Attention Black People: There MUST Be Something Special About Us!

As a Black man who has maintained a presence in cyber-space for well over a decade – showcasing the various creative offerings that my talents have afforded me – I am in unique position to speak about the overall mental state of how we stand as people of color as opposed to our dedicated oppressive forces that only exist as good as they do because of our ignorance.

While many of us are very much aware of the covert war to keep us deaf, dumb and blind to their plans of our total destruction and enslavement, the good majority of us are still following their toxic program that’s leading us to a sure slaughter.

That being said, those of us who are receiving those divine signals designed to awaken us will be attacked not only by those who know who and what we are because of the study of their mystic scrolls, but also by the very people who we were put on this earth to enlighten.

If you don’t know anything about us and our mission as a people at all, you have to be able to detect that there is something special and quite different about the Black people who walk the earth today whether they are conscious or still fattened with the toxic feed designated to dumb us down for the kill.

Come to think of it, there MUST be something special about us or those who have spent a lifetime through their generational bloodlines wouldn’t have spent so much time vilifying us, lynching us, fixating on us and doing everything that they possibly could do to keep us in a state of perpetual destruction up to the present day.

They must be something about us very special when a people who know that they have much blood on their hands can construct a system that automatically oppresses us because of the built in laws that are slanted to give us a harder time to achieve success.

The sad part about all of this is that many of our people simply lay down and accept the false projections of us in their media and give up the fight with an opponent that knows deep down inside that they really could never win if we united.

If we are so much of an animal, criminal and lowlife, then why is it that this stolen land was attained by criminal lowlife animal like behavior only to be glorified in their false accounts of history?

If we are so stupid and inept, then why is it that the entire world was taught by the Black African geniuses as the outsiders marveled at our great civilizations and beautiful people taking so much of what we were to be incorporated into teir society without so much of a mention of this in their twisted account of history?

If we were so lazy, why is it that the slave master who used us for free labor couldn’t do the job on his own? His back was too weak to do what we did to build this country and he knew it!

If we were so useless then why is it that when ever there is a war abroad to be fought against HIS enemies that he quickly knows how to find US to put on HIS front lines all of a sudden telling us that we are all Americans?

So why is it that we are not made to feel as Americans until he needs us?

Are we simply scorned tools that have a usefulness once he has a temporary need for us to further his agenda?

There must be something very special about us if they say that we are no good but they can’t get a damn thing down without us!

If we area people that are the lowest of low, then why is it that in THEIR Secret Societies and Covert Orders they study OUR hijacked histories and work hard as hell to keep this knowledge away from our hands and out of our heads?

You see, THEY know who we are but WE don’t have a clue as to who God made us to be and the time that we are moving into.

But how foolish they are! They can lie to us all they wish about our true history in an attempt to make us feel as though we’ve contributed nothing of substance to the human family while deep down knowing that the majority of all that is good actually did come from us!

But they don’t want you to know that.

They don’t want you to fully embrace who you are and the very important time that it is because they know that for you to do so that your awakening means that their time of parading around in YOUR garment is over!

Just like a kid who doesn’t want to return a toy that didn’t belong to him he will begin to rant and rave.

So understand that as the divine time draws near and the vilified Black man soon steps up to reflect the righteousness – that so many have worked so hard to say that we never had – there will be more drugs released into our communities and more manufactured diseases brought about through their so called cures of preventative inoculations.

Wake up and look around you and stop being in denial that this man really loves you!

This is 2014 and we are dealing with the same issues that we have been facing ever since we were born!

When will it stop?

If you wait on them to change an order that has benefited them you will be waiting for the remainder of your life.

You will waste your life waiting for them to embrace you and give you the advantages that they’ve always had over you because of the slanted system that they’ve created for themselves that you still suffer under.

They are NOT your friends.

Are they all bad? Of course not!

But it is not your job to figure out who is good or bad when the cross hairs of their rifles have your dead center in their scope.

Those who are good will reveal themselves through their actions without shame and those who remain silent while you are crucified are just as bad as the aggressive ones because their silence is a non verbal way of signing off on the travesties inflicted.

They are NOT your friends and want nothing but the worst for you.

If you appear to live much better than them it stings them to their soul and they will work overtime to find the source of your revenue and either come at you with their I.R.S. or seek to cut your employment in their companies and workplaces.

Your success over them is unacceptable and you must be brought down to “your rightful place” in subservience to them.

