Attention Black America: How To Start A Paralyzingly Effective Revolution In Just Eleven Easy Steps!


A radical situation requires radical action to insure radical change. I have lived most of my life observing how the powers that be never gave up an inch on the grip that they have on our lives here in the United States. Well what good oppressor ever does? If he has the upper hand then why should HE be nice to those whom he enjoys a superior position to?

He will make sure that not only things stay the same but they stay the same for HIS children to enjoy that same key position of power over us and his children’s children.

In other words, things ain’t changing until we MAKE change happen.

And guess what, it just might get bloody because when someone has enjoyed the unrighteous benefits that they have enjoyed over us for so long they will not go out without a fight. Their hold is not just over Black people here in this country, but poor Whites, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians and Indians. Yes, a few will slip through the cracks of discrimination and poverty and will conveniently forget it because they feel as though they don’t have to deal with it anymore. But for the majority of us, there is no scheduled change in this wicked system until we unite to make the changes happen ourselves.

So know that our collective oppressor and his system has been tweaked and redesigned to keep us tied up and locked down while not realizing it with a smile on our faces. It seems like as long as he continues to share out his technology for us to play with, we will be groomed into the non threatening “sheeple” that is so easy to herd like cattle. How can we mount an effective revolution when your biggest concern is whether your Facebook profile photo looks good or not. We have slipped so far back and haven’t a clue as to how far we are behind.

We proudly claim our worldly titles, positions and degrees and are just as stupid as we’ve ever been!

Now if you are thinking that this article is about picking up a gun to physically fight an authority “figure”, then you are in the wrong place. What you will understand after reading this is threat all revolutions first start in the mind and we cannot step to the oppressor at all until we have conquered ourselves. Self mastery is of paramount importance and its value in forging a new world to the glory of God is undeniable! The following paragraphs are merely a few things that I feel that we could start working on immediately to change our positioning in the cross-threads of our enemy, I am quite sure that you could add on more and I suggest that you do so in the comment box provided at the end of this article. Enjoy!

Attention Black America: How To Start A Paralyzingly Effective Revolution In Just Eleven Easy Steps!


We are a spiritual people. In our sojourn here on these shores we have embraced an entirely different manner of living that is not natural, not prescribed for us and is in direct transgression from the manner in which we were supposed to function and thrive.

We have become an empty vessel that has quickly filled up with an improper and sinful sustenance that is unable to feed our souls in a balanced manner in order to help us thrive righteously to manifest from within what our Creator planted deep with us.

For hundreds of years we have slowly lost ourselves and forgotten the traditions that have made us to be the mighty people that we were and that we still can be if we get back to what will bring us back.

And what is that you ask?


We have moved away from the powerful connection to our God and keeping His presence in everything that we do. Because of this fact alone we have suffered immensely, we will continue to suffer if we do not rush back to reconstructing that connection that has made us the exceptional resilient people that we have been known to be in the recent past. If we do not pray and keep the channels open in a direct line to hearing God’s voice, his orders and commands, we will be as effective as a ship out in the rough seas floating about with no direction and no means to eventually finding itself to the promised land! In revolution there must be order. In revolution there must be rank and file. In revolution every component must execute their position to the highest standards with failure NOT being an option. In revolution, there can only be ONE commander and in the revolution to take back the promise of everlasting life back from the tricks of satan who walks about the earth in the flesh high places that ONE commander can only be God Almighty Himself! Place not your faith in man and drop to your knees to hear Gods voice and sin no more!

Detox Yourself Of All Unnatural Imposter Foods:

I have gone into detail about this aspect from a different angle in a few other blogs of mine here but I want to stress it this way here from another vantage point. How can we truly be prepared for the divine righteous change (And NOT that catchy Presidential campaign slogan that has hoodwinked you!) if we block ourselves in the physical realm by denying ourselves the right nutrition that will enable us to have our third eye fully functional to intuitively fight the known and unknown battles that are written to come our way?

