometimes when some of us get fired from a job, it is the BEST thing to ever happen to us yet many of us don’t even realize it! We will go on and waste that small “window of opportunity time” to complain about who did them wrong or to spout venom when in fact that the perfect time to shine is when your enemies have revealed themselves to you in thinking that they can kick you when you are down!

Don’t look back, merely SHINE in spite of it all! By looking back you are not letting go! And the the only way that you can shine is to shed that reality as soon as humanly possible and embrace the new and make it work!

When we go through a painful breakup where we have been done wrong, we will sulk for weeks, months and sometimes YEARS about how we have been treated so badly and our very demeanor has scared off that new mate because they saw how you couldn’t let go of that old piece of crap that has done you wrong! Isn’t that ironic? here you are complaining about another human being who you claim has done you wrong yet you are continuing the process long after they have abandoned your life.

YOU are now responsible for any negativity that has entered into your life because YOU couldn’t let that stink bag of garbage GO!

Yes, I understand that we ARE the sum total of our lifetime experiences and that the way we perceive the world is based on what has happened to us. But we must learn in our meditation to really and truly focus hard on seeing beyond our experiences so that we will not be trapped by them and how limited they can make us view the world around us.

For example, imagine that young lady who has always been approached the wrong way in school by many of her male classmates who were just so rude, uncultured, disrespectful and insulting. This may be all she knows at the time and has learned to close herself off socially in order to focus on her work and get through her day without incident. Deep down she really is an outgoing and very sociable person but her circumstances have caused her to adapt in a very introverted manner because of her dysfunctional surroundings.


Now fast forward to the new school that she is now attending due to the fact that her parents have purchased a new home in another part of town where she had to transfer from one school to another one that is so much better. The neighborhood is better and the quality of people is very much an improvement because the youngsters there are mannerable, cultured, goal oriented and have positive things on their minds. The young lady who is now a new student in this wonderful school atmosphere still carries the scars of her former school experience with her and is labeled as an unfriendly hermit because she stays to herself and shuns any attempts from her classmates at being sociable.

She is now responsible for letting go of an old situation in her life that doesn’t exist and will stain her present gift of a school life if she doesn’t open up her mind beyond her prior experiences in order to embrace something that she actually yearns for deep down inside to the core. Sure, in time she has adjusted and is getting along quite well in her new school to the delight of her parents but how many of us still have the stains of our old situations on us and are presently missing out on the goodness of the new because we just couldn’t let go of the old?

It’s really something to think about on all levels whether it be the mental, physical or spiritual aspects of our lives that have been tainted with something unwholesome that just doesn’t seem to leave our consciousness.

If anything today I want us all to think about what might be the situations, so called friendships and vices in our lives that we need to let go of so that we can ascend to that better and brighter reality that is ours for the taking if we would only clear the mud off of our spectacles to see how wonderful life can be!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother/Servant


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