They are only content when you live down to their opinion of you and act as a fool who is only concerned with the satisfaction of your bodily functions never to go beyond that to be a mover and a shaker to take control of your own destiny.

As long as you come to your job after your days off screaming out publicly how drunk you were all weekend and how much pork you consumed they know that you are not a threat to their stronghold on your existence.

As long as you come back to work to tell your coworkers how much pussy you had then your bosses who know the secret handshakes KNOW that you have nothing on your mind to elevate your people and will actually like you because you will never challenge them if you continue to think like that.

But they KNOW that there is something special about you.

The problem is that they don’t want you to know that you are.

Black Icons

They tell you know that color doesn’t matter but if it didn’t then why did they change the color us Jesus and made His image into something that it’s not?

If color doesn’t matter then why is it that the elevated amounts melanin in your skin give you a heightened awareness of the spiritual realm and therefore a means to defeat them in ways that they could never comprehend?

But they will never tell you that and they never will.

But again, understand that with all of the hell that you are catching from them that there MUST be something special about you!

You see, I know that I’m special and I know who I am in relation to who they are and understand why they treat me the way that they do.

Sure, I don’t come into their presence speaking of how I’ve overloaded on their alcoholic poison or with how many women I’ve bedded down.

It frightens them that you can possess such a level of discipline over and above what their military and law enforcement institutions can produce and never expect them to acknowledge your talents, excellence and brilliance because it just might cause your Brothers and Sisters to believe in themselves independently outside of their system.

Just Google a man named Paul Robeson, it will save you the wasted years of seeking acknowledgement from their oppressive system and will prepare you for the battles that will be yours once they see what greatness you possess inside.

In the present world we have the internet which allows them to reveal their true feelings publicly under the cloak of anonymity in the same manner that they would hide their identity in a cowardly manner under the white hoods that they are known to wear.

So if you feel that I am too harsh in my assessment of the enemy understand that you probably don’t receive the amount of hateful communications on a daily basis that is a true gauge to me of the country that I live in and the people who are around me with their strained fake ass smiles.

I recently had an in depth conversation with a man who happened to be White and a born and raised native of Orlando Florida who was two years older than me at the time of this writing at 53 years old.

In his own words he revealed to me that the majority of Whites here in Orlando were intimately tied into the Ku Klux Klan as his family was in the minority because of their refusal to indulge in such a hateful group.

He told me how they were the outcasts and how they were alienated from being in the fold because of their conviction to do the right thing by all human beings.

So it made me ask myself WHERE are all of these men and women who were raised under such a hateful philosophy and is this really a thing of the past?

Of course I didn’t really have to look too far for an answer because as I began to think back on the many incidents that revealed to me what was really under the surface and in the hearts of those around me the answer was quite clear.

The hate for the Black man and woman is alive and well in 2014!

Just because these homegrown racists have learned to mask their true feelings in the wrappings of acting politically correct doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.

They are your bankers.

They are your judge.

They are your legislators and politicians.

They are the lawyers who you pay your last dime to who will purposely lose that case because it’s another innocent nigger who is locked away.

They are your co-workers who will only speak their jargon to their peers who took the oath and smile to you in your face only to laugh deep down inside because of how gullible you are.

They are alive and well and are working hard around the clock to maintain their oppressive grip on your life and many of us are too dumb to see it.

Many of us are actually so dumb that we help our oppressor to wipe us off the face of the earth by killing our own brothers and sisters simply because they wear a different color than us.

Some of us are so dumb and help our slave-master by consuming and/or selling these deadly drugs to our people feeling as though the extra cash will do us some good. The only good that will come out of it is when you have to give it all up to pay those lawyer fees after you get caught!

The cycle will continue as long as we remain ignorant to the hustle of our minds, bodies and souls in this place called Amerikkka.

Wake up and understand that for all of the hell that is inflicted on us as a people that there must be something special about us!

We are one people and one blood no matter where the slave ships sprinkled us in this world and even if we can only trace our family tree but so far, you must see your Brother as your brother sincerely to unite to defeat a system that will keep you impoverished, scorned and out of doors for your entire lifetime.

Our unity is what he doesn’t want because it will be the very thing that will kill his system in a way that is righteous!

Thanks for your time and know that you are special!

God never made a mistake when He took the time to make you!

Find your individual mission and get to work because our time of glory is near!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Warrior Brother,



Call or text me anytime!

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