Avoiding The Cyanide Laced Modern Conveniences That Leech The Human Spirit!


Everyone seems to want to do things the easier way.

Efficient use of ones time gives one more time to do the things that we want to do. Isn’t that what most would agree one as we click the remote control to the television set?

We would never think that the very conveniences and amenities that we enjoy are the very things stripping away those elusive joys that we crave in our hearts every minute of every day to experience.

Well how is that?

Well, let’s take a look at that remote control to the television set. Back in the days before the hundreds of channels of satellite and cable television programs, we only had a small handful of channels from which to entertain and inform us of the happenings of the world that we lived in. But we actually got more from the television at that time more so than we do now without the ability to freeze or record what we were viewing. If you had to use the restroom, you had to hold it until the commercials came on to hawk the products to the potential viewing customers of that shows particular sponsor.

In those days the family and friends would gather around the television after a good meal and a laugh as they were entertained in a group setting and the television program stimulated conversation, togetherness as well as a strong bond from what everyone enjoyed together in one spirit.

Now these days, watching television is a completely different creature than  what it used to be. Having a television in your home now is the catalyst that stokes the beginnings of what we know to be the sociological cancers in today’s world. What is born in the mind will eventually manifest itself in the physical. Is it any wonder that our communities have the issues and problems that we do now? Look at the things that are fed directly to our young even before they have the opportunity to begin to build their identities and characters through good old fashioned conversation and exposure to hands on activities with their peers.

These reality television shows (Whose reality is it anyway?) are shot straight to the minds of our young in the manner that the sugar from a candy bar shoots straight to the bloodstream of the consumer who thinks it is a good form of energy because it takes the hunger away immediately. Not knowing that in order to be digested it needs the necessary B complex vitamins to be digested that are not present in the candy bar so it ultimately leeches the necessary B vitamins from your own cells, leaving you feeling even more depleted than when you first consumed it!

Whatever the parents or caretakers of our youngster say NOT to do, the television and schoolyard/lunchtime secret conversations that are held away from God fearing adults only validate that it is just fine to go right on ahead and indulge yourselves to your hearts content!

The television may be a convenience when used properly but it can be a hell raiser when not supervised and left to run out of control in our lives.

The never ending accessibility that having cellular phones gives us never truly allows us to completely let go. We can be reached during our downtime when we should be recharging ourselves for another demanding day but end up burning the candle at both ends because we might now be stressing over things that wouldn’t be able to “touch us” if we didn’t have that cell phone convenience.

The technological advances has definitely been a huge reason and cause for the human erosion that we see in our world today.

Is it really a surprise when you think about it?

Fast food to many is a big convenience, and while it may cut out the time that it takes to prepare a meal as we hurriedly and haphazardly scurry to the next appointment, it also keeps our doctors rich after the effect on our health from consuming these foods that are leeched of any worthwhile nutrition. But the effects on our daily lives I believe for the most part have been overlooked, whatever happened to sitting around the dinner table in the evening and having a dinner with your family in which you shared the experiences that you had during your day?

Knowing that you had to sit around that table later on that evening forced you to think about your actions during the day as a child. We communicated more and had to look each other in the eye more as well as being in a space where if we were to digress off of the righteous path just a little, it would be caught just in time before it became a situation that spiraled out of control. I can’t imagine how many teen pregnancies could have been avoided if our daughters knew they had to be home by a certain time after school to do chores, homework and eat dinner as well as the mandatory family time that would have kept them occupied enough to stay focused on the right track.

The fact of the matter is that our family structures and rituals have been broken down so far down to the point where we are lucky if we happen to run into a family member who lives at the same address as we pass like two ships in the night on our way to the restroom while they are standing up half asleep in the kitchen microwaving a midnight snack that seems like more of a priority to them at this point than reaching out to you to see how you have been doing.

That’s erosion!

We might be able to heat up a meal in record time but how great is the ability to do just that yet not even have the time to have a family life? What gains have we truly made?

Our contraptions, gadgets and electronic gimmicks have us just as lonely as ever!

With all of our readily available and relatively inexpensive means of instant communication, how is it that true communication is a huge issue in our modern society? An instant message can NEVER replace a hug from a loved one. And e-mail can NEVER replace the time spent with someone that you care for dearly. Saying that you are making love while fondling and exposing yourself on the computer to a strangers anonymous image is an insult to our God that has given us the gift of sexuality within the proper channels of expression and enjoyment.

And not to speak too much on this one aspect of this blog as I have already written in depth on the unfortunate phenomenon of online porn addiction I will say this, that this type of behavior is a devalued counterfeit “intimacy”, stripped and concentrated with absolutely NO sense of commitment or caring which leaves the participant feeling even more lonely than before the prior act. The initial and righteous craving for a true connection is NEVER satisfied in this manner which throws the participant into a vicious downward spiral where an even more intensely perverse and decadent thrill is required to take one away from the depths of despair!

