The White Woman could never replace the Black Woman in any area of being whether it be on a mental, spiritual or physical level. For many Black men it’s not about what that Caucasian woman brings to the table but what some of our Sisters who haven’t realized the mighty tsunami power that they possess may not know how to activate at that time. That being said, when a Black man finds himself a high vibrational Black Empress there is absolutely nothing on this planet that can pull him away from her gravitational pull.

This is why those of the other races that have a Black man in their life is that they are going to finally wake up and come back home. They may have amused him with their diluted watered down carnal tricks which is like the cheap processed packaged food that you’ll receive on a budget flight when compared to the catered banquet that the Black women is for Him! Highly nutritious to the mind, body and soul prepared with love and made specifically for him!

Please absorb the wisdom from Sister Meeko and enjoy her passionate delivery that is sure to strike you at the core of your melanated soul! I encourage our Sisters and Brothers to leave your comments/perspectives here and know that you do not have to censor yourself on this platform at all as long as respect is shown! Enjoy!

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