Barry Bonds & Major League Hypocrisy!

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Isn’t it funny how in amerikkkan culture they build their celebrities & sports figures up only to eventually take extreme pleasure in bringing them down? This is not relegated to any one group per se’, as we see this with their celebrities in the form of Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan etc., but when dealing with the Black athlete it is done with an extra measure of venom.

Whether it be Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, Michael Vick or Barry Bonds, white amerikkka always holds a special venom for us above and beyond. Remember when Mike Tyson was amerikkka’s darling? Tons of endorsements, guest appearances even on the most non black of media venues! He was the hero who to them was their Frankenstein monster, the soft spoken gentle giant/dark destroyer who satisfied the oppressors need to have a programmable big Black Buck of servitude who in exchange would be happy to receive the adulation and approval of the so called mainstream masses, just don’t question the corporate motives of those who make a ton of money off of your Black hide.

Just don’t concern yourself with issues outside of what we deem to be your boundaries.

Do as we say and the crumbs we allow you to have will be sufficient. When his life began to take a turn from the fairy tale ending, white amerikkka disowned him, the street thug past that they knew of so well was thrown in his face. When his trainer Cus D’Amato adopted him, it was only for his own motivations of greed to have another champion and to thumb his nose at the boxing establishment that had him blackballed, shut out and rejected before his life came to a close, not because he cared so much about this young Black male. If he did, he would have taught him accountability for his actions instead of paying off establishments and individuals for blatant wrongdoings to others as he learned the fundamentals of fighting.


But aside from the occasional white hope, boxing has always been viewed as a Black man’s sport. The prize fighter’s ring is a place where we can display our brutality to the fascination of those who fear it the most up close and personal. So it serves its purpose as a substitute to the time when the white slave masters took pride in having the baddest NIGGER in the state, yet when Michael Vick was connected to the dogfighting scandal it was presented as a national tragedy! But I truly say that if Micheal Vick was trained by the armed forces of the united snakes of amerikkka to kill as many Iraqis as he possibly could, he would be lauded as a national hero!

Amerikkka loves their killers, which is why they also love their dogs; they both have the same meat eating violent warlike territorial nature! Have we forgotten who they would turn on us during the civil rights movement? So go figure, the thinking of those in power in this country is as twisted as one could get!


That brings me to Barry Bonds. So many others who have obviously and admittedly taken anabolic steroids didn’t get the storm of controversy swirling around their every move like Barry Bonds has and continue to receive. This is because the institution of baseball is subconsciously viewed as an exclusively white good ole boys club. Even though so many Black, Latino and now men of the Orient are staking their claim as the greatest players of the day, but deep down to the powers that be, we are to feel this is a privilege to play in this exclusive domain.

But wasn’t it like this back in the day of the Negro League?

Amerikkka didn’t allow Blacks to play in the white leagues until about 1948/49 when Negro League players were allowed to play alongside their white counterparts. So many fans of baseball missed out on some of the greatest talent walking the face of the earth! Men like Satchel Paige, Smokey Joe Williams, Bullet Rogan, Biz Mackey, Bingo DeMoss .the list can go on and on forever! Google search these men and learn your history! But do our youth or even us adults know these facts? They won’t teach you this in their schools of indoctrination! These men would have run circles around the so called mainstream players of their day. And the white powers that be knew this! So when they say now the Barry Bonds record should have an asterisk next to it because he achieved it unfairly, then dig up the record books an put an asterisk next to any white player who has a record attained during the time of the Negro League. And if truth be told, that would be EVERY player before 1949!


And to add fuel to the fire, what if Barry Bonds DID take steroids? It is only leveling the playing field in baseball anyway. Now I am not condoning anyone to use any performance enhancing substances but if it gave him so much of an advantage, it would have given the others an advantage too now wouldn’t it?

But did it give the other players the God given hand/eye coordination?

Does it give a non motivated player a tremendous work ethic and focus? If steroids are so good then why isn’t everyone hitting them out of the park?

It’s because to be great, it takes a lot more than steroids! But the funny part about the thinking of the caucasion powers that be is that they will scorn a Black man for beating a cherished record in their sport, (Can you remember the death threats that Hank Aaron received when he approached Babe Ruth’s record, did Hank Aaron take drugs to do this too?) then turn around, run home and watch this fake behind choreographed wrestling, cheering on men who possess chemically enhanced physiques!

Does Barry Bonds look like the type to go home and kill his family in a chemically driven depression/rage? But no, they are going after him because they FEEL he is taking drugs but they don’t rip apart an entire industry that has a lure based on the superficial!

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