ATTENTION BLACK WOMAN: Accountability Is The First Step To Healing! – Brother HALLAH

Brother Hallah goes where no man or woman has gone before in tackling the issues that too many – but not all – Black women have in their perceptions of how they stand in a system of White Supremacy that seeks to use them as a tool to destroy the Black family through her socially engineered separation from the Black man.

Brutally honest in his execution as always, Brother Hallah pulls no punches in his assessment and solutions that many Sisters will either absorb as truth and go on to heal just as many will reject and proclaim that he is doing nothing but bashing Black women which was not his purpose here as he clearly stated in the beginning of this classic broadcast.

I have to say that I speak for the majority when I agree 100% with the “dead on point” assessment from Brother Hallah of the dysfunctional and very toxic conditions that we as Black people have been placed into and would like to continue this healing and oftentimes “very uncomfortable for some” dialogue that will free us from being out against each other to the delight of the hidden hands that benefit from our infighting.

ATTENTION BLACK WOMAN: Accountability Is The First Step To Healing! - Brother HALLAH

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