The Lost Art Of Conversation and Effective Communication Skills are paramount when one needs to convey a concept to another individual or group so that their are no misunderstandings between all parties involved. The issues that can stem from the lack of total communication can be disastrous.

The lost art of conversation plays a huge roll in this also because it requires that you tailor your words to fit the individual to whom you are speaking to. Too many individuals lack the discernment to observe how to speak with someone according to the personal mindset and experience level in life. If someone to whom you are speaking with was never exposed to the raw streets then you must understand that a profanity laced set of directives on a job as a supervisor is not acceptable and downright insulting.

That same supervisor wouldn’t ruffle a feather that next employee who was hired after doing 10 years in the state penitentiary. So to master effective communication and the lost art of conversation should always be executed in a manner to find common ground to build trust and a connection that will hopefully be a foundation for a great working/personal relationship for years to come.

Feel free to share your thoughts and perspectives on this topic as too many of us have no clue on how to communicate with each other and oftentimes unknowingly turn off a person to ever wanting to see them ever again.

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