Attention All Enablers, Generous Givers & Good Samaritans: Selfishness Is A Beautiful Thing!

Do you find yourself feeling drained, unmotivated and lacking focus while you just can’t put your finger on what the reason is no matter how hard you try?

Do you find that you are usually the first person that others call when they have some type of emergency large, small or imagined?

Do you find yourself in a place where you have no one to give you help when YOU have an emergency or issue to deal with in the same manner that you have helped others so many countless before

Well I’m here to tell you that selfishness WORKS!


No, I’m not losing my mind in suggesting this at all. And I haven’t stopped being the kind, loving and very generous person that I’ve always been. It’s just that I am now very careful to whom I share those precious traits with!

Aren’t you tired of being used like a credit card that has no spending limits? Aren’t you sick of feeling like you have a revolving door for a front entrance to your home by the amount of people that invite themselves over to see what they can get from you even though you haven’t heard from them in ages?

Well, it’s time to start using your own resources for yourself because these people will not stop with the requests for money or another resource that taxes the pocket until you are completely drained and not even good for yourself!

Selfishness Is Life Saving

Selfishness will save the day my friend! Like a bankruptcy lawyer who came to the rescue to keep the creditors away after that huge shopping spree that you knew had a bad ending or those liposuction appointments that helped you cheat the effects of those bad eating habits and late night ice cream binges.

Yes, this thing that you were always taught was such a bad thing is now your knight in shining armor coming to show you what so many prosperous people in your midst never let you know.

Selfishness when utilized properly and in the exact prescribed dosages will change your life around immediately with the only catch is that you’ll have to get used to being called selfish by the leeches.

In actuality, this is a good thing because only the users, deadbeats and leeches will call you this, which in fact is how you’ll validate who they were to you all along. They will tell on themselves by calling you selfish because they now know that once you put your foot down to refuse to be used ever again that their hustle of YOU is all over and soon to be a distant memory!

Stacks Of Money

Ain’t it a sweet thought? Sure it is!

But in order for this sweet dream of a leech-free life to come to fruition, you are going to have to manifest a few mandatory steps to make this all happen!

First of all, as an enabler, you probably already know that to say the word “no” to anyone acting as they are in need is most likely the hardest thing you can ever think of doing. When the previously enabled who knows how to pull your strings throws that sorry face at you or uses that helpless tone of voice on you, you just can’t HELP yourself and THEY know it.

Even before they even ask you for money you start reaching deep in the manner that they have trained you to do so because as a spiritual vampire, they peeped that you were a giver and an enabler who may have been guilty because of the wonderful childhood that you had and they hadn’t!

There are so many ways of manipulation on your heart that the deadbeat has learned to use for their benefit, but the very word that has the effect on their slimy intentions on your resources and pocketbook like the cross has on the vampire is the word NO!


So what I want you to do is to look at their Facebook profile page or a picture that you have of them and look deep into their eyes and say NO!

How did Nancy Reagan used to say it back in the 1980’s? When she had her fake behind “War On Drugs” campaign? She used to say “JUST SAY NO!”

Well that is what I want you to do while you look at the face of a leech! Get used to it and make it a way of life.

You know, these deadbeat leeches have a way of making you feel guilty for the money that YOU broke your ass off in two to earn. Yet they feel entitled to every single penny as though they woke up on little sleep to bang out yet another shift on a job that deep down wouldn’t miss if it cease to exist at this very moment.

Just Say No

They will call you selfish for telling them the word NO and that you can’t afford to loan them anymore money. But you have to be bold and rub it in their faces even more so after you deny them any “help”, what you have to do to make them see that you are through with them is to let them know that you’re going out shopping later on that afternoon because YOU deserve to treat yourself after giving away so much of your energy to others.

So WHAT if they don’t like it? Let THEM sacrifice for years to hold things down and earn the right to spend YOUR OWN MONEY freely in any manner that you wish. You know why? Because at the end of the day and the end of your earthly journey here on this planet, you won’t be able to take any of it with you so you at least need to feel loved by yourself and not used once again by others. Now am I really saying anything wrong here?

I mean, I’m not telling you to NEVER help anyone in need ever again, I’m just urging you to drop the fools who are always there with some conjured up scam to help you to part ways with what you’ve worked so hard for. because they will always be there if you allow them to be.

Me? I’ve been known to count huge wads of cash right in front of them in their face while telling them that I’m straight up BROKE!


You have to be downright “cruel” with them because for the most part you probably haven’t ever seen a loan that you’ve afforded them ever paid back no have you?

These low lives will “borrow” money this week and come back for more the next week as though you’ve forgotten that they never paid you back! What kind of nonsense is THAT?

So the next time that they have the nerve to move their mouth to tell you that you are selfish then just as fast as they said that you tell them that they are damn GREEDY!

Hard work, sacrifice, long suffering, saving, always willing to go the extra mile and frugality will always keep your pockets full while laziness, undisciplined living, no goals, spending like it’s out of control, never willing to push hard for what they want and trying to keep up with the neighbors will always keep them broke!

And they expect YOU to subsidize THEIR lack of sensible living?

You better wake up and understand that with these bloodsuckers that being selfishness is a beautiful thing!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Newly Selfish Brother,



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