Are You The Lead Singer In The Chorus Of Helplessness?

You have to be thankful for where you are because where you are is a culmination of every choice that you made and every decision that you took and although things could have been better or worse you are still in the game of life and can ascend to greater heights!

To many of us waste too much time speculating on what could have been when that same time can be spent on creating something great that WILL BE!

If your present reality irks you to the point of complaining and your feet are not moving toward taking any action to change that present reality then YOU are to blame for it if it remains the same and are NOT at liberty to complain about it.

So many of us have turned ourselves in complaining chatterboxes that are not moved to action and seem to want everyone in their midst to join in on the chorus of helplessness. Whenever you see a collective gathered to chime in on their negative situations I say RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN because nothing positive will ever come out of such a gathering except some twisted validated reason to be MORE negative with even LESS action!

Chorus Of Helplessness

Granted, there are scenarios where it is cosmically correct to free oneself of the bad situations that one has had to endure but that is only acceptable when that person is only clearing out the space in their psyche in order to replace it with an action oriented positive plan of action to manifest an agenda of divine change.

Only then is it acceptable, but if you are going to wallow in what happened to you in that bad relationship that is no more or that terrible experience on that job that damn near has you considering going postal then that is not the correct way of thinking to undertake and no good will ever come out of it!

Take responsibility for everything in your life even if you KNOW that certain elements in it weren’t your fault, by doing this you have removed the potential for yourself and others to pull you into the time wasting practice of playing the blame game and taking your precious time and energy away from you that could have been used to create a brighter future.

For most of us the sad reality is that in this life we are going to remain right where we are until the day we pass on. As a matter of fact, some of these non productive negative thinking entities that take up precious space on this earth and are actually someone else’s “speed-bump” slowing them down from achieving THEIR goals are actually already dead and will leave no mark on this earth that they were even here to begin with!

In a fight it is not always about hitting and getting hit as it can also be about NOT getting hit and avoiding having to take punishment in order to survive to fight another round. What do I mean by that? Well many of us get caught up in confrontations with those who just won’t elevate us after we have battle them anyway.

Muhammad Ali

Choose your battles in this life well, because half of the confrontations that we get into are virtual speed-bumps and potholes on the road of life that do nothing except to slow us down or stop us completely from our goals. You can have these personality clashes and confrontations based on severe ego needs on your job, your place of worship, the gym and even where you live in the form of your neighbors.

Most complainers and do nothings are harmless to you because they are in their own world of complacency and will only affect you if you hang around them long enough voluntarily to get caught up in their personal brand of madness. But you also have those who see your trajectory to greatness and will AGGRESSIVELY come at you to inflict and inoculate your mind with THEIR mindset because unlike the aforementioned example, THEY will deliver the negativity to your doorstep and will not stop ringing the bell until you answer to battle with them.

The bottom line? Negative people just hate to see the reality of another running oh so smoothly…….

To bad for them!

Understand that when you have enjoyed a modicum of success that it is your birthright that you embrace it because YOU and only YOU have sacrificed to get where you are while those who try to rob your shine don’t even have the balls to put themselves through the process of discipline that put you in that victorious space in the first place!

So never attempt to reduce the appearance of your blessing merely because someone else will feel bad because they refused to get up off their ass and get THEIRS!

Like I said in the beginning of this article “where you are is a culmination of every choice that you made and every decision that you took” so when you reap the benefits of those great choices and mighty decisions thank the God above for the where with all to execute those actions and the blessings of resources to carry them out. There are great benefits to refusing to sing chorus of helplessness and since you made that choice you will stand out of the crowd brilliantly but because of this you will also be a target for those who envy your courage and ability to take action in your life.

Be thankful for where you are and NEVER be envious of another because your God has a plan for you so unique and so beyond your scope that it will blow your mind if you could really see how vast it is. But you will never see it if you keep company with those who are not proactive in taking the necessary steps to help bring that reality into fruition.

Don’t be the one who gets in the way of your own blessings because just that fast someone else will pick up where you refuse to go and create a dynasty with it. If a person in your midst is NOT in the process of taken positive action toward their dreams and goals then dump them immediately because they will only hinder you from seeing that brand new day where the sun always shines and the joy in your heart never ends!

I am almost there in my personal life and after being on this earth figuring out how this thing works I REFUSE to let go of what I’ve waited so long to achieve and YOU should feel the same way too!

Happiness is NOT the amount of material possessions that you have accrued but the state of mind that you are in while in the process of divinely ordained ascension!

Never forget that! Now if you would excuse me I have to chase my dream with some hard work and meticulous planning to make it happen and you are very much welcome to join me in my positive journey…….

If not, I’ll see you when I see you…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Highly Introspective Brother,


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June 9, 2015 2:30 AM

Yo Lance, it’s VA Chick from Twitter! I’ve just read the article above and I so love what you have to say! I’ve decided after dying 5 times in my life and a 7 year battle with cancer that being a victim is just not for me!
For one, it makes me think of my mother, and she is someone who just HAS to have a pity party goin’ or life is boring for her. I can’t live with her lies and she can’t live with the truth. So my Docs have said they are just too toxic. Talk about choosing your battles, she and the rest of my family will drain you dry. Something I don’t have time for. They put the funk in dysfunctional!!
Since I last spoke with you and you told me that “I have a MISSION” I already knew that you were right, and writing is and always has been one of the most important things in my life. Many Instagram account holders who post only positive messages have asked to follow me so that I will write for them! The Daily Post was a surprise and an incredible compliment to be asked to follow me. So I am listening!
Preach on Brother!! When you’ve right you are right!!

Keep it real!! ✌️
VA Chick/Twitter

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