If faced with a life or death situation and our very survival depended on us being unified with one voice joining us as one, how in the hell would we accomplish this with no communication as a people?

We would surely vanish as dysfunction as we carry ourselves in this day.

We don’t even know who our neighbors are anymore!

Remember that thing called slavery?

We couldn’t shake a stick to those who slaved on the plantation and communicated all day long right up under the slave masters nose without him even having a clue by utilizing those loaded brief and quick glances that told others so much as well as those Negro spirituals sung all day that were laced with messages of the time and place of the next escape! We would perish swiftly these days if slavery were implemented once again (Which in fact it is being planned as we speak and executed in many various forms right now most likely in the form of your job!) as we cannot even look each other in the eye as we speak IF we even speak to each other.

And while I am not saying that we were better off in slavery, we acted BETTER toward each other during slavery and damn sure communicated better with each other because I never saw a photo or depiction of a slave picking cotton on a plantation kicked back on an I-Phone talking to their displaced relative on the next plantation down the road! They didn’t need it to relate to each other and they were under unfathomable mental, physical and emotional stresses that you and I just couldn’t even fathom as we take what they suffered through and died for to allow us these rights that we take for granted!

Yeah! We might think that with all of this gadgetry at our fingertips that we are living more efficiently but we have only become high tech zombies who are tripping over ourselves and only fooling ourselves into believing that we are better off but are no better off than those who never lived to witness such technological advances!

We are out of synchronization with each other as a human family and for many of us this life is a facade. Most of our young are NOT connected to us and the prior generations as they are UNPLUGGED from the divine source of it all!

We can even force them into the house of worship and they will go through the motions, tolerating the ritualistic movements of praise and worship while they watch the clock on the wall tick slowly away like a slave planning his/her escape from the plantation thinking of the carnal pleasures soon to be indulged in when they “get out of this boring place!”

No connection!

We yap all day long on our phones, e-mail, text message, take meaningless photos (Clothed & disrobed!) and send them to each other over the airwaves yet we are saying NOTHING!

The devil IS a liar yet we allow ourselves to be blinded by the “game” he spouts to us on a constant basis! Never have we had so many great advances coming at us at such a rapid fire rate but if you really look at how far we have regressed we are at our worst!

Daughters and sons killing their parents for not giving them a little money to blow with their friends at the mall, fathers forcing themselves sexually on their daughters and sons at single digit ages when they should be the source of protection and wisdom for their wonderful life to come…….

Our modern conveniences have us focused on the wrong things that we all have ceased to man our posts as we should and are so blinded and disconnected from the divine Source of all creation as we marvel at the creation instead of the Creator!

We boast on how our new vehicles can accelerate from “0 to 60” in record times yet take for granted how amazing it is that although we cannot control our breathing throughout the night while sleeping, God is in charge and does it for us automatically!

We are so proud to invite our friends and acquaintances into our homes to secretly show off our huge “flat screen television and “Blue Ray player” that we just purchased yet we are ashamed to profess how good our God has been to us in order to put us in a position to get that carnal status symbol that won’t help you one iota as you scratch, claw and plead for one more chance to make it all right on Judgment Day as you find yourself on an express trip down to the darkest, deepest abyss call hell.

We all need to take a least ONE DAY to shed ourselves of the trappings of these intoxicating modern conveniences and realize that while they may be a wonderful advance and help in our lives, that they cannot replace the things that are the most important to us in our lives to develop us into the higher beings that our Creator meant us to be.

Leave the car behind and only go as far as you walk, maybe you might get to know the neighborhood in which you live in and discover the others that live there that you never knew.

Put that phone down and do not answer it for the day and force yourself to have a face to face conversation with those around you, looking at the faces and into their eyes as you speak, realizing how much is truly lost in true communication when you are not in the physical presence of the one you are speaking with.

Refuse that fast food meal for a day, force yourself to cook a meal from scratch either alone or preferably with your family or acquaintances, rediscover the joys, the laughter and the bonding that can be manifested by such a beautiful experience as making a simple meal together!

Cut the television set off and sit down in the living room, park or library or where ever you feel comfortable to have an open discussion about any particular topic of current events that you may feel is important to your well being with your peers. Feel not only that good old sense of bonding but that feeling of a budding empowerment that comes from actively participating in a discussion about YOUR world, something that is usually not addressed as you are entertained OUT of thinking of your reality on that television box of indoctrination.

Must I go on?

Even if at this time you do not partake in any of these exercises above please be conscious of their effects and try to diminish their hold on your life. You must not allow this satanic hold take a grip on the lives of our youth, the clean slate of their young minds if kept pure will one day soon be the future revolutionaries of the spirit that will help us break the hold that the devil has taken literally centuries to gain on this world.

Never allow anything in this world to “blur” the sight of our third eye as we walk in the spirit.

I would love to hear your feedback as always……

Lance Scurvin

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