Attention Racist White America: President Barack Obama Is NOT The Cause Of Every Pain In Your World!

Lets not get it twisted, racism, no matter who executes it is a sickness. But since here in the United States of America the power brokers of this society ard not the so called minorities but those who are considered the majority and ever shrinking population called the Caucasian.

It is a very touchy subject and it really surprises me that many who are victims of the sickness of racism are not those who are infected with it but those who feel that they have to tiptoe around the tulips as though they are the source of the problem and don’t want to “cause any further damage” from a sickness that they are not suffering from.

The individuals who are mentally deranged with the sickness of racism in many situations other than the most blatant or one that has been electronically recorded for the nightly television news channels as absolute proof of it’s happening will usually get a free pass with the victims grinning and bearing it and being the first to make excuses for the sickness of the effected as though the racist factions are not accountable for their actions.

Racist Obama New York Post Cartoon

Me being from New York City born and raised has definitely formed my mentality to what it is today. For those who are not familiar with how things work in the United States of America, understand that while this may be one big country, it has many different regional mentalities that are prevalent and dominant to each. It’s not some hard set rule written in stone but influenced by a myriad of factors that are too vast to break down in each example.

That being said, it has been my experience that those who have in recent years have migrated to the southern regions of the country from the northern most parts are met with shock when we address the issues as we see them in a direct and brazen fashion unlike the timid manner that many who were born in the south are known for.

So it never ceases to amaze me when the age old order of generally accepted doses of racism rears its ugly head in my path and is expected by its participants that I like the others who came up in this sick order must take their treatment laying down in fear like a whipped slave or fear to speak up where others have cowered but that is not how I was made!

So in a country where too many Caucasians and their  sympathizers feel as though “their country” and its economy has tanked because of the presence of a Black President in the White House I say wake up to the reality of your own sickness because I damn sure won’t be a part of your denial and psychosis!

It is so funny to see the news programs featuring the disgruntled masses of people upset of “what Obama has done to our country” as though they themselves didn’t have a hand in their own demise by not living below their means in the eras prior to President Obama taking office. They do not understand how this country was set up to fall like a rotten tree who fell too quick after a light breeze blew through its branches, they were looking for any excuse to not face their own sick mind and tack many false manufactured reasons over their hateful minds as to why President Obama has been the worst thing to this country while looking past the fact that the Bush presidencies were so full of lying, cheating, manipulation and murder. Why didn’t these so called patriotic citizens call for the ” carving out of the core” of America back then when the cancer was spreading right up under their noses?

The bottom line is that they just can’t stand it that an articulate Black man is in charge and that the negative stereotyping of the Black people of America have been the victims of at the hands of the media has to deal with this strange man who just doesn’t fit into a category that they didn’t create. Those of us who grew up in this crooked container called amerikkka all know of the brilliant examples of the Barack and Michelle Obamas in our neighborhoods and know that the thugged out criminal types and hoochie mamas are not the norm no matter how hard they push Jerry Springer and other such grafted buffoonery down our tired throats.

This is why the Occupy movement has taken the world by storm because for those who have been the victims of these big corporations and their vampire like tactics on our hard earned money understand, it’s the system that is at fault and not one mere Black man who was VOTED into office regardless as to what the YouTube conspiracy theorists preach as being the gospel!

Sure, the medicine is a hard pill to swallow and until this sinking country wakes up and realizes that their issue is not that handsome articulate Black man who occupies the white at this present moment and really is their OWN racist mind that has been stirred up because of it, then they will have a better chance of not being stomped out as much as a world force and now fall behind as far as they already are in the various categories of excellence that we as Americans have just been to lazy and dumb down to shine in!

While you do NOT have to like it, understand that while many are afraid to speak it, it is the unadulterated TRUTH!

If you refuse to accept it and not take action, then go and by more guns and hole up in a shack somewhere out in the country until your God calls you because as far as I am concerned, this is one of the most wonderful times in the history of MY LIFE that I have ever known because the world and system of the one who has oppressed me all of my life is falling and I can’t wait until the day comes when it is gone forever!

Ain’t the internet a wonderful thing?

Keep those donations coming in y’all……






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