As We Quarrel Over Which Church Is Theologically Correct, Realize That Satan Is A Non Denominational Equal Opportunity Soul Snatcher!

“We don’t believe in those stiff idol worshiping rituals that those Catholics are talking about over there! We are blessed and highly favored Baptists!”

“Those uptight Methodists can’t even compare their dead services to the good old Holy Ghost revivals that we Pentecostals have every week where souls get saved, we are always on fired for the Lord!”

“Now look at those End Time preachers over there! What they need to do is start preaching about prosperity and stop talking about End Times and talk about the Good Times!”

“Its sad that ALL Sunday worshiping Christians have been so mislead, if only they would see that we, the Seventh Day Adventists, are the ONLY acknowledged flock following the true teachings of Jesus Christ, they wouldn’t be doomed to eternal damnation like the rest!!”

How pompous! How condescending! How can half of you “holier than thou” religiously uptight people feel that you know the very mind of God when with your minuscule comprehension capacities!



Sounds of Blackness – The Pressure


If we were to run merely one/one-THOUSANDTH of Gods vast wisdom through your tiny brain for merely one tenth of a second, you head would explode on the spot like a boiled egg left on the stove cooking long after the water steamed out of the pot!

It is this very behavior that allows the well hidden negative elements of our nature to run amok! Because we feel that we KNOW so damn much we feel that we can skirt divine law when we feel like it because we have a direct inroad with God!

Seems like you feel you and God are “boys from “back in the day” coming up together in school and you will get the “hook up on forgiveness” in order to get your sinful freak on at will and not be charged guilty as the next man!

I can hear it now: “Lord, now you and I BOTH know that you fashioned Sister Sweetrump in a very special way! Since you sure know how to make a woman look pleasing to a mans eye, do forgive me for slipping through her back door after parking my car around the corner for the late night visit that I will be paying her tonight after she puts her kids to sleep! I know you got my back!” Hallelujah!

Some of us have more respect for that double yellow line in the middle of the street while driving than we do the divine commandments and laws of the Creator. We know what can happen if we were to cross that line and drive against traffic, but we sure display through our actions that we don’t have a clue as to the consequences of these grossly obvious rebellions to our Maker!

We are more self righteous in our divisions than we are in the pursuit of living a clean life devoid of sin! Men these days who are of different so called denominations often find themselves in agreement on the various sins that are collectively indulged in.

Isn’t that an irony?

That while we fuss and fight over which church is right because of how WE twist around scripture to fit our point of view that we are in agreement in the practices that our Creator looks down upon? This is why we have have more unity in the w-h-o-r-e-house, gambling house and crack house that we do in the House of God!

But all the while in our “funk” we in our self righteous euphoria have a common enemy that is laughing all day and night because while we focus on who is Biblically correct in our translation of scripture, your enemy is attacking ALL of us no matter WHAT we call ourselves!

While we are so denominational and find ourselves in these clannish social/cultural organizations called church, realize the pits of hell are very non denominational as they welcome their fiery recesses to ALL!


The oven like atmosphere of hell might be responsible for making believers out of everyone who enters there although it will definitely be a little too late! Hell will make an atheist cry out God’s name within seconds as well as the fake Christians who prostituted the Creator’s name for personal gain and realize too late that for the few decades that they easily got away with it, it wasn’t worth an eternity of torment.

Baptist, Rastafarian, Atheist, Jewish, Methodist, Muslim, Pentecostal, Mormon, Catholic, Buddhist, Adventist……..

What EVER you call yourself, there can be only ONE way! And as far as I am concerned, the ONLY TRUE RELIGION on this earth is TOTAL SUBMISSION to the will of God! If God said it, believe it! If God said don’t do it, then leave it alone. If God said do it, then even if the government said not to do it, then I STILL WILL! We need to stop interjecting our limited understanding into what the will of God dictates that we should do and what we should not do! This is why the religious world is messed up in the manner that it is because we feel we can enhance something that is already perfect.

So while we can go a whole lifetime arguing our religious cases to others who are just as stubborn to come back with a counterpoint, your enemy is happy that you are too preoccupied on earth feeling theologically superior to others while he gets your spot ready to spend the rest of eternity with him and ALL the same people you have argued with in togetherness in HELL!

Because as far as HE is concerned, those who are WAYWARD Baptists, Rastafarians, Atheists, Hebrew Israelites, Jews, Methodists, Muslims, Pentecostals, Mormons, Catholics, Buddhists and Adventists ALL burn the same!

So think about THAT while you push your denominational BULLSHIT agenda!

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