ATTENTION AFFLUENT BLACKS: Denial Of White Supremacy Will Never Cause It To Vanish! – Brother Keston

Brother Keston shines the spotlight of truth on those affluent Black people who refuse to acknowledge the sad realities that are becoming commonplace in our communities while they push their condescending heads deep into the sands of denial fooling themselves into thinking that their accomplishments will isolate them from suffering them same treatment that their downtrodden Sisters and Brothers are suffering.

This was a topic that was so desperately needed to be spoken on and our Brother Keston broke it down excellently in a manner that the most out of touch Black Boule member could understand. As a disjointed community of Black People we’ve got to understand that we are as strong as our weakest link! So to uplift and strengthen our weaker kin to their full powers and capacities only benefits us all in the long and short run.

All it takes is for us to embrace our connectedness and move forward in a united front no matter what our country of origin, religious affiliation, education level, lifestyle preferences or pedigree in this deceptive society…..we are ALL ONE and must understand that our affiliations means nothing to our oppressor when he pulls the trigger on his fireman to shoot us dead! WE ARE ALL BLACK! It’s amazing how HE knows it and hates us for it while too many of us are in denial of who we are historically!

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