Make sure that you know who prepares your food for you! There is a spiritual transfer that takes place from the individual preparing your meals to you whether you know it or not! If it’s a stranger who is hateful, depressed, perverse or confused who is making your meals, don’t be surprised when these feelings jump off on you because the consumption of food is a very intimate process.

You best believe that spirits transfer into your food when you are consuming a meal that was prepared by a person who is not balanced in their personal life. If they are venomous and hateful, don’t be surprised at those accumulated aches and pains that you’ll begin to feel as you continue to open up the delicate systems of your body to the multitude of unchecked entities who you’ve given total access to your mind, body and soul!

There is so much more to eating food than one thinks and we need to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that we don’t leave ourselves open to a vast array of ailments that can slip past our guard so swiftly!

If someone despises you and you eat from them then you have opened yourself up for a slow burn of a destruction. Have you ever wondered why you feel down, discouraged, depressed, paranoid or angry? Take a few weeks to NOT eat from anyone else other than someone who you KNOW is in your corner and feel the difference.

Also, stop eating in public among total strangers also and watch how much better you enjoy your meals and how much more efficiently you digest them. 100% of what goes into my body is prepared at home and I can vouch that it has made a world of a difference!

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  • Richard Williams says:


  • Richard Williams says:

    brother lance you’re
    absolutely correct its called energy transfer!

    • LanceScurv says:

      The sad part is that most don’t understand how vulnerable they are when they consume food from strangers to whom they do not know what demons they possess!

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