We take the issue of food so lightly to the point that we are not taught in the houses of worship or in our schools how important it is to eat clean, unprocessed natural foods as found in nature. We are not taught how to properly prepare them as we are just taught to “make them taste better” by adding all types of condiments, sugars, salts, oils and artificial flavorings to them and we miss the point! The reason why this has gotten to the point that it has is because our schools and churches have been compromised and have sold out as the oppressor does not want to raise a nation of mentally, spiritually and physically strong human beings but zombies who are embalmed with food that strips you of the divine light and life force to keep you strong enough to serve their unrighteous cause but weak enough to fight for you own freedom and liberation.

To make matters worse, how can we even FIGHT for our liberation when we don’t even have a clue that we are enslaved? We have been co-opted and feel that as long as our base “desires and wants” are satisfied then we are doing well and living a “blessed” life! Well it’s easy to claim that everything is alright when you gut is full of rich calorie laden food with it’s various poisons flooding your bloodstream and feeling almost as euphoric as a heroin addict that just shot up or a crack head who just sucked the last bit of smoke from that devil’s dick of a crack-pipe! You ain’t no different! Praise the Lord y’all! Pass the pork chops and “tayta” salad!

These foods render us powerless to receive the divine signals that are now in the air to decipher in order to be prepared for the time and task at hand. They do nothing for us but temporarily take away the hunger pangs but really don’t nourish us at all. There is a spiritual element to CLEAN unadulterated food but in the traditions of those so called Holy Ghost revivals, the ritual and BEST part for many of those off base wrongly taught religious heathens is to take their fat greedy asses over to the buffet to stuff themselves into poor health. And with the 2,000 calorie death meal they will bow their heads and DO WHAT? ………PRAY!

But I’ve never seen a crackhead “pray” over his pipe before he smokes the rocks held within in, I’ve never seen a wino pray over his bottle when begins his next liver killing drinking spree, I’ve never seen a philanderer pray over the latest “strange pussy” that he is about to lick, suck and eat raw and I’ve DAMN SURE never seen a gambler pray to God to ask for help in the casino so that he makes the big hit to recoup his lost mortgage payments!

At least these people had the SENSE to leave God out of the foolishness but WE don’t have the same sense in our so-called RIGHTEOUSNESS! What in the hell are we doing in praying to God before we imbibe these poisons into the perfect system that HE gave us? Try dumping some sugar in your gas tank fool and think that by putting God’s name before it that all will go well! You will find yourself stranded down the road looking stupid and I hope that you have on some comfortable walking shoes because God told you to seek knowledge in ALL THINGS! So do NOT blame the devil on your next heart attack when the knowledge is there to utilize the perfect system that God put in place in your body that will keep you looking good and feeling good in order to bring about the changes in this world that is prophesied to come! Soldiers for Christ? How are you going to be a soldier for Christ when half the time you can’t even get up to go to the bathroom!

Reject All Music/Entertainment That Is Not Live & Engaging To Bring About The Spirit Of Unity:

Most of you who read this blog well know how I feel about the effect of today’s music, entertainment and television on the minds of our people, but another aspect of this thoroughly talked about issue is the engagement factor. What do I mean by this? Well, look at the music of yesteryear and how it brought us together as a loving community, even if we all were poor and broke we had a bond through our cultural expressions creatively through music. It forced us to engage in each others energies in a special intimate way. We played those old scratched up and fingerprinted (With potato chip grease! LOL!) records in the living room or basement and we danced the night away laughing and joking ’till our hearts content. It didn’t matter that we had to take the record off of the player temporarily in order to switch it over to the next one as we created memories together and had classic times that now can only be viewed in a Tyler Perry movie. Heck, this is why HE sells out so fast when he showcases a new movie.

