Attention Ladies: When Will You Learn That Having A Fat Juicy Ass Is Really Not Enough?

Why be so shocked when a man is more fascinated with your backside than he is with you as a total person? Please understand that this is not a put down for the good women out here in the world but a wake up call for those women who carry themselves in a very trashy manner. Many times I observe our sisters dressing themselves in an undignified manner and using foul language out in public in a very loud way. It seems as though they WANT someone to walk up to them and slap the taste out of their mouth and smack some sense into their heads!


The only thing that works properly on them IS their butts! It works for the purpose it was designed for, the two gluteus maximus (Butt cheeks) muscles aid in moving one about the face of the earth. On a sensual level, that is a very attractive part of the body with the shape that it has and can be an extreme turn on to a man. This is fact and women know it. This is why some dress the way they do to accentuate their backsides because they know that most brothers have a weakness for a women with a well rounded juicy rear end. I could go on and on but I believe you get the picture.

Now, if most of these types of hoochies knew the secret to truly captivating a man for more than a night or two then most relationships would last a whole lot longer than they do! If they accentuated their minds and put some knowledge into it and utilized what they learned to master their environment they would attract a totally different type of man. And while I am at it I am going to tell you this: ALL men (Who are straight and not undercover faggots) love a womans shape and derriere to some major degree, but if that is all that you have to offer then you will not keep a man around who has any degree of vision and ambition around. Can you astonish a man with the depth of your spiritual awareness? Can you keep him in your righteous grip with a high level of intelligent conversation in essence keeping him from becoming bored after the first orgasm? Does he truly respect you or is he just saying that just to keep your legs open long enough just to get another quick “session?”

If your consciousness was working at even just HALF the level of its potential, then your presence and conversation would be so overwhelming and enthralling that a man would forget to even notice your backside in the first place. He would be drawn to you and would not be in a position to get you out of his head at all even if he tried. The very taste of your presence in his life would become an all consuming force of nature with the only goal in mind would be to share your divine life giving company once again. He wouldn’t understand how a woman could totally take him over like an intoxicant and would even shudder, shiver and shake at the thought of intimacy with a woman of such high standing. It would be such a thing that even HE would want to take it slow because the meal called YOU would be so delicious that the desert of your sensuality would be too intense just to indulge in a brief forgettable manner.

But a trashy woman of no substance, class or pedigree can never see her true value or worth so instead she throws her charms out there like we throw scraps to a dog. And since she throws her precious beautiful adornments out there like cheap “scraps”, the only men she could ever attract ARE those on the level of dogs! She will then go on to speak on how “all men are dogs” and she won’t accept anything else to be reality “no matter what you say!” Well, she is correct! It’s just that the only men that SHE could ever attract in such a manner can only be dogs because a decent man wouldn’t ever find himself in the devalued presence of such a woman for too long a time.You see, dogs won’t hang around in a place where they don’t think they can get a bone. Just the same way a man of higher intelligence wouldn’t go to a crazy house to find a potential life mate to indulge in the higher levels of communication which is a precursor to a strong lasting relationship.


So don’t sell yourself short woman because it is never too late to change. Change starts from within but eventually manifests itself on the outward appearance and what comes out of our mouths unguarded. If you eat corn at every meal what do you think you will see when you look back in the bowl before you flush? You have to put IN what’s good so that you can effortlessly share the wisdom gained and the hard earned knowledge from life’s lessons with your children, your mate and the world around you that so desperately needs us as Black men and women to be the best that God has made us to be!

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