What drops into my lap concerning the current events of the world never ceases to amaze me! I’m not trying to come off as a “Social Butterfly” who is in the mix with all things behind the scenes, but with the small snippets of information that I have been afforded I can truthfully state that what most feel they know about the happenings on our planet is at best an illusion.

I can truly understand more and more why the word sheeple was created because that is what most of us who do not have our Third Eye/Holy Spirit/Gift Of Discernment activated are.

Even with the huge amount of inquiries that go unanswered that the so called Mainstream Media will dismiss as a Conspiracy Theory” is not enough to pique our interest to investigate further because our zombie-like comfort zone is too sweet to us that abandoning it for a real potent dose of reality is a nightmare.

For many years I’ve spent too much time attempting to “convince” all who crossed my path that what they considered “reality” was simply a thin engineered cloak of deception that they will one day shockingly discover is not reality at all.

Many have returned to me in a humbled fashion after waking up to the deceptions in our society but most still refuse. And while I’m not saying that I know everything about the hidden agendas of those in power on our planet all that I ask is that you should think for yourself and QUESTION EVERYTHING that is handed to you.

Beyond that I am semi-retired from running anyone down to convince them of anything that I see. If you can truthfully say that what is happening in our world today is not a concerted effort then I will say to you that I have a bridge to sell you in the morning.

If I told you a few short years ago that the entire planet would be shut down resembling a “Prison Planet” to have everyone’s movement controlled where we don’t even have the right to refuse a vaccine that goes into our bodies you would have said that I’ve lost my mind!

But to be honest I pretty much stated as much in the recent past before all of this happened painting it with broad brushstrokes without the specifics only to be called mentally unstable and bat-crap crazy. But at this point in time I ask the naysayers…….WHO’S CRAZY NOW?

I see so much more coming down the pike and at this point my energies are only for those kindred spirits who see exactly what I see. Regardless as to WHAT transpires in the world I am still looking forward to the best days of my life and I refuse to allow the powers that be take that away from me.

I’ve relocated, downsized, acclimated to a new environment, detached myself from old desires, prepared myself mentally and can live on far less than most and have grabbed the popcorn with my feet kicked up on the couch to observe the grand events of the world unfold right before my very THIRD EYE.

My vision was so clear that what’s happening today is like watching an old television show rerun that I’ve seen a million times before but laugh just as hard at the jokes that I know so well.

While I don’t wish any discomfort on anyone at this time I will say it again like I’ve said it before that you need to NOT take the word of the so called Mainstream Media as gospel until you connect the hidden dots and THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Peace, Love, Inner Healing & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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