Banishing Those Shrewd Spiritual Vampires Who Manipulate Your Guilt For Their Benefit!

Too many of us are stuck in a time period in our lives where we feel we have failed. Like an old broken record that skips over and over in the same spot, we relive the trauma and sense of inadequacy to the point where we are crippling the present day and the potential it holds for us right now.

We all have different points in our lives where we wish that we could have a chance to do it all over again but the bottom line is that we have got to move on from the guilt that came from that time.

We cannot ever go back and we may not ever be able to reach out to the people involved in that time that may have been hurt through our actions or affected in some type of unforgettable manner. We just have to forgive ourselves and know that we would handle the situation in quite a different manner if it were find ourselves in that same set of circumstances once again.

Too many of us have snuffed out any chance of ascending into our grand destiny because of our need to focus on that time that has long gone but still has a hold on our mind, body and soul. The funny part is that we who suffer from this type of stronghold many times have unknowingly invited a mate into our lives who may now benefit from our guilt complex and have learned to “keep” us there in that negative mindset because we are generating some type of resource that keeps them on easy street and not having to push as hard in the relationship.

How do you spell D-Y-S-F-U-N-C-T-I-O-N?

Yes, the players are out there in full force seeking out a weak vessel that allows them to manipulate their weaknesses for their benefit while giving nothing in return.

That being said, you must understand that it doesn’t really have to be a romantic relationship for it to hold the same dynamic on your life.

Family can also manipulate your feelings toward a seemingly failed period in your life for their gain.

What about the Mother who lost a child (Overdose, murder, money owed etc.) to a lifestyle of extreme drug addiction, she just might overcompensate to do for her other children over and above what she really should be doing in order to subconsciously make up for what she feels that she may not have done for that deceased child years earlier.


The problem happens when those same spoiled children grow up to be arrogant and feel as though they are entitled to a free ride in life long after they are the age to be out on their own or even AFTER they are out on their own reluctantly!

When they want their Mother to do something for them as far as loan all they have to do is to insinuate that at least they are not out there using drugs! Once they say that magic trigger phrase then the financial enabling floodgates are open because of the panic button of guilt that has so cleverly been pushed!

This is why we have to make sure to meditate daily and seek to cleanse ourselves of our own frailties and self doubts because someone will come along and exploit them until you are six feet under!

One technique that I have used personally when feeling those negative repetitious thoughts that attempt to hold you in the same place of stagnation without allowing you to move on is that I would always think back to the point in my life that was right before that bad period. If you can think back to that carefree time of happiness and light-hearted living that you’ve indulged in so abundantly, then you will see that whatever happened in the subsequent period in your life afterward is not the WHOLE story of your life!

Just because all you see are the storm clouds doesn’t mean that the sun is not shining brightly behind it!

When you find yourself in the presence of those who want to constantly bring you back into that place where you were in your most downtrodden period, then you must banish them from your life because they most definitely do not mean you any good to be attempting to keep you there.

They feel a great sense of power and control when these so called friends manipulate your emotions and mind in this manner.

The truly sad part about it is that when they are through sucking you down to the last ounce of resources and strength, they will toss you aside like a well soiled used piece of toilet tissue to only leave you with yet ANOTHER negative period for you to get over if you can heal from it at all!

You cut out the rotten piece of fruit before adding it to the fruit basket, you cut off the stray hairs that don’t behave when you visit the barber or beauty salon, you trim the dead leaves while having the bushes in your yard trimmed so why not remove these designated agitators from your personal life? You must understand that you can rise so much higher and faster without the dead weight people who want to have some way of keeping you in the worst mental state possible so that you can remain as stagnant as they are.

Good people who live wholesome upwardly mobile lives do not do such things.

Positive motivated people do not waste time trying to tear down anyone because they are too busy trying to build up a team of absolute winners!

People who are in your corner are always seeking ways to lend a hand that will help you to be a better person that will benefit all great causes in your midst! If you win then your family wins, your community wins and your world will win!

Anyone who tries hard to keep you in your darkest hour is like a cancer that feeds on healthy cells, understand that they see the balance in your life even when you don’t with your occasional emotional valleys and they want to suck from you so that you do not gain from your desirable qualities.

Cut the guilt out of your mind from that dark period and cut the emotional/spiritual leeches from your life and begin to soon experience the good old days once again!

It worked for me and it will surely work for you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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