Attention Black People: What Are You Going To Do?

In light of the Donald Sterling controversy, the pot has been stirred deeply once again the world over but to be honest the ball right now is in the court of the Black community.

So what are you going to do?

The question that I ask is, what kind of shot will we take now that the world is watching?

Will we fumble and miss the opportunity to make a statement?

Or will we slam dunk that ball in a show of unity that makes a overwhelming statement to let the power brokers of the world know that we are truly a force to be reckoned with?

L.A. Clippers Protest

While I am ever the optimist, I’m truly concerned with how we seem to not understand that every missed shot or blown opportunity to display an awesome unity to the world is an opening created for those who do not respect us and the overlooked power that we possess in abundance.

Soon – any day now at the time of this writing – Black people in The United States Of America will possess 1.2 Trillion dollars of spending power yet only 6 percent of that will hang around in our community for a hot minute before it goes on to support the many other countless communities that profit from our ignorance and who really have no respect for us as a unit.

We do it to ourselves because deep down we have become a narcissistic people drunk off of the baubles, rubies and trinkets tossed at us by the very oppressors and exploiters who know deep down within their souls that if we truly broke their shackles and hold on us that we would shine over and above the world over.

Black People And Materialism

…….and NO ONE would ever be able to stop it!

But the fact of the matter remains is that WE as a people don’t know this and as long as the Sleeping Giant remains immersed in his pseudo delicious slumber, it will be easy for someone else to have their hands in our pockets and fondling our financial genitalia while we don’t have a clue to what is really going on.

So they continue to give us the sleeping pills of their poisons and we suck it down like the fools that we were never meant to be.

We hate to hear the word “Nigger” used by others when the reference comes up, yet we continue to act out in a Niggardly manner as though this type of behavior is some kind of badge of honor.

We are no different than those slaves on the plantation who would start to buck dance at the mere sight of Massa’s presence as though we are endearing ourselves to him even more!

Hell, maybe Massa will let me get another piece of Watermelon and maybe a second helping of chicken if I can make him laugh today because of the fool that I’m portraying.

Can’t you see the parallel with these so called “Reality Television Shows?”

Black Buffoonery

Put the camera on these ‘coons and in record time flat they are acting a fool bickering over trivia foolishness, bragging about material items and degrading each other on a conscious, subconscious and subliminal level all for the world to see and for our people to emulate.

…….and you want to get mad at the racist rant of a Donald Sterling?

Hell, Donald Sterling is a Jew and did NOT see any outcry from that community other than the few who have.

But if one of US ranted about a Jew in private to later be revealed to the public, they would call every one of us to task whether it be a prominent member of our community or someone who is merely trying to make ends meet by holding down a job.

They have that power over us because we give it to them!

Emasculated Black Men

They have that disrespect for us because we disrespect ourselves wholesale for a dollar and a few fleeting moments of fame that is NOT worth the trade in of our integrity.

But we are so thirsty for what their world can give to us that we’ve forgotten what our God has already placed in us.

In a strange sense I am overjoyed that the Donald Sterling recording was revealed to the world because most often when I speak on how racism is worse now than any other time in recorded history I get these song and dance tunes from my Black friends who are so caught up in assimilating into this toxic stew.

Let the world see it for what it is because it was a damn relief for people to see what I’ve been speaking about for so long. I feel like the actor William Shatner when he was featured on an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone.

From his window seat on the plane, he kept seeing an ugly gorilla like creature damaging the wing while it was in flight.

After calling out for those around him to see it, it would disappear out of view causing the crew to believe that he was mentally disturbed.

In the end you realized that in actuality there was a threat to the safety of the flight crew and passengers and that one day Mr. Shatner’s sanity wouldn’t be questioned.

…….that’s exactly how I feel about the Donald Sterling situation, I’ve known people like him all of my life even when others wanted to bury their heads in the sand about it.

But back to us…….

It’s a damn shame but I am beginning to feel that we are fumbling the ball on the court of revolution.

You see, historically, we’ve had our fair share of Black people who are sell outs, turncoats and whores for the slave masters favor, but those were far and few between when compared to the synthetic entities now in place called civil rights leaders.

Who in the fuck chose these damn corporate apologists and shadow society ordained media intercessors to be the leader of an entire people?

Yes, while there is no one way to be Black, surely if we had our heads on straight is wouldn’t be too hard to understand that we all want better schools for our children, better medical care for our families as well as safer streets, gainful employment and affordable housing for all.

But how can we collectively push for these very necessary things when the first thing that we dream of is not a quality existence for our Sisters and Brothers in a selfless manner, but craving mansions, luxury cars, helicopters, attention and cash. Our lust for all things worldly flows across the airwaves like blood from a hemophiliac woman on a heavy period who just realized that she just disposed of her last pad.

The world knows that Black integrity is always for sale, it’s just a matter of naming our price.

Others? You couldn’t even move your mouth to even think about uttering something so foolish as to broadcasting their women on the airwaves as fast whores who are delusional in thinking that this is the way to carry yourself in this modern day era.

Hasidic Jews Are Not Like Black People

If you truly understand that a nation can rise no higher than its woman as The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated constantly, then you know that we as a people collectively are viewed as the scum of the earth by many who will smile in our face and exploit us but speak about us behind closed doors like Donald Sterling.

It’s time to wake up and get our priorities in order because the clock is ticking down fast in this game of survival because all the other communities have nursed themselves to strength financially off of the exploitation of us and all we seemed to ever want was some acknowledgment from the very ones who despise us.

Stop falling for these U.S. Government manufactured leaders who’ve worn wiretaps for the very people in high places who have plotted our destruction for hundreds of years up until the present with their glossed over seductive tactics putting these slick talking puppets in front of us to guide how we think and to prevent a real TRUE revolution from coming to past.

Al Sharpton Does Not Represent Black People

So what are you going to do Black America?

Are you going to prepare yourself to deal with the countless Donald Sterling’s who happen to be our politicians, clergy, bosses, co-workers and neighbors?

Are you prepared to put the fear of the living God inside of them by being prepared to sacrifice your life for the cause of making a better world for the youth who haven’t a clue as to what kind of world they’re growing up in?

Or are you content to settle for their toys and the status in their worlds where you are so overjoyed to get a pat on the head for being a good non-threatening Negro, furthering their agenda while those who look like you go straight to hell?

Don’t talk to me anymore until you are prepared to take a stand right from where you are now to deal with EVERYTHING that is placed in your daily path that was put in place to erase us from the face of the earth so they can easily erase us out of history.

Your silence to the Donald Sterling’s of the world means agreement in their eyes.

Donald Sterling Banned Because He Hates Black People

…….and while Donald Sterling’s N.B.A. basketball ban for life is a start, we’ve got to ban those who we know who carry that same mentality and spirit from our lives by standing up as the strong people who we were meant to be!

Don’t call on God now when God has placed within you all that you need to overcome any obstacle placed before you.

Call on Him when it’s time to pick up the casualties of war in the form of the cadavers and corpses of hate, racism, exploitation, sexism and the wholesale killing of our Black men are finally dead and gone off of the face of the earth.

What are YOU going to do Black America?

As a righteous sleeper cell in the revolution of our minds I am ready to attack all day everyday and have been doing so for as long as I can remember.

The Donny Sterling’s of the world and I have been locked in battle all of my life and he well knows not to come at me like he does the others because I don’t want a damn thing from him except to put as much distance between us as I possibly can!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Always “In The Trenches” Brother,




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