Avoid The Drama & Let God Choose Your Mate!

So many of our women make the poor choice of a mate because they lack the patience to wait on what God wants for them in their lives.

Lance Scurvin speaks on this very sensitive issue with a rare precision in giving his advice on how to handle the guilt that oftentimes manifests after one realizes that they have made a poor choice in a mate and/or have wasted lots of time in a relationship that never really should have transpired.

It’s never to late to live again and we should never hold on to any guilt that others attempt to put on us because God has a purpose in your life and guilt has never created anything positive. If your creator woke you up this morning then He definitely has better for your life and He definitely has a plan for it!

Cut your losses and move into the new reality that our Father has for us but the only way to be blessed with the NEW is to let go of the OLD!

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