Art Talk # 43: Open Mic At Three Masks Inc.

We are an African gift store, located downtown, in the heart of the beautiful city of Orlando Florida.

Our pieces are directly from Africa, from countries like Cote d’ivoire, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa to name a few and work with local artisans with whom we have developed a long standing relationships.

We collect the masks and status because we love them. We love to preserve the African culture and share/spread it across the globe. We are very proud of our collection and give many thanks to the carvers and sculptors. Each piece of work has very significant symbolic historic background.

Our knowledgeable staff will tell you all about them. Some pieces are very very old and we do our best to preserve the originals. There may be nicks and cracks but that is because it is the original. Our pieces can be used as gifts, home/office decor, cultural events and a host more. If you like to know more about our pieces, please come visit us at:

1023 West Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32804

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