Now, our music  and entertainment has been hijacked by the corporate satanic entities who know that by infusing the music with a hateful divisive undertone that will take us out of our normally community minded Afrikan spirit into a warlike tribe mentality that will divide and conquer us to be reduced to a people ineffective to do anything for our own good.


Make Physical Fitness A Mandatory Endeavor For Everyone:

This is a no brainer.

If you think not please look around at the poor physical health of our people and especially at our youth. You cannot speak of ever being prepared for revolution on any level if you cannot even bend down to tie your shoes or handle your own body in a physically demanding situation. Movement should be effortless and being prepared to use our bodies as a weapon is paramount in this unexpected terrain that we live in with so many hostile entities lurking amongst us.

Not only that, but look at the benefits of keeping your body in shape, number one, you will enjoy a higher existence above and beyond those of your fellow human beings and will enjoy a steep reduction in health care costs as you age. Life is short but quite enjoyable when you learn how to maintain and master yourself on the physical plane. Believe it or not but to improve yourself in this manner is to heighten your spiritual awareness beyond the limits of one who is blinded by all that is carnal.

Create A National Network Of Local Knowledge Banks Where Common Money Saving Instruction Can Be Taught In Order To Save Our Resources That Can Be Exploited If We Can’t Do For Self:

We have too much knowledge and wisdom floating around in our communities to have to spend as much as we do to secure the services of those that are only interested in taking from our community but not building our neighborhoods into strong the epicenters of cultural strength that other communities enjoy and are respected for.

We need to have a knowledge bank in the form of a community bulletin board to share our knowledge and resources in all categories of expertise. Why should you have to pay for the day care of your children somewhere far away with such high late fees when you have that loving and caring senior citizen who would love to nurture your children like no other and can use the few extra bucks to add to her fixed income to boot?

Many times the answers to our dilemmas are right around the corner right there but we most often don’t even know it! Utilize today’s technology to your benefit and share your knowledge as well as offering your help locally to discover the gems that reside in your same neighborhood that just might be able to help you through an obstacle that has been plaguing you for so long! We are each others treasure, do not allow our antisocial mentality from creating a heaven on earth for ourselves!

Barter All Goods & Services From Within The Black Community & Save All Of The Funds That Flow From The Outside:

Why is it many of us will call on a company that resides out of our community to supply a service when there are so many unemployed talented skilled individuals who live right in our very same communities that would love to have our business and do us a favor by circulating those precious dollars around to benefit us directly and indirectly.

Not only that, why do we even need money to do business with anyone in our community when both parties might have a valuable service or resource that could be traded off in a fair manner?

When the dollar inevitably collapses and it will my friend, we had better know how to make our transactions without depending on a diminishing currency. By doing this, we render ourselves untouchable in the uncertain whirlwinds of the hurricane that has become the U.S. economy.

Honor A Self Inflicted Mandatory Curfew:

“Why should we have a mandatory curfew when as Americans we have the right to move about freely as we wish” you might ask. Well, in a perfect world we shouldn’t have to curtail our activities but the fact of the matter is our world is not perfect and many things do happen unnecessarily after hours that could have been prevented if we were inside of our homes. Many crimes happen after dark as well as the regular harassing from the predatory cops that seem to magically appear out of nowhere as you go about your way peacefully.

An action such as this would literally shut the Police force down!

The would have nothing to do to justify their paycheck.

They would be under pressure to do something other than stand around or drive up and down empty streets seeking to lock up anyone who is darker than snow to pump funds into and keep the wheels turning on an already imbalanced judicial system that needs the Black community locked in constant battle with them to continue to thrive. Think about it, it’s the ultimate passive aggression on their system. What can they do then? Enter into your home without probable cause and lock you up for OBEYING the law?

