Balancing Your Life Force Is The Secret To Success

Are you an ambitious individual who feels that they are not extracting all out of what you put out to the world energy wise? Does it seem as though your efforts are at the point of diminishing returns? Do you find yourself questioning your plan of attack for success and feeling that others have some kind of secret that you don’t have as their progress in their chosen field of excellence seems to be ever mounting to no end?

As of recent, many people have asked me how do I get so much accomplished during my day in my online life when I have so many other outside tasks that must be completed first and foremost over everything else that I do such as work.

Well, when I look back on my day there are many things that I do that I cannot take credit for but I will share them with you in an attempt to help you get a little more out of your day with little effort.

Yes, I said little effort. As a matter of fact when you are doing more in actuality you should be reducing the level of energy expended if you are to truly continue your high level of efficiency for extended periods while avoiding burnout.

Now many of you will think that I am talking crazy but I am going to prove to you that what I am saying is the absolute truth. The difference is whether you choose to execute what I share or will you fall seductively back in your former nonproductive rhythms where you are not getting al that you can out of your day.

Now I am going to speak in a somewhat abstract manner so some of you just won’t get it. I’m sorry if you don’t and I am going to say that maybe you are not ready yet to receive it if you don’t understand me at this point. Not to be sarcastic but a Calculus Professor cannot slow down the entire class of advanced students merely because there is a visitor sitting in on the lecture who knows no more than basic grade school mathematics.

Look, it’s no secret that I drive a bus here in Orlando for a living, and while others may see this present manifestation of myself as who I am, I am not limited how I see myself because of what I do to pay my bills. I am not a bus operator and you are not what YOU do now for a living as you must constantly see yourself in your ultimate manifestation as you will be at all times bar none.

If you have fallen into the trap of accepting that you are nothing more than a person who is a small part of a bigger system that meagerly rewards you financially for the repetitious chores that you do on a daily basis without any challenge to your mental, physical and spiritual capabilities then you have accepted being one who is part of the majority of those who are the living dead.

Dispute me if you will but if the thought of being cut off from that system that gives you so little is outfight fear, then that poisonous system has permeated your life too much to the point of it rendering you into a state of paralyzing fear at the thought of being fired! You cannot move higher into your destiny when you have submitted so much of your life force into working yourself more into a thankless system that will suck your essence dry and leave you with no more than the worthless pennies on the dollar that you have prostituted your life away for.

Overtime Burnout

The bottom line? You MUST have your OWN system of gaining finances independently and you cannot accomplish this by giving EVERYTHING to the system of another that is in direct competition for your own precious life force.

This is very important to know this when working on these various jobs because you will never get caught up in seeking something that is so very nutritious for your soul that will never be provided by the double talk of these deceptive employers. Know the game in order to not get swallowed up by the hustle of your soul.

So go to your job to do the best job that you can but never bring your emotions and passions freely as those you reserve for your OWN private endeavors that will serve you one hundred percent.

So now because of your newly adjusted way of thinking and fearless way of living because you now are on a mission to make your OWN money, you are now a free agent to see the direct opportunities that exist for you with the middle man cut out. You are now what we call up in New York City a legal “Hustler.”

How did it feel when you are stuck on a job either under the rule of a ruthless predatory boss or the predictable toxic atmosphere of mediocrity while others live free and make more money in a day than you could in a month while having the freedom to do whatever they want for that day? You see, those have figured out that they have something greater in them that is in the world. The answer to your unbalanced unsatisfied existence is not the many endless hours of overtime on a job while the top boss enjoys life while you slave for them but to connect with that infinite resource of power within you that we all have but were never taught to utilize because this system of schooling was not created to encourage independence but subservience into it where very few ever make it to the top.

How do you get there in this very distracting world of smoke and mirrors?

Smoke And Mirrors

Well first of all you will never reach your pinnacle if you do not acknowledge the spiritual being that you are. Now let me make it clear that all successful individuals in the world are not spiritual beings on the good side of the playing field but are some of the most ruthless business persons that have the caring heart of a cold blooded murderer, so don’t be fooled by their flashy material items and their Colgate smiles for they will cut your throat in a heartbeat if it meant that they could profit from the act.

Your spiritual connection comes not from the worldly lusts but from being in balance to what our Creator wants for us in the world that HE created. This doesn’t always means millions of dollars but it means if you follow His will in this shark infested world you will ALWAYS be living comfortable and without worry.

You get there by realizing that be adjoining your essence up with the divine that you are now as mighty as the God that backs you. But you cannot think that you can merely use that connection and remove it once you have gained your blessings because you can just as easily lose it too and WILL!

