Baltimore Police Officer And Part Time Pimp Busted For Prostituting His Wife For Sex!

Former Police Officer Lamin Manneh, 32, of Baltimore Maryland, was charged by a federal grand jury with operating a prostitution business using the telephone and the internet while also traveling across state lines. Not only that, but one of the two 19 year old’s who actually “worked” for this wanna-be pimp happened to be his wife!


Things get stranger in this world as the years go by! My mother always told me that the projections in the Bible would one day come true in my lifetime, it just may not have specifically spoken on this particular incident but it well covered this type of twisted behavior.

Lamin Manneh wrote, paid and posted up more than 50 advertisements for their “services” on various websites searching for potential customers online including posting on Craigslist.

But as a former cops shouldn’t he be smart enough to know that Craigslist is infested with law enforcement agents laying low watching for activity such as prostitution, drug activity, child pornography, molestors and pedophiles?

I can’t see how he made it to becoming a cop in the first place.! Stupid is as stupid does!

But his arrest came outside of a hotel room near the BWI airport as his wife agreed to have sex for cash with an undercover officer inside. But the actual discovery of their scam came when the Child Recovery Task Force, while working on a proactive investigation into human trafficking stumbled across one of the photos of Lamin Manneh’s wife, 19 year old Marissa Braun-Manneh, because her online pictures looked to be that of someone much younger. The irony in this is that if she appeared to be older they will have most likely passed over her.

Marissa Manneh

But as sick as his hustle was, he accumulated over 300 customers, so while many would point the finger at him for being such a disgusting member of society, don’t for get the countless men – who probably weren’t all single men – who actually coughed up the cash to sleep with these women!

But what kind of man would send his wife out with other men to make money? What kind of “love” is that? And the funny part is that when his wife would get paid he would take ALL of her earnings while only taking a small percentage of his other so called employee.

While being so foolish on the advertising end, he seemed to be overly cautious when it was time to finally make contact with his “customers,” he would rent hotel rooms as the meeting point and have the actual acts of prostitution transpire at a second location. I guess he felt that if he ran across law enforcement and got busted, they couldn’t charge him with any crime if the women weren’t present.

He supplied the two women with cell phones and taught them how to use the “voice over internet” to speak with the perspective clients as an extra layer of protection from any law enforcement that would potentially monitor him. But doesn’t he know that whatever a civilian has as his disposal in the technological department that law enforcement ALWAYS has the upper hand with cutting edge technology?

He also acted as the strong arm to ensure that the clients didn’t get out of hand with their conundrums, his police issued firearm was always present to deescalate the threat of any misbehavior. He also gave his wife and the other women who worked for him some synthetic marijuana to relax them before their bust work schedule began.

Baltimore’s Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said in a statement that: “This allegation is a disgrace and embarrassment to every member – both current and retired – who serve with the Baltimore Police Department. We expect every member of this department to hold themselves to the highest professional standards. Our colleagues and our community deserve nothing less.”

But to be honest with you, when I first saw the pictures of Lamin Mannah, I thought he looked suspect and a bit developmentally disabled. No, I’m not making fun of someone who does have a handicap, but I would delve a little deeper into his background before allowing him to proceed with the process of becoming a police officer because he damn sure doesn’t look right in the head! And before you say that I’m wrong for this you need to admit that you thought the same thing too! LOL!


It goes to show you that no matter how foolproof the stringent procedures may be to attain such a sensitive position as being a police officer, there are those who will just simply fall between the cracks and get there regardless!

But on the other hand, police are human too. They feel the temptation to do things that others may fall victim to as we all do but we somewhat depend on them to resist those feelings to do the right thing morally in the end.

But stories like this will knock all police officers as far as their perception goes because there are many great officers out here doing the right thing in an often uncelebrated “taken for granted” manner. I say this even after some very negative personal dealing with police officers in my life but even I haven’t let that stop me from seeing the bigger picture.

But couldn’t he and his wife taken that same energy and started a business that would be something legal and constructive? Why the illegal sex industry? as a cop, shouldn’t he have known that there are other unwelcome spheres of decadence that usually go along in that slimy world such as drug activity and crime?

I mean, maybe them getting arrested was a good thing for them because you never knwo WHAT they would have encountered that would have ended up being a potentially fatal situation that they might not have lived through. Even if not, have they forgotten about H.I.V?

At the end of the day, we have to face the consequences of our own decisions whether we like it or not. And sometimes the evil energies of the world can appeal to our lower natures and have us do all kinds of foolish things while forgetting the embarrassing aftermatch that will have us wondering what in the hell did we do THAT for.

So if times are hard or you need some extra cash, cut back on your spending, live below your means or take an extra job because if you get into something “wild”, you just might end up like that dynamic duo of buffoonery and the poster children for a situation gone out of control, Lamin and Marissa Braun-Manneh.

Always remember, once your dignity is lost, it’s damn sure hard enough to gain it back! In the age of cyberspace and social media, our trangressions are available to ALL and readily raised with the click of a few buttons!

So be wise in that you do as you walk the earth people!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Walking The Straight & Narrow” Brother,



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