I’m from the old school of thought when it comes to one’s skills with the pen and pencils. Pencils only allow me to set forth the general guidelines for my subsequent pen work. Ink is where it’s at. Ink is unforgiving. Ink is permanent. Ink is forever. Like a man who gave 20 or 30 years to a woman who he now sees as old and runs off with a younger woman, he doesn’t yet realize that her mark is with him forever and it can never be erased. You can try to erase the ink but you’ll never get it off completely.So handle it with care and make sure that you know where you want to place those ink lines on the paper before you commit to dropping it!

If you are not sure of your skills and precision with that fine point pen, then practice some more before you just jump on in! Don’t be like that 18 year old kid that ran off and got married to a 22 year old girl simply because she blew his mind between the sheets. Back up and learn your craft and know how you stand before you commit to creating a piece of detailed visuals.This style is not for everyone as anyone can pick up a colorful free flowing broad brush and stroke their way into something that took absolutely no precision to create. Every strand of hair, every pimple, every vein on the eyeball will be represented by me through my pen when I dare to drop that ink where it needs to go. I’ve been drawing from since I arrived from my Mother’s Womb and I know my PEN probably more than I know my PENis!

One thing’s for sure, I’ve been holding the pen more than my organ because I knew the magic of the pen long before I knew that my penis had a very magical use other than urinating out of it! Lol! My art channel on YouTube is coming soon slightly after I finish the next project that I’ve been commissioned to complete.

But I promise you that a day won’t go by where ink doesn’t hit the paper here in a very very special way and I want all who are ready this to be a part of my very unique cerebral/artistic journey. Although I’ll always maintain my presence on all things LanceScurv, I have to admit that being a YouTube talking head doesn’t hold as much appeal to me as it used to.


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