The trick is to live in balance and be receptive to what is being shown to you not only with your physical eyes but with the spiritual senses also. There is so much that we just don’t “see” because we are so caught up in what we absorb with our eyes which for the most part is a deception to what really lays hidden beneath the surface.

You must everyday wake up from a peaceful COMPLETE slumber in order to extract the most that you can out of your day. Crucial bits of important information will bypass your senses because of the fact that you are not 100% from within from your lack of sleep.

You must awaken everyday with a plan and many alternative back up plans to reach the same goal that is God approved. If you are heading to a destination that has multiple roads to get there, you don’t sit in traffic because one road is blocked up while the other routes are free and clear to use. That would be sheer stupidity to waste precious time sitting still when movement can be executed that would help you reach your destination but too many of us are doing just that in our personal lives fooling ourselves into believing otherwise.

Might that be you?

We also must rid ourselves of the dead weight, power drains and unnecessary leeches that suck down our effectiveness on the playing field in life and keep us from going deeper within ourselves in order to achieve that balance that will shoot us straight to the top of our intended goals over and above what we could ever expect.

That old love interest that brings more drama than bliss?

That business partner that does nothing but demand more and more out of you than bringing something to the union while working vehemently on their own separate agenda?

That life long friendship that keeps you in the past and refuses to accept who you are in the present therefore chaining up and tying up your future aspirations?


Don’t wait for a new year to arrive to clean up the sludge in your world! Everyday that you arise with your health, strength, mind and spirit is the first day of the rest of your LIFE! Treat EVERYDAY as though it is New Years Day and call it New Life Day! Treat it as such and have a sense of urgency in everything that you do because whether you know it or not you are writing the book of your life and if you allow others to stain the chapters of that book then YOU as the author are solely responsible for how the story reads out after that book of your legacy is completed. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

You have to know that YOU are as powerful as that hurricane that knocks down houses!

You have to know that you are just as mighty as that tornado that throws 18 wheel trucks around like an angry child who tosses around his toys because he is mad that his mother told him that it is time for him to go to bed! LOL!

You have to know that your presence can influence the masses around you if only you connect into the divine like that violent rainstorm can cause an entire town to run for cover seeking protection!

You merely have to know how to bring your burdens to the system that God has created and synchronize your desires with its power.

You have to divide up your time in three segments and stick by that rule. There is a reason why God created the day in 24 hours. Eight hours to rest. Eight hours to secure your existence through your earnings and eight more for your downtime and family/self connectedness.

If you adhere by that simple blueprint then you will be an instant success even in your transition away from this worlds system that takes and sucks from you to serve it and leaves you feeling empty and drained with no feeling of satisfaction after all you have expended and gave freely from your soul.

Why do you think the high levels of depression are amongst us worldwide in most so called civilized and developed parts of the world?

Why do you think that there are so many suicides and people freaking out and shooting up school and malls more so than ever before and do know that it IS more than is reported on the news stations and networks as there are tragedies happening right now as we speak that you might NEVER hear about!

Mass Shootings

Every bit of your existence must complement every other segment. None of your energies should be sent out into the universe without first passing through all areas of your life several times before leaving to benefit and enhance it completely. It’s almost like that farmer who spends a fortune on fertilizer from an outside source when he could just as easily use the droppings of the animals that he has there living on the farm for free. Efficiency is a must when cultivating your life force and making it work for you before it benefits anyone else!

And in conclusion I will say this, in order to utilize that precious time that you have in order to more efficiently reach your goals with minimal effort is that you must be that sailboat that brings no energy of its own but utilizes that powerful yet gentle wind that pushes it effortlessly to where it wants to go. You as that one who guides the sail must be aware of the ever changing direction of that wind in order to make those important adjustments that are crucial to making you a winner.

Look at those who surf the mighty waves at the beach, they don’t propel themselves under their own power and might but they have mastered the art of balancing themselves atop those waves to enjoy the powerful propulsion that God’s powerful waters afford them!

Bruce Lee

This is what we must do as we study how to awaken our spirits through prayers and deep meditation to empower the third eye that God has given us to navigate these deceptive roads on the journey of our life.

This is why we must supercharge our bodies with good clean natural foods that do not blow up up and render us ineffective to perform the many hours of hard work that lies ahead of us.

…….and this is why we must relentlessly seek knowledge and self educate ourselves to combine that education with the innate intelligence that we are equipped with from birth so we can subdue the earth for our benefit NOT in direct competition with our fellow Sisters and Brothers to whom we are to SHARE this planet and its resources with. Obviously, this approach is definitely NOT for the corporate minded!

I hope my words have benefited someone and I am sorry if some of what I said went over the heads of a few.

We are blessed to have so much knowledge and power around us in this world and must study it and put those findings into practice in order to make our lives better merely a degree than they were before each and every day!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Zoned Out” Brother,


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