Atheist & Vegan: Unlikely Bedfellows?

Just earlier today I was embroiled in a very intense conversation with my dear Wife Mrs. Scurv as we chowed down on the most delicious and nourishing home cooked vegan brunch that overwhelmed my senses as always.

Well the thought came up during our chat that it appeared that most Vegans like us definitely believe in a Higher Power regardless as to the root belief as far as religion goes.

As a matter of fact, it also appears that the majority of Vegans are individuals who think for themselves as well as being deep thinkers out of the box of a morality that most of our society blindly swears by.

On the other hand while many Atheists that I’ve come across pride themselves to be great thinkers also who would never fall victim to the so called “foolishness” of religion, their focus appears to be about nothing outside of proving that their is no God and generally do not have an uplifting enthusiastic aura about them. 

Atheists are extremely similar to those frustrated bitter and aging quickly Black FemiNazi Feminists who spend the bulk of their mental energy telling the world how bad Black men are yet refuse to acknowledge those who are in happy healthy progressive marriages. To do so would force them to look within and answer the question of why they’re perpetually single…….hmmmmm….but that’s another article for another day! Lol!

While in truth I just might agree with an atheist on their opinions on these man-made religions, I must say that in my experience religion and spirituality are two different things altogether!

Religion to me is a set of man made rituals that are set up for one to follow in the hopes that a higher level of spirituality is achieved while spirituality is a built in connectedness to the universe that we’re born with like the keen intuition of an animal living by his wits in the wild.

A Vegan’s diet is all about consuming the divine Life Force through the “middleman” of fruits and vegetables. One cannot help but resonate light, life, happiness and a connectedness to the order of the universe around them after locking yourself into a way of living that automatically puts you at one with the Supreme Order.

The Atheist mentality is like that of a child who tells their friends that their parents don’t exist but when it comes time to quell their hunger they will run right to their Mother or Father to ask when will dinner be ready! Lol.

My personal joke on Atheism is that they will spend a lifetime attempting to disprove the existence of a Supreme Being until moments before a severe life threatening automobile collision or a very pleasurably  intense orgasm, it I THEN that they will scream out “OH GOD!”

All jokes aside, the Vegan lifestyle is so much more than refusing to eat meat. Most of us truly have forgotten that the option to eat meat in this society exists because we are too much enthralled in the elevated sense of awareness that we enjoy that comes with possessing the unclogged filters that allow us to truly hear the direct guidance from our Creator.

Atheist & Vegan: Unlikely Bedfellows? -

Once you embark on this life giving journey in the proper manner (So many get turned off to Veganism because they were introduced to it in the wrong manner) you will never want to go back to the clouded existence of a flesh consumer as I believe it is what many hope to achieve when they submit to the dietary laws of their particular religion.

The very experience of living as a Vegan will ascend your awareness to a higher perception of all things in your midst to the point were you could almost red the minds and intentions of those around you with a secret agenda or hidden motivation. Your eyes will be opened and your daily travels will become much more interesting with each passing day of eating and living clean.

One cannot remain an Atheist after experiencing these divine amenities and while many will still attempt to brush off that higher sense of awareness on a cerebral level, they will find it increasingly difficult to deny this new wavelength that they are finding themselves communicating on frequently on a daily basis.

So do I think that the Atheist perspective and the Vegan lifestyle are unlikely bedfellows? 

Most definitely! 

You cannot partake in a way of living that automatically brings you into the light and remain in denial of the existence of that light as it enhances and empowers your life. 

Veganism and the philosophies of an Atheist cannot successfully occupy the same space at the same time. One has to flee as the other one enters. Such has always been the case for what we call light and darkness. For there is no life or life force in a philosophy that won’t acknowledge our spirituality as I know that there is no way that I got here in this world by my own efforts!

I would love to hear from an Atheist or one who has evolved from being an Atheist as they moved into living a Vegan lifestyle or someone who knows of a person with a similar journey. Please leave your comments below and let’s continue this very interesting conversation!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always!

Your Vegan Brother,



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