Be Grateful For The Little Things On Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is here and what am I eating for the day?

A couple of veggie-burgers, boiled potatoes and some vegetables on the side. Delicious!

…….and throw in a calorie free Orange flavored Powerade Zero? PERFECT!

Sure, It’s not the usual Thanksgiving fare that most are consuming, but it’s really where my head is and that’s where it’s at.

I have left the blind celebration of a day that most wouldn’t if they knew what it stood for when it was first acknowledge.

But I am not here to take the fun out of what you celebrate or to be a killjoy, but we really must dig a little deeper to see what is really at the root of what we truly appreciate beyond the gluttonous activities of this day.

Thanksgiving Dinner

While we all enjoy a great meal, it’s not really the food that does it, because I’ve learned that while working for a short time in a county jail and a backwoods state prison, a better grade of food will be served on Thanksgiving but it makes no difference because you are not with the people that you love.

Love is the foundation of any celebration or great memory shared and we sometimes forget this until it is too late as we then have a hard lesson to digest.

So enjoy yourself by all means because God never said that we must deny ourselves the good times because in the struggle of personal development, we have surely gone through enough of our fair share of times that we just wished would go away.

But as you feast with your family and loved ones, take a good look at them and understand how much of a blessing they really are. After the food has been digested and forgotten, it is really the memory of the jokes and the camaraderie that will live on forever in your heart and mind.

Life is just too short to feel bad that if you didn’t have that picture perfect Thanksgiving Day celebration that is rudely pushed on our psyches on television in such an aggressive manner, you are still blessed even if you sat alone in a dark foul smelling alley way consuming the leftover garbage of those who dined in a fine restaurant couldn’t eat but became your main meal for the day after they wasted it.

Yes! You are still blessed and STILL loved even if it may not feel like that at the moment!

Remember, the lower you sink in what others consider a bad situation may really only be a testimony in progress. So do not get caught up in the status symbols of others and feel that if you don’t have what they have that you are less of a person.

It doesn’t work that way because many times God will use a situation to hone and develop us to change lives with our personal trials and tribulations so consider it an honor that you are now being prepared and schooled by The Most High!

Another point that I want to make is that whatever luxuries and amenities that you now enjoy with your family on this day you must know doesn’t really enhance the bond that you now enjoy. The strong glue of love wasn’t forged in this day but was made long before you’ve come so far back when you all practically had nothing at all. I’ve found that my sweetest memories with my loved ones came before any of us had nice homes and several cars or that great job, it came when all we had was each other and knew it.

How quickly we forget.

If one of us was hungry and the others didn’t really have that much we still shared what we had because we really couldn’t have enjoyed the little that we had if one of us was without.

That’s true love!

But for those of us who get caught up in the useless things that we have in the form of material goods, we inadvertently cut ourselves of from being loved unconditionally by those who love us for who we are rather than what we have.

Those types become so intoxicated and caught up in those things and throw away that deep love that they had but learn a hard lesson when no one comes to visit them in the hospital or calls them when a tragedy happens to them in their life.

All of the “toys” will NOT sooth the tormented soul at that point and it is only then that this type of individual will learn a very crucial and sometimes harsh lesson about life.

So give thanks to God for everything that He has afforded you in this life and for what He has promised you forever more in the afterlife provided you do what is required of you on this level.

Sure, there will be trials and tribulations, challenges and discomforts but in the end, those of us who have someone in our lives that can tell us that they love us sincerely and share a warm memory to keep that feeling alive forever more have something that many wished they had in their lives.

It’s the little things that make the difference.

The shared jokes.

The warmth of a loved ones hand holding yours.

The tight embrace that speaks volumes more than any set of words could ever express.

That surprise of a home cooked meal of your favorite foods left on the stove for you at night as you arrived from yet another tough night of working overtime on a thankless job.

That unexpected tune that played on the radio that brought bittersweet tears of love and joy to your eyes as you miss that deceased one who used to share some inside joke with you every time you both would hear that song together.

The way your well wishing child would come to your bedside and touch your head for a sign of a decreased fever in the hopes that you would feel better even though they really didn’t know what to do to rid you of your flu.

…….now that’s love.

Give thanks for those experiences everyday and never think that your Thanksgiving must cease to be when that last dirty dish is washed after the guests have left for the night.

We should ALL be in a constant state of Thanksgiving because on a cosmic level it is our grateful heart to The Creator that will open up the door for our increase in the many areas in our life.

No matter what it is, be thankful for it even if it is for the mere ability to have opened up your eyes this morning to a brand new day!

…….because many right now wished that could have had the opportunity to see the sun shine on their face just one more time.

I know I am!

I hope everyone has created more lifetime memories tonight and I want you all to know that I love you and wish you the best because tomorrow isn’t promised so I am not ashamed to say how I feel today!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Thankful Brother,


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