What We Barbaric Human Beings Could Learn From The Superior Humanity Of An Ant!

It’s funny how a life form as small as an ant could teach a being that is supposed to be higher on the totem pole of consciousness a thing or two about true humanity.

As a matter of fact, what I witnessed today on this particular tranquil and peaceful Sunday afternoon showed me that the insects under our feet can show more love, respect and appreciation for each other than the human beings who are supposed to know better.


It all started like this…….

I was in my home doing multiple projects while listening to some good vintage music from the days of my life when the world was such a different place when I decided to take a break and go outside in my yard and take a seat on one of my lounge chairs.

Looking back I will now tell you that it really wasn’t my decision to step outside for a break but it was merely me being obedient to that soft inner voice of the Almighty who had a big lesson for me to absorb.

Well here I am laying face down on my lounge chair and realized that I was more fatigued than I thought I was.

Backyard - Ant


The feeling to let go and give in to a nap was so tempting but I remembered that too many windows were opened and unlocked and I couldn’t afford to wake up to an empty house because of my blind trust in my fellow man who might be passing by an open window to be tempted.

So I somewhat hovered between the land of the conscious and the realm of deep slumber, as soon as I felt myself dozing off I would catch myself and hold on even though I wanted to sleep so badly.

The sound of the birds relaxed me. The feeling of the breeze blowing massaged the deepest recesses of my mind. The smell of the freshly cut grass took me to another place in my childhood when summertime lasted forever.

Needless to say I was in such a good place that a dental patient intoxicated with a head full of mind numbing giggle gas couldn’t have felt as high as I did on this blessed afternoon.

Ant Colony

My face was about one foot and a half from the ground and my gaze happened to focus on the rush hour like terrain below me that exists underfoot that we often ignore as we move about out day as giants to the insect world.

I noticed the tiniest of ants moving along in a hurried fashion doing the things that ants do.

…….which really is what?

Well first of all one could only imagine what these poor ants have to deal with being out of doors and exposed to the elements on a constant basis.

Where we might complain about getting a little wet in a rainstorm, imagine how an ant must feel when one single drop of water is the size of your entire body and falling with the speed that can have severely deadly results if it were to fall on you.

Army Ants - Ant

We as human beings concern ourselves with the prospect of deadly drones flying above us to do damage like a silent assassin but what about the ants who have to worry about the flying insects who are seeking them out constantly to take away the hunger that strongly resides in their fragile bodies?

These little creatures have so much coming at them and while they admittedly have a superior strength when compared to other creatures in their size range, it doesn’t remove what I would think is the stress of never being able to let your guard down at any time or the result will be a swift and sure death.

So here I am watching a long trail of these ants move along in orderly fashion and am now a believer that they have some methods of communication between them that man hasn’t deciphered yet and would probably benefit greatly the very moment that he does.


Well because with all of the adversity, with all of the potential hazards and with all of the stress that these fine examples of teamwork have to endure, they appear to be selfless and always cognizant of the condition and well being of their Brother.

Eric Garner Chokehold Death - Ant

It made me really think about the state of humankind as I lay here on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

It made me think of how we as human beings who were made by such a mighty God have failed to live up to the standards that we are supposed to have within us toward the human family the world over.

It made me think of how we could think of ourselves as such superior entities to all other life forms on the planet, yet waste so much of our time seeking ways to see ourselves as different than anyone else in the human family while ignoring all that we have in common as children of the one true God.

I didn’t see these ants at war with themselves.

I didn’t see any of these ants attempt to do any harm to each other.

I didn’t see any disorder in their march toward the tasks that they set out to accomplish.

Ferguson Riots Military Police

But for a life form that is so physically fragile to us as humans that can be crushed underfoot so easily and effortlessly, when you really put things into perspective, WE as human beings are the lower life forms because of our lack of respect to our own and disdain for the higher cause of the whole over our own individuals desires.

Isn’t that something?

That for all of our so called advanced technology and so called understanding of the laws and sciences of this world we’ve missed the point and have lost the connectedness between us that truly makes this live worth living.

We live like barbarians and primates while the tiny insects underfoot have a sense of community that within their order has no crime, no hate, no narcissistic urges, no separatism, no power struggles and no way to see each other other than one big loving family.

Vladimer Putin

While I do not believe in reincarnation, if that were a reality and I had to come back to this life, I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to return as an ant in the wild because at least my own kind wouldn’t spend so much energy trying to use me, slander me, discourage me and simply try to bring me down because of the personal vision of a better life that I possess over their contentment to stew in the juices of mediocrity.

The ants understand that if I wanted better for myself than I really want better for all who dwells in my midst and that is really what life should be all about.

Until then, I will never question myself about the reasons that I would rather recline in my lawn chair everyday until God calls me home to spend time amongst the divine order of nature as opposed to having to struggle with the secret agendas of the lower forms of life who happen to refer to themselves as human beings.

Who needs the hassle of their presence? Surely not I. I have a higher mission to accomplish and these ants are more kindred to me than these beasts in human form.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother With Increasing Hermit-Like Tendencies,



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