Ask Not What Your Google Can Do For You!

A Google free day?

I don’t ever think that’s ever going to happen in my life for a very long time.

Why? Because I am always so curious about the world around me and have so many questions that need to be answered.

But yesterday as I went about completing the very enjoyable chores of my day, I was constantly bombarded with dynamic thoughts and truths that kept me excited at the prospect of getting home to my studio to share the revelations that I was blessed to receive.

Google Search Box

I have recently restructured my life in a manner that would benefit me in such an improved way because I’ve learned that I wasn’t getting the maximum return on my efforts as I should.

While the many creative projects that I was always in the process of working on were a good thing, I had too many entities around me who had their own agenda planned at my expense that drained me from receiving the total fruits of my labor.

So by abandoning anything that wasn’t mutually supportive, it gave me a rush of creative energy because there were now some people, places or things that I just didn’t have to deal with anymore.

This “unclogging of the mental pipes” has helped me to have days like yesterday where this new found surplus of energy washed over me abundantly in ways that I was just not ever used to.

It caused me to realize just how much was taken from me by the hidden connections that drained me and rendered me ineffective to fully reach my goals.

I have a saying that I was found guilty of not truly living a life that reflected the truth contained in it.

It goes like this:

“The opportunistic horseflies that drain you will easily move on to another feeding source once you have decided to remove the pile of shit that had become your life!”

Horsefly Google

Now I know the depth of that profound statement and I suggest that you meditate on it and gain the edifying understanding that righteously comes with those few simple words.

That being said, one of the truths that hit me was that too many of us have abandoned documenting and recording our history, lives and experiences in favor of believing that everything is already available at ones fingertips by way of the Google engine search box.

We have got to understand that Google is merely a tool and not the ultimate source.

Without the people who share with Google, it would be absolutely nothing at all.

The Google search box is only as good as the information discovered by it and crawled by their bots and spiders for later reference by us the consumer.

Without our personal efforts put out in cyberspace for Google to discover, it wouldn’t be the overwhelmingly mighty entity that many claim it to be.

If Google were a God, its power would depend on all who would take the time to keep it updated with the information that would keep it relevant.

This “AHA!” moment came to me yesterday as I enjoyed a casual afternoon shopping after a wonderful meal in the downtown Winter Park area here in central Florida.

Downtown Winter Park Google

After skimming over the offerings at The Pottery Barn, the friendly attendant struck up a conversation with me that was not only enjoyable but quite informative as well.

During our verbal exchange he shared with me that he was Barry Manilow’s former personal assistant. He mentioned a few of the many places that he has traveled around the world and also a few insights that he was blessed to receive because of his proximity to the life of a bonafied star.

I told him that because of his life’s walk, it was his duty to write a book to share the unique experiences and lessons that would surely open the eyes of those who weren’t as blessed to have the vantage point in life that he had.

He responded in a positive manner to my suggestion even though I felt that he has downplayed his experiences via Mr. Manilow.

Amway-Center-Barry-Manilow Google

But this led us to discuss how much information and real life experiences just weren’t ever going to be shared because it wasn’t uploaded to the internet in some form that would allow the Google search engines to log them in for the future reference to all who may have been curious to search for all things Barry Manilow.

So could you imagine how much history has been overlooked because someone resisted the urge to take that photograph, write that story or even more recently video record something because at the moment it seemed unimportant?

This was a sad thought indeed and I believe that we all should contribute something to cyberspace from our unique and often overlooked lives that we deem insignificant simply because the mainstream media wouldn’t exactly consider it front page news.

I also found out something of historic value about the very building that The Pottery Barn that we were in.

I came to find out that it was at one time the longest running movie theater in the history of the United States because of its 36 year operational run opening in 1939 and finally closing its doors in September of 1975.

The Colony Theater Google

It was named “The Colony” and it all hit me at once as I didn’t even notice the movie marquee styled facade outside in the front of the store reflecting its glorious and historic past.

Now my thing is, did someone do a story on this to preserve the memory of a long gone community staple in the lives of the many that it touched?

This goes to show you that change is inevitable as things will come and go. But with the advent of the internet we can preserve a history often overlooked by merely sharing what comes across our path even if we at the time feel that its something that no one else would be interested in.

Colony Movie Theater - Winter Park Florida

There is no detail too small or thought so trivial that someone out here in the world – whether they are already walking the earth or not even born yet – would not be curious to explore it.

So instead of constantly feeling as though Google has the answer to every inquiry that you could pose to it, get out in the world with all of your might and gather the rare information that Google lacks and make it a richer medium today than it was the day before.

That’s why I will always say:

“Ask not what your Google can do for you, but what you can do for your Google!”

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Is Sincerely Loving Life,



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