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It’s almost a given that after truly studying the relationship between the Asian proprietors have with the Black community that there has existed a tension that was born out of a definite disrespect.

This sense of disrespect was doled out in abundance to the very people to whom the Asian businessman has profited greatly from.

Sure, the answer is for those who are treated as scum to build their own economic system in order to uplift themselves up and away from depending on anyone who considers them not to be worthy of respect.

But in many cases this attitude from the Asian business people who get their riches from what is garnered from Black support has only increased because they seem to feel that no matter how Blacks are treated by them that they will still bring their hard earned money to them each and every time.

Not only is this arrogance displayed to the consumer, but it is also inflicted on those who actually work for them to help them get to that envied place of financial freedom that has been the benchmark of the American Dream.

Most Asians who have rooted their businesses in the Black community know that many are waking up to the condescending attitude of these people and have begun to back away from bringing their dollars to support them when they can do business with their own people.

…….because the bottom line is how many of these Asians bring THEIR money to support Black businesses?

Everyone supports their own, but the modern day Black man and woman seems to be so caught up in the mental delusion that everyone will support them back the way that they’ve always brought their money to others.

Listen to this very real situation and understand why the time is NOW to WAKE UP!

Support Your Own!

Hell! They do!

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