Attain Your News & Valuable Information On A Worldwide, National & Local Level Directly From Its Source:

The world is such a huge place and it is too broad a terrain to depend only on a handful of entities with an agenda to sculpt your view of the world. When watching the brainwashing mind numbing channels that present the world events, one must read between the lines and decipher the real story behind the propoganda. This is very difficult to accomplish watching CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the other various news channels because they present a slanted view of the news and also choose the news that you see. So much happens in the world and the few prominent news outlets couldn’t possibly bring you the events that effect you as a Black person because while there may be some overlapping news that would affect us all as Americans, what about those specific stories that the news giants deem unimportant? They might deem it unimportant but who are they to do so when your needs, lifestyle, interests and positioning is unique from theirs?

You have the Internet at your fingertips, so why not make a point to reach out to those on a planetary level worldwide to receive a more realistic view of what is really transpiring in those distant and nearby foreign lands.

History dictates that the United States government has not always been honest in what they report to the citizens of this country and have on many (Most if you really want to know!) occasions have outright lied to fit their purposes! Since your own government can’t be dependable enough to be forthright with the facts then do the absolute best thing and cut out the tainted middleman and get it straight from the horses mouth!

Never before in recorded history has it been so easy and so effortless for the average person to communicate in live time without cost, distance or time being an issue. Do this before the technology that we have become addicted to is snatched away leaving us severely handicapped and left out in the cold!

Maintain Regular Health Screenings:

Tell me if I am wrong; Black people in America most often visit the doctor REactively instead of PROactively! We wait until we feel that we have a malfunction before we go in to see what is wrong and by that time it is usually too late. There seems to be a fear and apprehension in the Black community to get oneself screened regularly for our health concerns.

For a people who are under the slow burn of institutionalized discrimination and racism as well as inferior dietary habits it is imperative that we take the time to make our
health a priority in our lives. Heck, we pack the beauty salons as though our lives depended on it but refuse to take that same sense of
urgency to attempt to extend our precious lives through basic health checks. I guess it is more important for us to look good in the casket with a nice looking hairstyle with clogged arteries.

Downsize Everything:

We complain of having no money yet we maintain the unnecessary frivolous items that keep our egos well fed and our pockets always
empty. We put in extra hours on a job if we even have a job or we will work multiple jobs in order to maintain the trinkets that bring us a false sense of superiority of others that do not have and a sense of accomplishment while trading our precious life force away for the illusion of a good life that the accumulation of lifeless garbage can bring.

Why should entire families live in five different apartments when that same extended family can pool their resources over a short focused time to purchase a house and continue to branch out to buy more property? They would also be able to save a whole lot of money because now they would all eat out of the same kitchen. All of their utilities would be pooled and so on. Get the picture? And for those of you who say that this arrangement would never work let me ask you this; Would hunger, homelessness and poverty cause you to look past your differences as a family?

Maintain The Family Unit At All Costs:

Our celebrities make it fashionable to dilute the word of God in marriage as they jump from one union to another as though there will be no repercussions for playing with His word. The television programs make it appear that the only solution to a troubled relationship/marriage is to head down to the divorce court. There is a huge audience for these shows and there is even one named Divorce Court. The masses watch these shows with a twisted joy as two peoples lives unravel publicly to the delight of others who are having the same problems. Our children are indoctrinated into believing that marriage is a joke and God’s plan is made a mockery of.

The State Government wants to split up the Black family unit for its gain and profit. The State Government wants to be the Father to all Black children and the head of the household. The Black family is no good to the State government if it is thriving and intact. The State government can generate large sums of money if the natural head of the household of the Black family is incarcerated. The State government does not mind giving financial aid and support of various types to that headless family because now it is broken and profitable for its gain.

Prisons can now thrive and turn huge profits if the Black man is locked down.

His labor now comes cheap at pennies on the dollar. The State gains. The headless family is now at the mercy of the State for all sustenance and will repeat the wayward behavior and continue the cycle of dependence, crime, low scholastic expectations because of the removal of the natural head of the family which in actuality probably couldn’t influence a damn thing for the better anyway without the divine wisdom to guide and influence his family in the proper manner.

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