Bad Choices Leave You No Choice But To Suffer The Harsh Consequences Of Those Choices!

Bad Choices Leave You No Choice But To Suffer The Harsh Consequences Of Those Choices!
You know the worst feeling in the entire world HAS to be when you realize that you are in a mess that really could have been avoided.

Drive aggressively and get into an avoidable accident all because you just had to let your ego get in the way on the road with someone else and now you have a big mess that will cost you time, money and a LOT of embarrassment!

Try your luck in cheating on your Wife with a woman who is not even as attractive as your Wife and find yourself on the edge of madness when she promptly tells you that she is pregnant from you and is hellbent on letting the world know that it’s YOUR child!

Refuse to listen to the frequent wisdom given to you by your Mother on how you should carry yourself as a teenager in your life and find yourself working two jobs with several kids and tired as hell while all of your former running buddies are nowhere to be found as THEY are still enjoying their younger years while yours are THROUGH! Your years of having the luxury of asking your “Mommy” for everything is OVER because now YOU are a Mommy! Was the rebellion worth it? Hope it tastes good!(Yes, that was an official and very personal KICK!)

Trust me, I can go on and on forever with the fine examples of those who refused to make the best choices in life and had no choice but to live in regret and feeling like a damn fool because of it. Now I’m not speaking in a condescending manner because I’ve also made some VERY bad choices in my life but for some reason I have always been protected from the consequences and therefore refuse to push my luck anymore.

But many others in my midst haven’t been so blessed as in this life the ultimate price to pay for a bad choice is the physical death!

In this day and age it truly amazes me how so many of us live our lives in a wonton reckless fashion and get surprised when it’s time to pay the piper. But we as humans can sometimes become so intoxicated with our false sense of invincibility that we don’t even think to weigh out what could happen before we go out and do it.

While all age groups will continue to do asinine things that border on the insane, our younger generations have taken the term “bad choice” to a new all time low that every passing years seems to venture to new depths as the virtual free fall drops at record speeds with no bottom in sight!

While at a red light today I thought to myself as I observed several young saggin’ pants Black teenagers cross the street so slowly – as though they wanted the light to change so that they could dare you to hit them – that their was no sense of urgency in their steps as any modicum of enthusiasm was not evident nor were their movements indicative of any focus in their world. I can remember that when I was a teenager, my energy levels would easily surpass those of any “freshly sniffed up cokehead” and put them to shame as their artificial energies diminished and mine continued strong just like the energizer bunny.

But these kids today seem to have more enthusiasm to do the obviously wrong things than to do what is right as though there isn’t a price to be paid for not getting with the righteous program to living a prosperous life. They haven’t a clue!

I overheard a woman on the bus say that as a teacher who taught for many decades and has seen the changes in the school system as well as in our youth, she WISHES that the only thing bad that her children do is chew gum in class!

Imagine that!

Many reading this blog can remember a time that the repeat offense of chewing gum in class could get you suspended if you couldn’t learn, absorb, display and execute self control as it was all about obeying and respecting the rules. These little games were played out in the classroom but ultimately no one wanted to get caught as there was a healthy dose of fear for every teacher that was under the roof of the schoolhouse as a bad word from them meant an automatic ass whipping when you arrived home!


Don’t even mention it. All I can say is what a different world we are living in!

Now rebellion is the order of the day on mass and the teachers are literally frightened of their over-sized students bloated and over developed from a steady diet of chemical laced steroid laden junk foods that have their sex drives working in overdrive as well as their uncontrollable aggressions.

Guns are brought to the schools these days just as common as the number 2 pencil was present in the classrooms of yesteryear. You have more drugs being sold in our schools today than any local pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS or Duane Reade! Heck, the ONLY guns that were brought to school back in MY day were staple guns but today you will find in the locker rooms REAL GUNS! Sex? Sex was something that was taught in a clinical manner in Biology class but now it is acted out in the darkened stairwells of our schools in a very graphic and freakish manner to say the least.

Today they will never seem to grasp the concept of good and bad choices because their Mothers will back them up in every transgression that they commit as they have no scrupples to understand what the school is trying to teach! It’s a cycle of ignorance and dysfunction that now has been going on for decades! I mean, who would have thought that we would one day be celebrating the 30th birthday of the modern day crack baby? so if the truth be told, we have so much garbage in our cerebral attics, basements and garages to clean out before we can EVER get to the issues of the present day.

But that still doesn’t excuse anyone for their out of control behavior when it comes to acting accordingly in society. If you want to jack up YOUR life then feel free to go right ahead and do it. Only you will feel it in the end while all who actually made great decisions in their life will happily reap what they have sewn.

This is a law that can never be broken. Bad choices – Bad life. Good choices – Good life.

The faster we learn it is the better we will be as a society because as things stand right at this very moment, we seem to be regressing into the point of no return!

…….it surely makes me wonder what will things be like in this world even ten short years from now.

Grab your popcorn people and let’s enjoy the show because as far as I’m concerned you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

LanceScurv 407-590-0755

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