Are You Unknowingly Disconnected From The Source Yet Willingly Plugged Into A Substitute Reality?

As I move through this unique path of my existence, I notice more and more how lifeless many of us have become and never realize how they have backed out from ever experiencing this exhilarating gift called life.

In public, I see no joy or enthusiasm in the eyes of the majority of the people that pass me by going about their own business. It seems like their mind is elsewhere but THAT particular “elsewhere” is no better for them as it is merely a distraction from a hopeless reality.

I see the youth plugged in to the latest music of the day and will even see them move a limb or shake their head in keeping up with the beat of the song. But it is a measured movement that is devoid of the joy of the moment.

The music that I can remember growing up bonded everyone together as it added a little more sweetness to those special moments that we all remember in our hearts and minds as we get older. The music today highlights absolutely nothing, it takes us OUT of a bleak reality instead of showcasing a happy bountiful life like I can remember as a child.

But it’s not just a music thing, it’s a LIFE thing! Anywhere you go throughout the world even though some may be happy, many or the majority are NOT! We have been truly disconnected from the source of our joy. And while many will lie to themselves and say that it’s their financial situation that is bringing them down, they will quickly learn that even if their finances were miraculously repaired above and beyond, that the initial bliss experienced will only be followed quickly by a steep letdown that will leave them befuddled as they realize that they are unfulfilled even WITH large sums of money, power and fame.

So what is it that we are not connected to? What is this so called source? Come on! You are not foolish and I KNOW you know what it is especially if you’ve been a regular reader of my blogs, and if you happen not to be and you DON’T have a clue as to what it is let’s let the cat out of the bag right now and say that it’s the love of God as well as that special connection to Him that we have banished away from in our lives and seduced into thinking that the deceitful glitz and glitter of this world is a much better trade-off!

But I want to go deeper than that…….

You see, the negative unseen forces of this world for the most part have been highly successful at persuading the masses to believe that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.

We as righteous people sometimes do not possess the foresight that satan does and think that an evil infiltration of our lives must happen overnight.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Our problem is that we think in the short term while our oppressive enemy thinks far ahead of the present and has the patience to work on the world hidden brazenly in plain sight right up under our noses! We just see the “slow burn” of events and manipulations that are slowly lining up against the righteous.

They collaborate and synchronize their forces together covertly through our educational systems, they have permeated our culture that has been hijacked, broken down and reconstructed to successfully have the desired effect of spiritual rebellion amongst our youth against all that is pleasing to God as well as working through a soiled deceptive political system that is NOT run by the common people but the satanic shadow societies and figures who determine who holds the facade of power but pull all of the strings, the media, who molds the psyche of the people who depend on it as their only source of information and last but not least, organized religions which has the mightiest stronghold over the people above and beyond the aforementioned entities. Plugged in to a substitute reality!

Satan absolutely loves when you profess this world’s fraudulent version of Jesus Christ, the Jesus Christ that is a mere carnal production that you turn out for in record numbers in your church house akin to the sellout crowds attending the performance of a mega star Rock Band. A Jesus that turns His face away from the dressed up evil in full attendance literally outnumbering the level of sin in the outside world! How ELSE could we have an Eddie Long in our midst and not be outraged? Plugged in to a substitute reality!

Satan LOVES that Jesus and will always encourage you to worship that graven image that HE puts his wicked stamp of approval on! Satan REALLY loves Catholism and it’s idol worship of statues which front for demonic deities that the masses are unaware of. Plugged in to a substitute reality!

Satan loves the educational system of indoctrination so much that once one attains a degree in “quote-ology” (Spitting back what you are told is the truth) you have become nothing more than a trained puppy and have rendered your thought processes useless to advance yourself unless granted a limited token position in HIS wicked system that will never bring you into financial, mental or spiritual freedom! Plugged in to a substitute reality!

Satan LOVES how you really believe that there is power in the vote more so than you believe in the power of prayer! And when you secretly feel that prayer is NOT the way and put your faith in a mere man who claims that he can make your world Heaven on earth you don’t realize why your prayers never went up to Heaven is because you are disconnected from the source but plugged in to a substitute reality! If you got on your knees to REALLY and TRULY pray to the REAL God as if your life depended on it (Because it actually DOES!) if only for one TENTH of the time your face is glued to the mind numbing propaganda spewed forth on CNN, Headline News, Fox News and all of the other GARBAGE that takes up precious time, you just might see a change in your life but NOOOOOO! You are plugged into a substitute reality!

A substitute reality that makes you believe that two male energies can be cosmically combined in a marriage and actually be expected to work properly under DIVINE (Not man’s co-opted system, which can change according to satan’s whim) LAW and anyone who expresses this truth is called hateful or maybe a (CNN’s current Anderson Cooper mass brainwashing agenda!) bully! It is fact! You can no more “make” our Creator accept this misaligned pairing anymore than you could put the batteries in a portable radio the wrong way and expect it to operate properly no matter how much you “pretend” to hear the music and hum along acting as though it IS working as it should! Plugged into a substitute reality!

This goes for all of us who are more into the machinations and ritualistic bliss of the religious sideshow than we are in being interested in becoming the true spiritual warriors for the upcoming tribulations that will show us all what you really have in your tank! Falling out more “in the spirit” is not going to do it, paying MORE tithes is not going to do it, only doing the true will of our Lord and completely UNPLUGGING from this substitute reality and seeking HIS face by KNOWINGLY connecting to the source which ALWAYS leads to Him is the only way to make it through these tough times coming up within the next few months.

The shroud has been pulled down over ALL of our faces and the situation is like a person speeding down the street in their vehicle wearing a blindfold. It’s just a matter of time before a disaster strikes and we are not ready or prepared as we should be. I do believe that rough times are ahead of the unprepared but those who obedient to God will be saved. The recession that we are in and that started years ago is only a test run! I am not a doomsayer, but a reflector of what I see in the atmosphere. There are consequences to be levied against the wicked for their disobedience and many of us have found the lure of this substitute reality too sweet to ignore. It has permeated every facet of our existence to the point where we do not even know the line where our righteousness has ended and the sinful nature begins. The guideposts that we have relied on so heavily in our communities have been removed. Removed and replaced by an all accepting “do what you want” anything goes type of gospel. This world is such a beautiful place but MAN in his mischief has destroyed it’s delicate balance spiritually and physically, seen and unseen and now we face paying an expensive tab for which we have not the resources to cover.

In order to survive we MUST reconnect to the REAL source and shun this mess that has clogged up our senses and have us blinded to the time and what must be done AT this time. Look over at the car next to you the next time you are driving and end up at a red light. More than likely that individual will be looking down into their phone when if truth be told they should have their head bowing down in prayer to get them home safely and in one peace. Walking in the spirit is merely something mainly talk about but know nothing of. If you truly are walking in God’s Holy Spirit then you will NOT have an appetite for the carnal things of this world. The time is too crucial to attempt to blend the tow. It’s either/or now…….with NO middle ground accepted.

The choice is yours.

I believe that we ALL know what the right choice is, but can you turn away from being plugged in to the bootleg sweetness of the substitute reality?

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