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For our upcoming show titled “Incest And The Fabricated Childhood Family Fairytale Of Denial” which airs on Friday November 29, 2013, I’m reaching out to the incest victims of all backgrounds, upbringings, nationalities, races, lifestyle preferences and age groups to tune in as well as to participate in the discussion if you so wish in order to share your experiences with others who have gone through this unfortunate tragedy.

While the focus is on those who have gone through this, I also want to zero in on the families who had to deal with finding out that this has transpired in their inner circle and how they reacted to this terrible news.

Incest Victims

Was there denial?

Was there silence?

Was the incest victim demonized and treated like one who destroyed the perfect family image instead of the actual predator?

If you are not interested in speaking on the show live, feel feel to leave your story on the LanceScurv Show Hotline to leave a voice mail 24/7 at 407.731.2945 and call in as frequently as you wish. Below are the particulars for the show. I truly hope that everyone can attend!

To attend call 760.259.2310 to listen anonymously or participate at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Here’s the direct link to the show page to retrieve all particular information:

Incest And The Fabricated Childhood Family Fairytale Of Denial – The LanceScurv Show

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