Babysitting Someone Else’s Insecurities Will Never Bring You Anything Except A Life Of Mediocrity!

Right now it’s the last month of the year 2016 and I am so grateful to my Creator that He has brought me so far in this life.

He has blessed me to also grow so very much this year as well as helping me to understand that I am the author of my life even though He knows how the chronicles of my existence will eventually pan out.

In other words if what I said just seemed like a contradiction, it’s not, it’s just that this is the beauty of of the gift of free will.

That being said, there won’t be any residue of the same issues in this coming new year of 2017 that hung around in 2016.

Back in 2013, I began to see people for what they really were in proximity to the life that I wanted to live and the stumbling blocks that these people represented if I continued to keep them around.

Babysitting someone else’s insecurities was not what I was placed on this earth to do. Especially when those toxic feelings possessed by others are something that THEY the possessor refused to deal with in the first place.

Never allow yourself to be an emotional dumping ground for others and refuse to invest any time on them more than you have the tolerance for because at the end of the day you will be the one lacking the drive to go after your dreams after being thoroughly drained.

Although positive energy begets positive energy, the negative forces can spot you just as fast and be attracted to you to usurp the light that you possess from within.

Like that floodlight that many homeowners have in their backyard that attracts all kinds of flying insects and creatures of the night.

Your “glow” can literally drive those “night creatures of the spirit” crazy as they receive a rush every time that they can see your positive demeanor snuffed out!

Once 2014 arrived for me I promised myself that I will force certain habits to cease as well as allowing the momentum of a few toxic so called friendships to die a natural death.

Many out here in the world will swear up and down that they are connected to certain people, places and things from the time they joined onto each other until the time of their personal transition.

In my journey on this planet I’ve learned that nothing could be further from the truth!

If you came into this world alone and are destined to transition alone, then what makes you think that your are to be locked down with anything that doesn’t enhance your light?

This is where many people I feel go wrong in their lives.

They hold on to the things that keep them where they are to be placed in a perpetual state of emotional stagnation not grasping how fast time is moving on while they’ve missed that bus of opportunity that has already passed them by.

Avoiding Toxic People

For me at this personal juncture, I have no time to look back on the past to cry over anything because I’m too focused on bringing in the new reality of the future which is NOW!

You see, too many of the crybabies in life thought that the future was simply something that was going to “happen” to them if they hung around long enough.
…….it doesn’t work that way.

You’ve got to visualize it in detail and work relentlessly toward it as though your very life depended on it because it DOES!

If 10 million dollars were to miraculously drop down in to your bank account right now, wouldn’t that change your view of the world around you instantaneously?

It sure would!

But on the other hand we all know that money isn’t everything but it can help you to move toward manifesting your dreams because there would be no obstacles to overcome on a financial level as long as you were disciplined enough to “stay the course!”

But since the majority of us won’t ever have that phenomenal blessing happen to us, why is it that we can’t move forward with the same type of enthusiasm as if it did?

The reason is that while most of us in this society will trudge along and grind at the wheel of mediocrity, we simply don’t BELIEVE that a new better reality is ours for the taking!

We can surround ourselves with more purchases and debt but that cannot replace the high of knowing that we are the masters of our own destiny and the authors of one of the most impressive stories that we’ve ever known!

……and what story is that?


So, as I look forward to my Creator blessing me with another year if He pleases to do so, then it is my desire to take things to an even higher level than ever before in order to unlock the blessings of a new reality that are promised to me if I follow and submit to the divine principles of positive thinking and living.

It HAS happened and it will CONTINUE to happen because I have been ordained and empowered to speak greatness into my life as a testimony to THE MOST HIGH who makes it happen time after time again!

The last issue that I have to speak on today is that we have to STOP allowing these manipulative people who will gently – and in many cases brazenly – speak negativity into your life as though they are lording over your divine path!

These fools are simply pissed off that they cannot hook the cart of their deficiencies up to the horse of your enthusiasm and destiny.

So since they truly feel powerless to break out of the chains of their existence, they want you to feel down and out about your life because they weren’t able to usurp YOUR boundless energies for THEIR cause!

It’s almost like that very beautiful Lady who was pursued relentlessly by a gentleman who wanted to date her but all of a sudden because an unattractive undesirable waste of time when he realized that she really wasn’t interested in him the same way!

In these cases again I say to CLEAN THE SLATE in every aspect of your life so that you can move forward to receive your new reality in the quickest way possible!

Allow no one to feel as though they can manifest a writing of any negativity in the book of YOUR life when YOU are the one holding the pen!

When you see this happening don’t dispute them, don’t argue with them or even waste the time plotting any revenge. It’s a waste of energy to do so, the best revenge is to shine and make your actions manifest the great signature moments in your life that will shine over any and all negativity that they can muster!

THAT’S the best revenge!

Living good, eating good, debts paid, sleeping good, laughing hard, getting better, loving deeply and being loved in return as you march toward the beautiful NEW realities that your Maker has waiting for you if you only believe!

I thank Him for helping me to realize what was in my life three years ago in 2013 and I profess that the mindset that began then will come to full fruition before the stroke of midnight to bring in the New Year!

If you need a bosst in your spirit and are all about being positive, feel free to hit me up on an text message anytime because I’d rather invest my time in lifting someone up than taking my precious life force to tear them DOWN!

Trust me, I know what it’s like to be attacked without end but I say to those who did: WHERE ARE YOU IN YOUR LIFE NOW?

Thanks for those attacks because it only helped me to sharpen my skills in so many areas of my life and made me better!

Happy New Year y’all! Let’s self motivate!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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