Authenticity In Decadence Beats Deceptive Holiness Everytime!

Let’s start this one off with a bang!

Some of the best pussy a man will ever get will come from behind the walls of the church in the form of a save and sanctified woman who works hard to keep up that persona while getting off on the thrill of being a naughty little whore whose true identity is diametrically opposed to that upstanding virtuous woman to whom an entire community will vouch her pristine and upright (Upright only when she’s not bent over catching it from behind! hallelujah!) character without hesitation!

Church Whore

WHEW! Now that was a long starting sentence but let me take in another deep breath because I’m coming with it tonight!

(Inhaling deeply)

Some of the biggest man-whores that a woman will ever run across will be addressed in that same house of “self” worship as “brother”, “deacon”, “elder” or even PASTOR! Why? Because the modern day church is the BEST and EASIEST place to pick up a gullible woman who will let a holy acting man of covert decadence¬†move in after the service and hand over her debit card and pin code after he services her!

Man Whore

Now while it may not be all that bad 100% of the time and I hope that I did not insult anyone her at the risk of being called a woman basher, my true point behind the humor is that we waste so much time covering our filth to make it appear acceptable and righteous instead of taking that same energy to really do some spiritual house cleaning and come away from the massive dose of denial that we take a bath in everyday emotionally.

Who do you think you are fooling? The only person being fooled probably is the person staring back at you in the mirror.

What irks me is that when you encounter these liars and reflect back to them the reality that they refuse to see, they project on YOU something different because you didn’t fall into place with how they choose to see their warped view of reality.

I get this ALL of the time because of the stuff that I put out here in cyberspace about life and the things that cross my path everyday and I really don’t care if they don’t like it!

So allow me the opportunity to tell everyone that since turning fifty years old, I now have my official “OLD MAN” card and I can say any damn thing that I please!

I’m old now dammit and that allows me the priviledge to go shopping tomorrow to pick up my striped highwater pants and tourist shirt with the palm trees on it while wearing no name brand sneakers from WalMart!

I can do this as I am no longer under any pressure to be cool and keep up with any styles so if I am at this point of freedom in my life then understand I am not going to help YOU live a lie! I will call it like I see it even WORSE so start running if you see me if you have something to hide.

Now back to my points…….

We as human beings are such followers for the most part and gauge our premeditated projections to the world according to our environment and what others are doing in their faddish manifestations.

We don’t usually have the courage to be our own person so we follow the masses and act as though we are above those who dare to be unique while secretly envying them because we are trapped in the prison of our own mediocrity.

This permeates so deep into our life that we really can’t find an area in our day when we are completely honest and transparent to who we really are!

So you will go an entire lifetime on a job, in a church, in a marriage or whatever type of relationship you are in being something that you are not and never enjoying the full scope of life in its entirety.

This is not just the shysters and frauds who live this lie, but it’s also nice people who do this too because they feel as though the “real them” is not good enough!

…….but to be honest, I can live with those types over this who are evil to the core and deceiving those around them with their smiling faces.

I would rather that one be honest in their decadence than false in their holiness.

…….it would make life so much easier for a lot of us.

This is why there is more sincerity in the damn whore house than the church house! I’ve seen this with my own two eyes and YES, I’ve been to a few whorehouses in my life but never to purchase the goods but rather to wait for a friend or two to relieve themselves of some perceived “stress” and a couple of dollars! Lol! But many will outwardly knock a whore for what she honestly does without hiding it but indulge in the same practices behind church walls in order to secure a higher position in the chuech hierarchy, so what is THAT all about?

Whore House

Heck. I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of faces…….you all know how that song goes…….

But be real people. Its not hard at all and the world would be a better place if you had the courage to do just that. But evil, conniving, scheming, covetous, low down people KNOW that they are not right within themselves and are very deadly to have around because you never know when their unexpected terrorist attack on your life, your resources or your mate will happen.

So by bringing yourself to a place of honesty in who you really are is the first step in cleansing oneself of their demons and truly being accepted for who and what you are.

You know, at the end of the day and at the end of ones life, there is no getting away from that ultimate scorecard that has tallied up every deed, every good gesture as well as every wicked thing done out of sight away from the eyes of most.

Come clean with what’s inside of you and stop thinking that by pulling the cloak over the eyes of a few means that you’ve fooled The One who can put you in a very bad place of suffering for an eternity.

I speak from experience and I know what I’m talking about because I found myself in a place of living in deception to those around me and once I saw what was really happening I had to proclaim from within myself that I will “sin no more!”

…….and the amusing part about that proclamation was that the very moment that I stated those words sincerely, that same demon who was trying to mess up my life with their seductive temptations fled immediately because they knew that I saw through their very deceptive and falsely sanctified cover!

You have to be careful for yourself and for the others whom you care for when this type of “cheap fraudulent filler” tries to permeate your life in order to take you from your divine destiny. It’s so easy to get broadsided and find yourself truly in a sorry state of affairs.

You’ve got to realize that your soul is at stake as to continue even dealing with these entities puts your salvation at risk as well as a quality life void of all drama.

The tradeoff is having a peaceful and truly happy life because of your honesty to your God front within and true submission to divine law.

Face Behind The Mask

Plus, it’s a HECK of a lot easier to proudly display the inner qualities of who you really are as opposed the the many masks that we wear that become heavy and burdensome to carry around all day as we have to switch them according to who we happen to be around…….and who really needs THAT crap?

I refuse to play that game and have cashed in my chips to retire as a happy reclusive hermit who enjoys his life as is! I made it and don’t need those frauds around ne anymore because this life is so much better than the in I had while out there running with the demons!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Hard To Catch Happily Reclusive Brother,



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